2011 Mock Draft. wild_edition.

As you all probably know I am wild_eagle and I take my stuff seriously here. Jason posted his get your mock draft on the front page and so I figured "why not?" Below is how I feel the draft will shake up as of right now, and a brief description of each pick and why. I elected only to do the first round because quite honestly that's hard enough as it is, and I don't have very much time to devote to this.

I hope you enjoy.

#1 Overall. The Carolina Panthers select...

Cam Newton, QB, Auburn.

I know this one is going to be a big hit among you all. I just see this as the best play for the Panthers. I think Newton is going to be an amazing player in this league, there aren't any real options for them to realistically get, I doubt they want Orton/Tebow, Kolb will likely require a 2012 1st round pick plus more, and Newton although raw is much better than Moore and Clausen, especially Clausen. 

The big issue with the Panthers was the QB play. They have a solid OL, a very good RB in Stewart, Steve Smith on the outside, and their Defense should it retain a few key pieces was decent.

Newton instantly improves this team.


#2 Overall. The Denver Bronco's select...

De'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson.

Bronco's were last in sacks last season, they need to fix that. Bowers will be the answer, at Clemson he was a monster. With the Bronco's moving back into the 4-3 defense and Fox's hardon for highly athletic DE's this is an obvious choice.

Bowers bring the pass rush from the DL while Elvis comes from the second level.


#3 Overall. The Buffalo Bills select...

Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU.

This is a pretty good pick for the Bills. The secondary has been up and down. Their CB's are no-names, they have a lot of questions at Safety.

Whether Peterson is a Safety or CB really doesn't matter here, he'll likely be their best DB anyway.


#4 Overall. The Cincinnati Bengals select...

A.J. Green, WR, Georgia.

With Chad Johnson and T.O. gone late last year Palmer actually looked like he could have fun, and that showed if you watched one of the last Bengals games. Palmer did better with the 3rd, 4th and 5th WR's than he did with Batman and Robin.

That being said, with A.J. Green being there at #4, they have to make that move, last season's scrub WR's won't cut it for 16 games, they need a real threat and Green's drawing comparisons to Randy Moss.


#5 Overall. The Arizona Cardinals select...

Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

Arizona has a few needs here, there defense is bad, there OL is suspect, they have no QB. But with Fairley dropping to 5 it's a no-brainer. He's going to be a very good DT, and they need some help along their DL.

Only issue I can see is if he fits the 3-4 defense, but a player like Fairley should be able to make that adjustment.


#6 Overall. The Cleveland Browns select...

Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

The Browns have a lot of holes to fill, however they did play some good games when they relied on Hillis. Colt McCoy has been named the man by Holmgren and I am going to say that's a fair claim. Their biggest need in my opinion is defense, I think a great pass rusher makes that defense go from borderline decent to pretty dang good.

Von Miller is that pass rusher, I think he's the next great pass rushing OLB. He's a very good player, he's an athletic freak, and now he's a Brown.


#7 Overall. The San Francisco 49ers select...

Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

The 49ers need a QB, but at this spot Newton's gone, and Gabbert would be a reach. I think they need some youth at CB with their older tandem basically transitioning Princes takeover. This pick is a good for the 49ers, and will put some minds at ease for Eagles fans considering 2 spots away a rival is salivating.

#8 Overall. The Tennessee Titans select...

Robert Quinn, DE, UNC

Quinn is a physical freak, he missed this year due to suspension and is still being talked about as a top 10 player and rightly so. The Titans really need some insurance for if Babin doesn't return, they don't really have anybody to replace him.

Quinn would be a very good replacement because I feel he's the best DE in this draft, he only drops to 8 because he missed a year.


#9 Overall. The Dallas Cowboys select...

Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri

Aldon Smith isn't that much of a need for the Cowboys, however he fits their system pretty well and from what I have gathered they need some depth at OLB and DL. He can play either. Also he's got the makings of a good pass rusher from the DE or OLB position which is alway a bonus.


#10 Overall. The Washington Redskins select...

Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

Shanahan runs a one cut system, Ingram is a one cut type of guy. The Redskins running game is a north-south running game, where the RB see's the hole and hits it as hard as they can, Ingram does that extremely well. Now I'm not saying Ingram can't juke a man, or isn't shift but his strengths clearly match up with Shanny's system and if he's there at 10 the I don't see any way they don't pick him with how the pieces have fallen here.


#11 Overall. The Houston Texans select...

J.J. Watt, DE/DT, Wisconsin

The Texans are switching to the 3-4. Cushing and Ryans are the ILB's, and they've got one of their OLB positions filled. They'll be looking for a guy who is a pass rushing OLB, however with Watt sitting here and a big need at DE for the Texans he just fits to good to pass up.

I can see J.J. starting opposite of Williams year 1 and making their transition so much smoother than it could be.


#12 Overall. The Minnesota Vikings select...

Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

No so much of a god send as they would've liked (without a doubt they want Newton) but Gabbert's a good QB who I believe can run the West Coast-type offense the Vikings run. His arm and accuracy fit in well with what the Vikings need. I doubt he'll be a starter year one, but the Vikings with undoubtedly go after some kind of a vet, I'm thinking McNabb, to act as a lame duck QB for a year or two until Gabby is ready.

This pick's really one that's forces upon the Vikings, they need an answer for the future of the franchise at QB, they need to quit getting end-of-the-road QB's in to man the fort till the next has-been comes along and just get a guy who'll be there for 10+ years.

#13 Overall. The Detroit Lions select...

Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

Last year they took Suh. This year they take Dareus making their one of the most talented in the league. They have issues with their OL and Secondary, but I don't see an OLman or DB worth of being picked this high and that's alright. This helps an improving Detroit team greatly, because with what the Eagles showed this year if you have great pressure you don't need a great CB (I'm looking at you Hobbs and Patterson... and Hanson)

#14 Overall. The St. Louis Rams Select...

Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

Bradford just shit himself. McDaniels is working on a way to obtain Tebow. And the fanbase of St. Louis is crying with joy. The Rams had a very good year with a rookie QB and a bunch of scrub WR's. Infact I think they were 1 good playmaker away from being in the playoffs a year after making the #1 overall selection.

Jones is in my opinion the man who's going to put the Rams over the top. Bradford and Jones are going to make that division look stupid.


#15 Overall. The Miami Dolphins select...

Tyron Smith, OT, USC

Tyron is my highest rated OLman. He's slated to be a LT in the NFL, however I think the Dolphins will snatch him up and keep him on the Right side. Why not have 2 first round tackles protecting whichever scrub they trot out there at QB? Part of the reason their team sucks in the OL, so I think it's more than logical for them to take the best OL prospect if he drops to 15.


#16 Overall. The Jacksonville Jaguars select...

Cameron Jordan, DE, California

Cameron is a guy who seems almost unblockable. His final year at Cal was amazing and I don't think that it's a stretch for him to end up as the Jag's pick. Especially considering Kampman tore his ACL for the 2nd straight year last season, and their depth/talent along the DL pretty much just consists of Kampman.

Jordan could potentially start opposite of Kampman, or render the walking wounded cut-able.


#17 Overall. The New England Patriots select...

Nate Solder , OT, Colorado

This is simple. Bill doesn't really draft for need, he's got 1 eye on the future and the other on the opponents practice film. That being said, Matt Light is up there in age and last season he didn't play very well, the Pat's will bee looking for a replacement for if Light continues to struggle or for the near future.

Solder is a big guy who's been rumored to be a bit to thin. He needs to bulk up and I think him starting year 1 is going to be bad for his development. The Patriots are in a position where they can afford him a year to bulk up and prepare for the NFL game.


#18 Overall. The San Diego Chargers select...

Anthony Castonzo, OT, BC

Needing an upgrade at RT for years now, this is an obvious choice. Castonzo is better than any RT they have on the roster, and he appears to be pro-ready. Protecting Rivers is going to be a big goal this year and the Chargers start by putting another bookend tackle out there to protect him.


#19 Overall. The New York Giants select...

Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

Bulluck is a FA, not to mention he's ancient. Ayers should be available around this pick, he's a gamer and the Giants would be dumb to pass him up considering their massive hole at Strong Side LB. Ayers not only improves the SLB position, but instantly becomes their best LB.

As much as I hate to see this happen, it's the best case scenerio for the Giants, and we'll be seeing this kid for years barring a meltdown between himself and the coach.


#20 Overall. The Tampa Bay Bucaneers select...

Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

Kerrigan is my favorite DE in this draft. If he's this close to #23 I want us trading up for him if at all possible. Now the Buc's need an outside force to compliment last years top pick McCoy, Kerrigan is the man for the job. Also with so many players potentially leaving via FA this offseason they'll need to reload on as much top Defensive talent possible.


#21 Overall. The Kansas City Chiefs select...

Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor

Pioli needs his Wilfork. In order to make his defense work to perfection he needs a guy like Taylor, I think Taylor is going to be a dominant NT for many many years and this takes that Chiefs defense to the next level. And Taylor's been working on dropping weight (He's hoping to get around 327) so he can be a better pass rusher and lateral player.


#22 Overall. The Indianapolis Colts select...

Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

Payton Manning just wasn't himself last season and while it's possible he's taking a step back, I think it more had to do with his OL not being able to protect him. His LT is a FA, and most likely wouldn't be resigned anyway so that opens the spot for Carimi who will be given the task of protecting the best QB to ever play the game.

This also makes Carimi happy because he wants to remain a LT.


#23 Overall. The Philadelphia Fucking Eagles select...

Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

Whether or not we sign Nnamdi doesn't influence my pick. Jimmy Smith is a big physical CB who honestly reminds me of a bigger and stronger Sheldon Brown. If we sign VietNnam we got a kid who can learn behind Asante and the man who exiles WR's. If we don't get Nnamdi then I think Jimmy will be forced to start right away and Lindley will be the main guy to develop.

I really like Smith as a player, if the chips fall how I've got them now then this is a great pickup by the Eagles. And it also makes our Secondary much younger and much better.


#24 Overall. The New Orleans Saints select...

Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

Clayborn has been a bit of a trouble maker, however dropping to 24 makes him way to good to pass up for the DE needy Saints. Their Defense lost the ability to put pressure on teams last season, Clayborn will help that greatly. I don' t think he'll be an immediate starter however he's going to be a role player and could hold a starting job by seasons end.


#25 Overall. The Seattle Seahawks select...

Muhammad Wilkerson, DT/DE, Temple

This is just a case of best player available. Wilkerson is a big guy who can play DT or DE, the need a guy who can get after the QB and Clemons may not be able to replicate last seasons numbers. Wilkerson makes a more compete DE than what the Seahawks have and at #25 is a perfect pick.


#26 Overall. The Baltimore Ravens select...

Titus Young, WR, Boise State

Young is being compared to our Desean Jackson. This hype will get him into the first round and with a team full of glorified possession receivers the Ravens are looking for a home run hitter. Finally Flacco has a man he can unleash that arm on, and it looks like Young will be the guy to take over for Mason.


#27 Overall. The Atlanta Falcons select...

Torrey Smith, WR, Temple

This one was just a gut feeling. I think the Falcons will take Smith because Gonzo declined rapidly last season and the only threat Ryan had was White and once you took White out of the game the Falcon's offense just died. Smith is a hard worker who's a very good route runner, with Jenkins and White out there I think he'll be a slot guy his first year, but I don't think Jenkins has much time left there.


#28 Overall. The New England Patriots select...

Justin Houston, DE/OLB, Georgia

Once again the Patriots address the line, this time just the opposite side. Houston is a good player who fit the Patriots mold, he's a dang good pass rusher which is what the Patriots need. When you have to face the Steelers, Jets, and other top AFC offensive lines every year you need as many quality pass rushers as you can get.


#29 Overall. The Chicago Bears select...

Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

The Bears OL sucks. Sherrod in my opinion will move inside for play RT for the Bears. This helps Cutler greatly and takes the team to the next level. Sherrod is another one of my favorite OLmen, but taking him at 23 would be a reach. I also feel like he suits the system Chicago runs very well.


#30 Overall. The New York Jets select...

Cameron Hayward, DE/DT, Ohio State

Gholston is probably going to be cut, he was a workout warrior and nothing more. Hayward will be the next guy Rex Ryan and the Jets bring in to be a pass rusher from the DL. I personally don't like Hayward as a player, but his play reminds me of the Jets play and he's slated to be taken around this range.


#31 Overall. The Pittsburgh Steelers select...

Mike Pouncey, OG, UF

Mike is an awful center, but he's a pretty solid OG. The Steelers took his brother last season, so why not reunite the twins so they can play together again? I've said a 1000 times Mike plays better when he's with his brother and his style of play matches the Steelers mentality. If he drops this far he'll be taken by the Steelers.


#32 Overall. The Green Bay Packers select...

Ryan Williams, RB, VT

This is the pick I think people will hate me for. Williams has been mentioned on these boards as a future star in the NFL. He's listed as a late 2nd, early 3rd round pick, but I think he's entirely to talented for that, and with a good combine he can bolt himself to the late 1st, early 2nd round range.

This makes sense, I think the Packers have a need at RB, Starks was great during the post season for a few games, but I don't see him being the answer, I think he took teams by surprise and we've seen the best of him. Grant is coming off of injury and older. Williams upgrades this position and gives them a legit running game, thus making a scary Packers team even more scary.


Let me know what you think. If people like it then I'll do the 2nd round.

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