CBA Situation Aside...

Here is my 2011 Eagles Mock Offseason

Typically I make a lot of these but I haven't published any on BGN. Normally I don't delve into any detail, I just make these to keep track of potential Eagles targets and which prospects would fit the Eagles schemes. If you ever have enough time to put one together its a great way to learn about prospects. After I saw Bob Q post his I figured "What the heck, I'll post one too". This is probably my most detailed one yet by far since I am posting this here on BGN. I made it extra nice just for all of you, don't you feel special? Haha. I'm not sure I would call this a dream scenario but I'm not sure I would call it realistic either, its just an offseason mock. Oh and the CBA blah, blah, blah.... For the sake of this mock I'm assuming powerful business men, owners, lawyers and a collection of intelligent people can figure out how to split up 9 billion dollars.



The Eagles trade Kevin Kolb to the Miami Dolphins for their 1st round pick and 3rd round pick.

The Eagles trade Winston Justice to the Colts for a 6th round pick



Eagles Expiring Contracts:

The Eagles franchise Michael Vick

The Eagles re-sign Stewart Bradley

The Eagles re-sign Eldra Buckley

-Why? Because he has been a staple of the Eagles special teams unit two seasons running and he is the back-up FB.

The Eagles re-sign Akeem Jordan

-Why? Well not only is he one of the Eagles best special teams players and he has consistently performs when asked to fill in at LB.

The Eagles re-sign David Akers

The Eagles re-sign Sav Rocca



The Eagles lose the following players to free agency:


Quintin Mikell

-I’m expecting a negative reaction on this so I’ll explain myself. This isn’t something I want to be done but it is something I think will be done. Quintin was crying in the locker room after the Packers game, saying he thinks his career as an Eagles is done so I’m not the only one thinking it. The Eagles have been making a concerted effort to get younger the past few seasons and they really like Kurt Coleman who performed admirably in his rookie season. I just think the Eagles are going to let him go unfortunately.

Jerome Harrison

-He thinks he can find a starting job elsewhere and the Eagles let him go because they didn’t even really use him while he was here. I liked him but if he thinks he can find a starting job elsewhere I wish him luck.

Dimitri Patterson

Ellis Hobbs

Nick Cole

Max Jean-Gilles

Ernie Sims

Reggie Wells

Bobby McCray




NFL Free Agency


The Eagles sign Nnamdi Asomugha


The Eagles sign Tyler Thigpen

-Gettin' Thiggy with it.



2011 NFL Draft:


1 (MIA)- Nate Solder OT Colorado- The Eagles need a right tackle and Andy Reid loves athletic linemen which makes it a no brainer when Solder is still on the board. Nate Solder won’t be ready to go from day 1 because he is much rawer than other tackles on the board. Nate Solder plays too high and his hand usage can be questionable from time to time but he is a freak athlete at the offensive tackle spot. He has insane length at the tackle spot at 6’8" with 35.5" arms. He is extremely quick and can get to the second level as fast as anyone in the NFL, notching a 10 yard split time of 1.61 which is incredible. He has very nimble feet and a frame that could hold a lot more weight without losing athletic ability. He plays with an attitude too, jawing at defenders, finishing blocks and playing through the whistle. Howard Mudd should coach him up very well and he should be the Eagles starting RT early in his career.


The Eagles trade their 2011 1st round draft pick to the Lions for their 2nd, 3rd and 5th round picks.


2 (DET)- Titus Young WR Boise St.- Shocking right? Well it shouldn’t be. We know a couple things, DeSean Jackson is small and he has proven that he can miss time at any point. Without DeSean Jackson in the line-up the Eagles lack a big play threat to scare defenses. Plus the Eagles could use a Chad Hall replacement for that silly wildcat package and a dynamic kick returner. Titus Young is just a shade below 6’ tall and 180 pounds and he runs the 40 yard dash in 4.3 seconds. In his career he totaled 204 catches, 3063 yards (15 YPC), 25 TDs, 47 carries, 360 yards, 7 touchdowns, 56 kick returns, 26.8 yards per return and 2 kicks returned for a touchdown. With the addition of Young there is no doubt that the Eagles are the most explosive team in the NFL.



2 (PHI)- Marcus Cannon OL TCU- We all know the Eagles love giant, athletic linemen so Cannon is the perfect fit. Marcus Cannon weighs 358 pounds at 6’5" but he still managed to run a 5.26 which is incredible for a guy of his size. Marcus Cannon played left tackle for the Horned Frogs but the Eagles plan to move Cannon and his mammoth size, strength and sneaky athleticism to RG where they hope that he can fill the void left by Shawn Andrews. Cannon was a dominating run blocker at the college level and he displays the anchor, movement and mirroring abilities to hold up against the best DTs in the NFL. The RG is the offensive lineman that faces the most one on one opportunities and now the Eagles have a guy who can stand the rigors of the RG spot. With Cannon and Solder now Philadelphia Eagles the Eagles can safely say they have the biggest and perhaps the most talented (note that doesn’t mean best) RG and RT combination in the NFL.




3 (DET)- Quan Sturdivant LB North Carolina- The Eagles linebacker talent has been lacking for years and they hope that Sturdivant can help them shore up what is one of the weakest linebacker units in the entire league. Sturdivant has experience at both ILB and OLB for North Carolina. He isn’t quite the athlete that his former teammate Bruce Carter is but he is a good athlete in his own right. He is a tough and instinctive playmaker who is a sure tackler and will make good stops against the run. At the same time he is athletic and rangy enough to be called a sideline to sideline defender that can survive in space. He has had injury issues in the past and he was arrested for possession of marijuana earlier this year which is why he falls to the third round. He is guy who could end up eventually starting at either ILB or WLB.



3 (MIA)- Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech- Carmichael is a smaller corner with speed to burn. In man to man coverage it is going to be very tough to get a step on him. He has showcased the ability to make plays on the ball with 10 interceptions and 13 passes defended the past two seasons. In zone coverage he displays the ability to click and close on the ball. He is a physical corner down the field but he will get beat by bigger receivers and no one will ever call him a strong tackler. He is a pure cover corner. Because of his speed and elusiveness he also figures to be a potential return man on special teams.




3- Will Rackley OG Lehigh- The Eagles are losing a lot of interior line depth this offseason, Max Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole are free agents and the Eagles might be looking to leave them behind in favor of new talent with more upside. To give you an idea of how much they were called on they started they’ve started a combined 53 games the past 3 seasons when they served as depth and spot starter options. In addition to that the Eagles have Reggie Wells’ contract coming off the books and Jamaal Jackson is going to be 31 years and he is coming of two consecutive season ending injuries. Its safe to say the Eagles need some depth on their line as they bring in new talent. Now that I’ve justified the pick, its time to move to the description of Rackley.

Rackley played tackle at Lehigh university so you know the Eagles are at least considering Rackley as a guard. He is a good sized athlete at 6’4" and 309 pounds. He doesn’t really play mean but maybe that is because he was so much better than his competition. He has a thick lower body and he displays the ability to anchor against more powerful pass rushers and he will lock onto pass rushers. He is an athletic lineman who is comfortable working in space and getting out in front of screens. He has good feet and size for the guard spot. He plays with good leverage and he can really sit in his stance and deliver a pop in pass protection. He isn’t a guy who moves people out of the way in the run game but that will change as he gets into an NFL weight room. And he has cool dreads.



4 (WAS)- Derrick Locke RB Kentucky- The Eagles are going to lose Jerome Harrison to free agency so the Eagles need to replace him. The Eagles offense requires you to do three main things:


  1. Be able to catch the ball well
  2. Be able to block
  3. Be able to get to the corner


Derrick Locke can do all three of those things. He displays the ability to make big plays in the pass game, catching 95 passes in his time at Kentucky. He displays solid blocking technique and he really give his all as a blocker, he’ll never be a great blocker because of his size but he gives it his all. And he can certainly get to the corner with his rumored 4.2 speed. He gives the Eagles yet another explosive option on offense. Locke is small, incredibly fast and he runs harder than you might think. He has durability issues though as his tough running style really doesn’t suit his small frame well. He will be deadly in the Eagles system that gets their backs in space. He is also an accomplished special teams player, averaging 26.8 yards per kick return and 2 kicks returned for touchdowns. This pick gives the Eagles the fastest offense in the NFL, no debate about it.



4- Marcus Gilchrist DB Clemson- Gilchrist is the kind of player you want on your roster. Gilchrist has played safety and corner in college. He has returned kicks. He is always on the field. He was lauded by Clemson coaches for his work ethic and drive. He played special teams. He did whatever he was asked to do at Clemson and he will do the same in the NFL. He is a bit small at 5’10" and 195 pounds but he has long arms and he is very strong. He is durable and he is a great tackler. Gilchrist is very physical and very tough. He doesn’t project as a starter at corner but he is more than capable of being a nickel back but he does figure to push for playing time at the safety spots. He is very similar to Quintin Mikell, Mikell is small at just a hair under 5’10" just like Gilchrist and just like Mikell, Gilchrist doesn’t make many plays on the ball but he is assignment sure, disciplined, hard working and tough as nails.



5 (DET)- Derek Newton OT Arkansas St.- Like I mentioned before the Eagles need line depth so the Eagles grab Newton who at 6’5" and 311 pounds has good size. He is athletic enough to play on the left side of the line with some development and he has the size and strength to play on the right side. If he put on some extra strength he could even move inside to offensive guard. He is a real sleeper candidate that is going to surprise some people because he could end up starting earlier than most expect in the NFL because of his ability to mirror pass rushers in space and anchor against the bull rush. He really needs to get more strength though as he isn’t going to move people out of the way at the NFL level.


5 (SD)- Julius Thomas TE Portland St.- A former basketball player who is a smooth athlete who some have compared to Jermichael Finley. He displays fantastic potential and has only played football for 1 year and he got better every game. Thomas will be a great red-zone weapon and he will man the package that Andy Reid drew up for Cornelius Ingram.



5- Markus White DE Florida St.- White is great athlete (6’4" 262 lbs. 4.6 40) who needs a lot of technical work. He fires off the ball and can’t beat the tackle to the corner. He has a ton of potential he just needs some coaching and who better to provide that than Jim Washburn?


6 (IND)- Zane Taylor OL Utah- This pick has Howard Mudd’s hands all over it. Taylor is a guy who isn’t huge at 6’3" and 309 pounds. Taylor doesn’t have great feet and he doesn’t have great power. Taylor has tons of experience, he is gritty and tough, he made calls for his line in college and he is technically sound. He is a perfect fit for Howard Mudd’s zone blocking system and with Taylor’s work ethic and intelligence the Eagles might find it hard not to keep him on the roster.



7- Kentrell Lockett DE Mississippi- The Eagles grab another athletic defensive end that needs polishing up. In terms of skill sets, Lockett’s is right up there with the best in this draft but he is extremely raw and he is coming off a torn ACL. This is the guy the Eagles will stash on IR while he develops. Lockett can be as good as he wants to be.



7 (Comp for Jason Babin)- Jeff Maehl WR Oregon- The Eagles offense has a ton of flash, but what about substance? The offense is filled with explosive players but they could definitely use some more players who do all the little things. Maehl is a guy who is very sure handed. He runs good routes. He is a surprisingly good jumper and he will jump up to get the ball and he just knows how to get open. He is likely just a training camp body on the Eagles but he is worth a look as a slot guy.



7 (Comp for Sean Jones)- Colby Whitlock DT Texas Tech- I remember watching him and wondering when he was draft eligible, that was his sophomore year. He is a small defensive tackle who is probably at his best around 285-290 pounds but he plays with a non-stop motor, surprising quickness and a mean streak. In his career he notched 8.5 sacks, 1 safety and 30.5 TFL. This is the type of guy that Jim Washburn usually gives a look.



2011 Eagles Depth Chart:


QB- M. Vick / T. Thigpen / M. Kafka

RB- L. McCoy / D. Locke / E. Buckley [FB]

FB- O. Schmitt

WR- D. Jackson / J. Maclin / J. Avant / T. Young / R. Cooper

TE- B. Celek / C. Harbor [FB] / J. Thomas

LT- J. Peters / D. Newton

LG- T. Herremans [OT]/ W. Rackley [RG]

C- J. Jackson / Z. Taylor [LG]

RG- M. Cannon [RT]/ M. McGlynn [C]

RT- N. Solder / K. Dunlap [OT]


LE- B. Graham / D. Tapp / D. Te’o-Neshiem

UT- T. Laws / M. Patterson

NT- B. Bunkley / A. Dixon

RE- T. Cole / P. Hunt / R. Sapp

SLB- M. Fokou / A. Jordan [WLB]

MLB- S. Bradley [SLB]/ J. Chaney

WLB- K. Clayton / Q. Sturdivant [ILB]

LCB- A. Samuel / T. Lindley

NB- M. Jackson [S]

SS- K. Coleman / C. Anderson

FS- N. Allen / M. Gilchrist

RCB- N. Asomugha / R. Carmichael


K- D. Akers

P- S. Rocca

LS- J. Dorenbos


KR- T. Young / D. Locke / M. Gilchrist / J. Maclin / E. Buckley

-Titus Young Kick Return Stats:

56 kick returns, 26.8 yards per return and 2 kicks returned for a touchdown

-Derrick Locke Kick Return Stats:

54 kick returns, 26.8 yards per kick return and 2 kicks returned for touchdowns

-Marcus Gilchrist Kick Return Stats:

33 kick returns, 24.3 yards per kick return


PR- *T. Young / *D. Jackson / D. Locke / M. Gilchrist / J. Maclin

*DeSean Jackson steps in to return punts in big situations just like last year.



Some training camp battles:


#2 TE Spot: Clay Harbor v. Julius Thomas

-Both are impressive athletes although they’re each different types of athletes. Clay Harbor is more of an open field athlete that can create in space better than most tight ends while Thomas is a throw it up and let him go get it type athlete at the TE spot. Ultimately the Eagles give the spot to Harbor because of his experience and blocking ability that Thomas doesn’t have yet entering his second year playing organized football.


The #4, #5 and #6 DE spots: Ricky Sapp v. Phillip Hunt v. Daniel Te’o-Neshiem v. Markus White v. Kentrell Lockett v. Juqua Parker

-Phillip Hunt, Daniel Te’o-Neshiem and Ricky Sapp win the last three spots because they provide the best combination of athleticism and game readiness of all the ends left.


The WLB Spot: Keenan Clayton v. Quan Sturdivant

-In the biggest camp battle the Eagles decide to give the job to Keenan Clayton because of his play making ability and his ability in coverage which they ended up valuing more than Sturdivant's run defense skills.


The Nickel-back spot: Marlin Jackson v. Joselio Hanson

-Marlin Jackson’s days as a boundary corner are finished but Joselio Hanson never had any days as a boundary corner so there’s that. Marlin Jackson is still a physical press corner who can match-up with tight ends and slot corners. Marlin Jackson also has experience at both safety spots so that gives him an edge. Also Marlin Jackson is younger, bigger, stronger, more talented, more experienced, a better leader, a more proven player, is more versatile and he has a superbowl ring. Its pretty obvious who the Eagles should choose.




Oh and check out the offense's 40 times if things go down like this:

Michael Vick ran a 4.36 at a post draft mini-camp.

LeSean McCoy ran a 4.50 after recovering from the flu but he ran a 4.25 at the 2004 State College NIKE Training Camp

DeSean Jackson ran a 4.35 at the combine and was timed in the 4.2s at Cal.

Jeremy Maclin ran a 4.45 at the combine but was timed by some scouts at 4.34

Titus Young hopes to run a 4.2 at the combine but his best confirmed time is 4.35

Derrick Locke ran a 4.22 at Kentucky’s 2010 pro-day

Riley Cooper ran a 4.39 during spring training at Florida (notoriously fast track)



Then add Rashad Carmichael from the defense who ran 4.26 at Virginia Tech's spring testing (again, a notoriously fast track) and if the Eagles suddenly became involved in some giant relay race, I'm betting on the Eagles.


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