007's Eagles Mock


I was origionally planning to do a mock draft leaguewide,but I already did one over at MTD.So below I will do a mock draft that will feature only the Eagles and this kind of mock will show the chances we will draft a certain player.

The first round:

55%Jimmy Smith:This guy has not only great speed,but he has the size to play against the more physical wideouts in the game.He is a better tackler than Dmitri Patterson and Asante,which can help prevent YAC.

20%:Gabe Carimi:Scouts like Mike Maycock of NFL network have compared him to John Runyan,and he was the big ten O-lineman of the year.He has the size to play,is a great pass and run blocker.

20% Tyron Smith:Now having gained weight,Smith will add some strength to his scouting report.Now some people are calling him the best O-lineman in the draft.If he is still available and if Jimmy Smith is gone,I’d take him over Carimi.

5%Mike Pouncey:We need a guard,but there are better options here,like Smith and Carimi and Smith.


The second round:

 35%Danny Watkins:I won’t be surprised if he is gone by now,but I’d love to draft him if we had that chance.He is the second best guard this year,but he is already 26,so his window in the league will be 3-4 years shorter.

30%Marcus Cannon:He is more likely to be around at this point than Watkins.I’ve read somewhere that he has a high motor.Despite his heavy weight,he is pretty athletic.Some people get reminded of Leanord Davis when they see him.

20%Johnathan Moffit;He is likely to get drafted as a guard,but it’s possible he can play center as well.He is even more likely to be available here.

15%Rashard Carmicheal:By getting to see VT play a lot,I know that Carmicheal is a ballhawk(6 picks) and he’d surely help on ST’s.This might be a little too early to get him though.


Third Round:

60%Chris Carter:An injured Carter recorded 10 sacks,while playing with injury.Yes,he isn’t used to playing OLB,but I’d still would like this pick.

30%Mark Herzlich:Yeah,Yeah,he’s a pretty good tackler and ballhawk,but what I like most about him is his leadership,which I can compare to Brian Dawkins, Sheldon Brown and Jeremiah Trotter.

10%Drake Nevis:We are not in heavy need of a DT,but I really like the potiental he has.This guy is a monster and great at run support.He is highly underatted.I’d be so happy to see him wear midnight green.


1st fourth round pick:

50%Demarco Murray:To be honest,I expected him to be a late first rounder to early second,but because of injury,his stock lowered.If we got him,he’d kill three birds with one stone.He’d give us more depth with Jerome Harrison likely gone and he is a great special special teamer,returing and defensive.Has potiental to be a star if he stays healthy.

45%Joseph Barksdale:I’m not high on him like I was with Nevis and Murray,but he’s okay at pass blocking and run blocking.

5%Other.Unfortunatley Other is not a player,so I can’t break him down.


2nd fourth round pick:

60%Jeron Johnson:We might not need a safety,but this is part of the draft where we can take whoever we want.

30%Jacquizz Rodgers:Reminds me of Darren Sproles,but he’s not as fast as he is.

10%Casey Matthews:He’s no Cliff Matthews,but who knows,he’s not a bad ballhawk,but not the greatest tackler either.


1st fifth round pick:

65%Tyrod Taylor:Micheal Vick part 2? I don’t think so.But if we can groom him and can learn from Vick,he wouldn’t be a bad pick here………..

35%Terell McClain:Would add depth to our d-line

2nd fifth round pick

55% Cliff Matthews:He’s not a Matthews brother,but he too is a hard hitter,forcing four fumbles.

20%Tim Barnes:Did a good job of protecting Blaine Gabbert last season.

25%Sam Achoo:He’s a good athlete and is a humble leader.Also is a humanitarian,but not to quarterbacks(8 sacks)

6th round draft pick:

Kai Forbath:Just to cause some competition between David Akers and him.May replace him once he retires or leaves.

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