NFL 2011 Mock Draft

[Note by JasonB, 02/26/11 10:15 AM EST ] Here is another community mock draft for you. Keep them coming!

The reason I make these Mock Drafts is for one simple reason: I love the draft. I think it is one of the top sporting events of the year and something I've always looked forward to. One of the main reason for my love is that I believe the great teams are also the best drafters which may sound obvious to some but I think its understated. For example, a team like Washington tries to solve most of their problems by paying a ton of money to a couple of guys who are coming off great years (i.e Albert Haynesworth) but the great teams solve their problems through the draft. If you look at the Colts, Pats, Steeler and to some degree the eagles very rarely do they go out and pay a lot of money to a free agent. Using the eagles as an example their are only 2 guys that I can think of that the Eagles paid a lot of money for: TO and Asante Samual (hopefully one more with Nmadi this year). I can think of even less of the Colts, Pats and Steelers. I think thats a obvious yet for whatever reason an understand reason for the top teams success.

Now about my own mock drafts, I don't really have a philosophy but more of an formula. First, I try and compile a list of needs for each of the teams for various websites and their SB blog. Thats IMO that most critical step because besides the eagles and to some extent the Redskins, Giants and Cowboys I dont follow all the teams so finding out their needs makes doing a mock draft much easier. After that I use my own big board and the teams needs to find the best value pick for each.  After the jump check out my mock draft.



 1. Carolina- DT WR OG CB- Nick Farley

I think talent wise he is the strongest player in this draft class. I think he will make an instant impact on the defense.

 2. Denver- DL CB LB S- Da'Quan Bowers 

The signing of Champ allows the Broncos will go defensive line instead of Patrick Peterson the player who I used to have here. I think Bowers also will allow their defense switch to go smoother.

3. Buffalo- OT OLB QB TE- Cam Newton

I made this pick for two main reasons. I think the biggest is the talent that Newton posses and his potential is higher than any player in the draft. The second is that I think if the Bills make this pick it will excite the fan base and give the Bills an image.       

4. Cincinnati- DE WR OLB S- AJ Green

I think AJ Green could end up being the best player in the draft. He is an unbelievable talent and could replace the Chad Johnson and TO leaving. However, in the past 10 years only Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald have been successful WRs drafted in the top 10. 

5. Arizona- QB OLB CB OT- Patrick Peterson

I was torn between him, Blaine Gabbert and Von Miller. I could justify them taking any of the three here. I went with Peterson because I think the Cards will address their QB issues in FA (Kevin Kolb anyone) and adding Peterson to a secondary already featuring DRC would make it unbelievable.

6. Cleveland- WR DL LB RT- Marcell Dareus

I know most Browns fans are hoping Green falls but in this situation, I think they go BPA and draft Dareus to shore up the D-Line and because he will make an impact from day 1. I could also see them Von Miller the outstanding OLB from Texas A&M

7. San Francisco- QB OLB CB WR- Von Miller

The 49ers will be thrilled if Miller falls to 7. He is extremely talented and will improve the defense from the moment he steps on the field. He can rush the passer really well and in my opinion, there is a very low chance for him to bust.  

8. Tennessee- QB OLB DT WR- Blaine Gabbert

This would put the best-case scenario for the Titans and with the talent already in Tennessee he could step in and be effective right away.

9. Dallas- OT CB S DE- Prince Amukamara

He is an NFL ready talent and having to deal with the great WRs in the NFC East it is imperative for any team that wants to be competitive to have a great secondary. Also, as an Eagles I am really hoping this pick is wrong. 

10. Washington- QB WR OL DE- JJ Watt

I think the Redskins are hoping that one of the top QBs slip but in this case, I see them going BPA which in my opinion is the JJ Watt from Wisconsin. He could be a stud 3-4 DE for years to come.

 11. Houston- S OLB WR DL- Robert Quinn

I think he would have been a top 5 pick without the suspension but because scouts haven't seen him play in a year that will keep him from the top 10. Houston is getting a top talent at a position of need a no-brainer pick for them.

 12. Minnesota- QB S OT DL- Tyron Smith           

I think Minnesota is another team hoping one of the QBs fall but if they don't I see them addressing their O-Line needs and I think Smith is the top prospect.

 13. Detroit- CB OLB OT DE- Cam Jordan

I see the Lions drafting either one of the OLBs or Jimmy Smith here. The reason I went with Jordan was I think he is the best pass rusher of the OLBs and has huge upside. 

14. St. Louis- WR OLB DT OG- Julio Jones

Easy pick for the Rams gives Sam Bradford a #1 WR and improves the whole offense.  

15. Miami- RB QB OG C- Mark Ingram

I think Brown and Williams could both be gone making this an easy for the Dolphins. Mel Kiper also said this guy reminds him of Emmitt Smith and that's not a bad player to be compared to.

16. Jacksonville- DE QB S OLB- Aldon Smith

He is a great talent who may have been an even higher pick if he came back but most importantly for the Jags he can rush the passer well, which is something their D lacked last year.

17. New England- OT WR DE RB- Nate Solder

An above average athlete and has the highest upside of any of the Offensive Linemen. His one downside is that he is going to need time to develop but the good news is that the Patriots have the time to let him develop.    

18. San Diego- WR DE S OT- Adrian Clayborn

He has potential to be one of the best DEs of this class but that depends on whether he can gain weight and what system he goes to. I think San Diego allows both of the things to be possible and he could end up being a steal at 18. 

19. New York Giants- OLB OT DT CB- Akeem Ayers

The Giants need a run stuffer and a pass rusher at the outside linebacker position and I think Ayers could improve both of those areas. 

20. Tampa Bay- DE CB OLB OG/C- Ryan Kerrigan

The Tampa Bay pass rush was non-existent last year and adding a pass rusher has to be their number one priority. Kerrigan's strongest attribute is his ability to get to the QB. This fit makes almost too much sense.      

21. Kansas City- WR OLB C NT- Justin Houston

Tamba Hali was the only chief who was able to get any pressure on the QB and Mike Vrabel is getting old Houston should be able to help right away.

 22. Indianapolis- OT CB DT S- Anthony Castonzo

Neither tackle was able to protect Manning last year, which is the Colt's number priority. Castonzo should be able to keep Manning upright from the start.

 23. Philadelphia- OT/G CB DT S- Gabe Carimi

In all honestly, I don't think he is the best pick for the eagles. Personally, I believe the best player available is Jimmy Smith. However, because of the recent reports from the eagles are saying offensive line is the biggest need I think they take Carimi who is an overall solid player who excels in pass blocking.

 24. New Orleans- DE OT OLB DT- Muhammad Wilkerson

The more pressure the Saints can get on a QB the more turnovers their D can generate and the more time their great offense spends on the field and Wilkerson can definitely do that.

 25. Seattle- QB OT WR DL- Jake Locker

Before this past year he was projected as a top pick, the only real concern for him is his accuracy, and at 25, he is worth the risk. Pete Carroll also knows Locker well, which makes this pick even more likely.   

26. Baltimore- CB WR LB S- Jimmy Smith

I think if this pick happens it will be the best pick of this entire draft. He, in my mind, could end up being the best corner of the draft and the Ravens are lucky to have this guy.

 27. Atlanta- WR DE OLB TE- Torrey Smith

The Falcons desperately need a wide receiver to pair with Roddy White and Torrey Smith is perfect for that role. He is a big wide receiver who also has good speed, which is a lethal combination for a WR.

 28. New England- OT WR DE RB- Cameron Hayward

The patriots need to improve their pass rush and Hayward will do that. He also is versatile and during his college career has played all over the defensive line.     

 29. Chicago- OT/G DT WR OLB- Benjamin Ijalana

A guy who can step in right and someone who can play guard if needed which makes him even more valuable because those are the Bears two biggest needs.

30. New York Jets- S DE OLB WR- Rahim Moore

The Jets will be thrilled to get the top player at a position of need this late in the first round. He is a steal at 30.

31. Pittsburgh- OT OLB DE OG- Mike Pouncey           

Not only is this the brother of their pro bowl center he is a top guard who will improve the Steelers offensive line from day 1. 

32. Green Bay- OT CB DE RB- Aaron Williams

The super bowl champions still need to improve if they want to repeat and one their biggest needs is in the secondary. Williams not only is a great cover corner he also is one of the top run stopper for his position.  

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