2011 NFL Mock Draft

[Note by JasonB, 02/26/11 10:15 AM EST ] Here is another community mock draft for you. Keep them coming!

So I wasn’t really planning on putting together a mock but since JasonB has asked us to put together some mocks I decided that I would. I really don’t have a philosophy, generally I try to give teams good talent that also fits their needs. There are going to be a few sliders in this mock draft like Mark Ingram and Blaine Gabbert who likely won’t fall that far on draft day because a team will trade back into round 1 to get them earlier than I have them being drafted here. So here is my mock, right after the jump…


1.    Carolina (2-14)- AJ Green WR Georgia- The 2011 Panthers were ROUGH and they need to bring in talent no matter which side of the ball its on. The Panthers need some defensive line help, a QB and some weapons on offense. The Panthers ultimately decide that since there is no franchise QB in this draft they need to give Jimmy Clausen weapons so that he can succeed. AJ Green is a dynamic receiver capable of making plays all over the field. He has hands of glue, he has fantastic body control, great deep speed and he has been garnering comparisons to Randy Moss. The Panthers figure to have a bounce back season with Jeff Otah, Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams returning from injury coupled with the prospective addition of AJ Green. This pick also helps Steve Smith by taking coverage away from him and affording him more one on one opportunity.



 2.     Denver (4-12)- Patrick Peterson CB LSU- The Broncos secondary is terrible so they grab one of the best athletes in the draft in Patrick Peterson. Champ Bailey is aging. Their other starting corner isn’t even relevant. Their safeties are bad and get beat over the top regularly. Simply put, the Broncos need some help. Patrick Peterson is a freak athlete who was a shut down corner at the college football level and he has all the physical tools to succeed at the NFL level its just a matter of whether or not he can pull it together mentally. He will also jump start their special teams unit right away.


3.     Buffalo (4-12)- Nick Fairley DT Auburn- The Bills defense needs help any way they can get it. They could use a corner, they could use some linebackers, they could use a nose tackle, some defensive ends etc. You name it and they could probably use it on defense. The Bills take a chance on the most dominant defensive player in college football. Marcel Dareus has more experience in a 3-4 defense but he isn’t the type of talent that Fairley is. Where will Fairley fit in a 3-4? Probably as a 3-4 DE. Fairley is a dominating talent, he is quick, he is powerful and he is mean. Fairley is the total package and the Bills can’t afford to pass up a talent like Fairley.


4.     Cincinnati (4-12)- Robert Quinn DE North Carolina- The Bengals are in sort of a weird spot here and the board doesn’t really match what they need so they just grab the best talent available. The Bengals have Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson who have put up good numbers in their young careers but the Bengals also just cut ties with Antwan Odom and their pass rush could still use a shot in the arm. Robert Quinn was dominant at North Carolina, in his last season he forced 6 fumbles and sacked the quarterback 11 times. He is a freak athlete at 6’5" and 270 pounds. Mike Mayock called Robert Quinn the best edge rusher he has ever watched on tape. With this selection the Bengals have the most talented defensive ends in the league with Quinn (6’5" 270 lbs. 4.6), Carlos Dunlap (6’6" 278 lbs. 4.68) and Michael Johnson (6’7" 266 lbs. 4.69). Toss in Geno Atkins who looks like a potential impact 3-technique (3 sacks in limited time during the regular season, 4.5 sacks in the pre-season) and solid players like Peko and Sims and the Bengals might have the most talented young defensive line in the entire NFL. This will help Jonathan Joseph and Leon Hall as well who are coming off down years after being great in 2009.



5.     Arizona (5-11)- Von Miller DE/LB Texas A&M- The Cardinals pass rush is in a sad state. How sad? They were starting Joey Porter and Clark Haggans. Von Miller was a great pass rusher at Texas A&M who put up 27.5 sacks in the past two seasons along with 7 forced fumbles. He is as good as it gets as a pass rusher, he explodes out of his stance (he stands up on occasion), he can beat tackles to the corner, he displays the ability to flatten out around the edge, very sudden pass rusher, elite closing speed, good pass rushing moves, solid hand usage and strength. Still developing in coverage and run stopping but  he showed he could survive in space and the senior bowl where his athleticism flashed and really pushed him up draft boards.


6.     Cleveland (5-11)- Julio Jones WR Alabama- The Browns have come out and said that Colt McCoy is their guy and that they’re looking for playmakers on offense. Well Mr. Holmgren, look no further than Julio Jones. He isn’t as dynamic as AJ Green but Julio is a bigger, more physical athlete. Julio wasn’t put on display in the conservative Alabama offense, but make no mistake, this guy is a great player and he is one of few to have ever gotten the best of Patrick Peterson. He is a perfect fit for the west coast offense the Browns will be running, he has the frame to run any route, he is a terror after the catch and he can go down the field too. The only real flaws he has are his injury history and his tendency to drop easy catches. Jones is the prototype #1 receiver and he conjures up images of classic Terrell Owens with his play on the field.


7.     San Francisco (6-10)- Marcel Dareus DL Alabama- Jim Harbaugh has said he is capable of finding a QB later in the draft and he probably won’t risk taking one of the QBs this high in the draft so he looks to improve his team elsewhere. The 49ers have an okay defensive line but outside of Justin Smith it is a collection of mediocre players. Aubrayo Franklin had one good year but he regressed big time last season. The 49ers could use an impact defensive lineman. Dareus is a big guy, he is listed at about 309 lbs but he is bigger than that and you can tell just by looking at him. He has great bulk and a very thick base. He plays with good leverage which probably has something to do with the fact that he has received fantastic coaching. He is quick for a man of his size, his hand usage is top notch and he has good pass rushing moves, good coordination, good quick feet, extremely quick hands. He isn’t as powerful as his frame would suggest and he plays with more finesse than power. He has great potential and he is versatile. Dareus pro-ready and will help the 49ers from day 1.


8.     Tennessee (6-10)- Daquan Bowers DE Clemson- The Titans need a QB but there is no franchise QB on the board so they go with Bowers. The Titans might lose Jason Babin and Dave Ball to free agency so they go and draft Bowers. Bowers isn’t the most explosive player but he is a more than adequate athlete. He is powerful, a great run stuffer and he reminds some people of Justin Tuck. He isn’t technically sound and he preferred to try and man handle his competition rather than use his fundamentals at Clemson last year but you can’t argue that he is a powerful athlete.



9.     Dallas (6-10)- Tyron Smith OT USC- The Cowboys need some offensive line help to protect Tony Romo their expensive franchise QB to allow him to get the ball to their expensive receivers and tight end and to help open holes for their first round running back. Simply put the Cowboys need to get an offensive tackle to get the most out of their continued skill position investments. Right now there is no doubt that Smith is the best offensive tackle in this class. He is a fluid athlete capable of matching any pass rusher in the NFL. He isn’t the biggest guy but he is aggressive and physical. He is a total freak too, he is 6’5", 309 pounds, he is a freak athlete and his arms are nearly 37" long which is absolutely incredible. Oh and he is only 20 years old, upside galore.


10.  Washington (6-10)- JJ Watt DE Wisconsin- With the Redskins there are a TON of issues, holes and questions so this is a shot in the dark. Daniel Snyder has said he will keep McNabb. The Redskins need a RB, WR, OL, DL, LB, CB and S. The Redskins are truly one of the worst teams in football with holes everywhere you look. I’m going out on a limb and saying that Mike Shannahan will love JJ Watt and would draft him this high. JJ Watt is a perfect fit for a 3-4 defense as a 5 technique. And we all know that Shanny places a huge emphasis on work ethic, heart, conditioning and working hard in practice. JJ Watt will not be a locker room issue for Shanny, JJ Watt loves the game of football, he works hard every day, he is relentless in every aspect of the game and he has a ton of heart. Shanny and JJ will go together fantastically.



11.  Houston (6-10)- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska- I don’t really need to explain this. The Houston Texans had one of the worst secondaries in the history of football. Kareem Jackson’s rookie season was a huge flop and whoever the Texans lined up opposite him got burned just as badly. The Texans desperately need another corner and they need Kareem Jackson to step up his game in the coming season. No brainer.


12.  Minnesota (6-10)- Cam Newton QB Auburn- The Vikings could use some help on the interior of their offensive line, they could use a new NT, LE with Pat Williams is aging and Ray Edwards is as good as gone. They could also use a young new WLB, MLB and some safeties. But what the Vikings need most is a QB. The Vikings have a ton of talent at their disposal on offense and they could compete right now if they got a good QB. All issues (spread offense, personality, mechanical) aside there is no denying that Cam Newton is a dynamic talent and if he can develop in time the Vikings could have one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL with Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin.


13.  Detroit (6-10)- Nate Solder OT Colorado- You remember Matt Stafford? The reason I ask is because maybe you don’t, after all, it might be easy to forget about a guy who has missed as much time as he has the past two years. The Lions need to find a way to protect their big investment so they need to improve their left tackle spot. Solder is very raw and he isn’t really pro-ready but he is very athletic and he has the potential to be a right tackle or left tackle. He plays with an angry disposition. He has to clean up his footwork, he has to play with better leverage and he has to play with better hand usage but his potential is through the roof.


14.  St. Louis (7-9)- Cameron Jordan DL California- The Rams have a few distinct needs like WR, LB, DL and secondary being the big ones. There are no receivers or linebackers worthy of this pick so they narrow it down to defensive line and secondary. Cameron Jordan is the best player on the board. He will likely move inside to defensive tackle where the Rams are stuck with an aging Fred Robbins and a mediocre Gary Gibson. He was a 3-4 DE in college, but he projects as a 3 Technique in the NFL with his fantastic frame (6’4", 287 lbs, 35" arms, 11-1/8" hands). He is polished, strong, intelligent, tough, durable and versatile. He has quick feet, plays the piano keys well (lateral agility) but he will not be a full time 4-3 DE in the NFL and can be too aggressive. He has the athletic ability, determination and work ethic to be a great player in the NFL and the Rams are happy to grab a talent like Cameron Jordan.


15.  Miami (7-9)- Torrey Smith WR Maryland- The Dolphins need a dynamic threat on offense. After the wildcat failed them the big play offense of the Dolphins fell of the face of the earth. Right now the Dolphins have Brandon Marshall who is a great possession receiver and Davone Bess who is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL. But what they lack is a big play receiver. Enter Torrey Smith who is one of the most explosive receivers in the nation. He runs a 4.3 and he is more than capable of getting behind defenses. He has a ton of potential and he is an impact return man. He isn’t the most polished receiver but he is one heck of an athlete (listed at 6’1" 200 lbs and runs a low 4.3) and that is what gets him drafted this high. He is a dynamic talent that has potential to be a game changer which is exactly what the Dolphins offense needs.


16.  Jacksonville (8-8)- Jimmy Smith CB Colorado- The Jaguars need some serious secondary help and Jimmy Smith will provide it. Jimmy Smith has fantastic size at 6’2" and 200 pounds. He is a lock down corner at Colorado, he doesn’t give up much at all. I’ve watched him against Oklahoma and Landry Jones and that prolific Oklahoma offense didn’t complete 1 pass on Jimmy Smith. Most big corners are cast as cover 2 guys or free safeties but Jimmy Smith is fluid and really specializes in man coverage, especially when asked to move close to the line of scrimmage and press his man. He is really physical and he has no issues supporting the run. He doesn’t break on the ball because he is never really in position to do so but he has no issues sticking his long arms up and using his big hands to bat the ball away. He doesn’t make a lot of interceptions but he is a lockdown corner for Colorado, in fact he has only allowed 11 completions in the past two seasons. His footwork does need to be cleaned up because he gets by on athleticism and physicality at the college level. Colorado claims that Smith runs a 4.35 in the 40 yard dash and maybe he does but he doesn’t play that fast on the field in large part due to his footwork. The weaknesses I can think of are that his lack of game changing plays and his footwork. Smith is asked to do a lot of man coverage and a lot of press coverage. He is certified kosher character wise, couldn’t ask for a nicer more humble guy. The guy coming out of college is a clone of Nnamdi as a prospect.


17.  New England (14-2)- Aldon Smith DE/LB Missouri- Ever since Adalius Thomas fell off the face of the planet the Patriots have just been plugging in mediocre players at the OLB spot, well no more. Aldon Smith is a freak athlete who would translate well to a 3-4 defense. He is already a great athlete that is fluid but he has fantastic size in addition to this at 6’5" 260 pounds, which helps him survive in space. But a freak athlete pass rusher must be a one trick pony who can’t support the run or do anything other than speed rush, right? Wrong, Aldon Smith is a physical and aggressive run supporter who sticks his nose in the action and he is actually a surprisingly powerful bull rusher. He is so physical that Missouri even slid him inside to DT on third down situations. The Patriots could be getting a steal, Aldon isn’t polished and he needs to work on being more sudden, hand usage and more pass rush moves but overall he is a great prospect but he will be getting some of the best coaching in the entire league under the Patriots. 


18.  San Diego (9-7)- Muhammad Wilkerson DL Temple- Remember when the Chargers had Wade Phillips as coordinator? Do you remember how great their front 7 was? They had Luis Castillo who was once considered one of the best 3-4 ends in the NFL, Igor Olshansky, Jamaal Williams and Shawne Merriman. Those days are gone and the talent on the Chargers defensive front lines are dwindling, Luis Castillo has regressed and the only other guy who is left is Shaun Phillips. The Chargers hope to solve this problem by drafting Wilkerson. Wilkerson has experience playing defensive tackle and defensive end. He has the prototype build of a 5-technique at 6’5" and 305 pounds. He is long enough to handle blockers and keep them off of the linebackers, he is quick enough to be a good pass rusher from the 3-4 DE spot, he has the arm length to disrupt passing lanes and he is big and strong enough to support the run. Level of competition was a bit of an issue but he was a dominant force at Temple and the Chargers hope he can help the defense regain its form.


19.  New York Giants (10-6)- Akeem Ayers LB UCLA- The Giants need some linebacker help and they look to Akeem Ayers to get it. Akeem Ayers is an interesting prospect. When you look at his measurables (6’4" 250 lbs) he has it all, he has the athleticism to be great in the NFL and a frame that defensive coordinators dream of. Then you look at the stat sheet and he is making all kinds of impact plays, just check out these numbers from the past 3 seasons: 6 interceptions, 2 returned for touchdowns, 1 fumble recovery, 1 returned for a touchdown, 29.5 TFL,10 passes defended,
7 forced fumbles
1 blocked kick and
14 sacks. So why is an elite linebacker falling? Well that’s just the thing, he isn’t elite. First off the guy is huge but he is soft, he doesn’t play with anything resembling intensity, heart or grit. He is more of a drag down guy rather than a powerful hitter. He doesn’t like taking on blocks. And he isn’t very versatile. People are parading around talking about all the positions that Akeem Ayers can play but he really can’t. He doesn’t have the ability in space to play weakside linebacker, he doesn’t have the speed to stick with slot receivers or running backs which is often asked of weakside linebackers. He doesn’t have the instincts or leadership abilities that you want out of your middle linebacker. He doesn’t have the physicality or pass rush moves to be an impact pass rusher from the 3-4 LB spot. He is too small and too raw of a pass rusher to play DE. He is strictly a 4-3 SLB at this point. He has potential through the roof but all to often we see great athletes fail at the NFL level.


20.  Tampa Bay (10-6)- Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue- The Buccaneers are a very good young team they’ve got their franchise QB, they’ve got a workhorse RB, talented young receivers, a good offensive line and some young talent on defense. One thing they do lack is a pass rushing force. But it should be noted, Mr. Kerrigan is the dreaded and mythical HIGH MOTOR MAN!! I can assure you Big 10 QBs can tell you just how real Kerrigan is, he has been terrorizing them for years. Ryan Kerrigan has put up 30.5 sacks, 55.5 TFL and a Big 10 record 14 forced fumbles in the past 3 seasons. Yes, this man is very, very real and he has a high motor! GASP! His skill set is very comparable to Jared Allen and I’m not just saying that because they’re both white. I’m saying that because they really are similar.


21.  Kansas City (10-6)- Phil Taylor NT Baylor- The Chiefs need a nose tackle, they have a few stop gap options but they need a solution for the future so they bring in Phil Taylor to anchor their 3-4 defense for the foreseeable future. He is a powerful defensive tackle who has a massive frame at 6’3" and 337 pounds. He has the power to stuff the run seemingly at will and he has the power and athleticism to rush the passer in passing situations. He has some character concerns given his past but there is no denying that he has fantastic potential. If Phil Taylor fulfills his potential he could be the best NT in the league and the Kansas City Chiefs are willing to take a chance on that type of talent.


22.  Indianapolis (10-6)- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College- Peyton Manning struggled more than usual this past season and its because his offensive line struggled more than usual. Castonzo isn’t a freak athlete at OT, he isn’t powerful and he isn’t the best physical specimen but he is just an intelligent offensive tackle prospect who plays very sound football. He is too skinny and he can be bullied but he is a guy who profiles as a solid starter for years to come in the NFL. Plus he is just the type of lineman the Colts like, intelligent. He is a better pass blocker than run blocker as well which means he’ll fit right in; the Colts passed the ball more than any other team in the NFL this past season.


23.  Philadelphia (10-6)- Brandon Harris CB Miami- Brandon Harris has all the physical tools, he has nice size at 5’11" and 195 pounds, he runs a 4.4. and is a track athlete at Miami and he has never had injury problems thus far. Because of his inconsistent footwork when breaking on the ball Brandon Harris isn’t the best zone defender at this stage and he is at his best in man coverage where he can use his physical skill to stick with receivers. Brandon Harris needs to work on his hand usage as he doesn’t get a consistent jam at the LOS. But if Brandon Harris doesn’t work out in the NFL, it won’t be because of a lack of effort, he is a team oriented player who works hard and will do it all. Brandon Harris is a very willing participant in run defense, he is Sheldon Brown-esque in that aspect of his game. What I really think will hold Brandon Harris back is his lack of ball skills, he flashes the ability to make plays on the ball but he doesn’t consistently do it enough to make me feel comfortable with him, he only had 4 interceptions in 3 years where he saw significant play time. He is a physical player who can run with players down the field but he just needs to clean up his footwork.


24.  New Orleans (11-5)- Corey Liuget DT Illinois- The Saints have defensive line issues, they were completely bowled over by the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs and they really aren’t a great pass rushing line, either. The Saints just need some defensive line talent and they draft the most talented defensive lineman on the board. Liuget has a ton of talent, he is a very strong and athletic guy. He isn’t the most explosive pass rusher but he moves well laterally and he is strong against the run. He plays with good leverage, he is a stout player and he has powerful. He has some upside to his game and he could be just what the Saints need to compliment Sedrick Ellis and become a top ranked run defense.


25.  Seattle (7-9)- Jake Locker QB Washington- Brilliant move by the Seahawks if they get Locker here, absolutely brilliant. There are two quarterbacks the Seahawks could take at this point in the first round, Jake Locker or Blaine Gabbert. Both players are flawed, both are extremely talented, so why do the Seahawks take Locker? Locker is a better leader, he is a more team oriented player and he is a beloved local product. Jake Locker has fantastic arm strength and he can zip the ball all over the field. He has been coached by Steve Sarkisian (Pete Caroll’s protégé) in a pro-style offense. He is a very mobile and athletic player. He is a great team player who came back his senior year to win a bowl game and he is a mature and intelligent individual. And maybe what is the best thing about this pick is that Jake Locker is a local product, he is beloved in Seattle and he is seen as the savior of the Washington football program and now he gets to go and play for the hometown Seahawks. Wouldn’t that be something? This pick just makes so much sense, he is a local guy who is already loved by fans, it’s a great PR move. And the ties are so strong to Pete Caroll. It’s a perfect pick.


26.  Baltimore (12-4)- Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh- The Ravens have a strong armed QB capable of throwing the ball deep at any point in Joe Flacco, unfortunately, he has no one to throw the ball deep to. Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, TJ Housh and Todd Heap are the main receiving options and none of them are scaring defenses any time soon. The Ravens need a player who can make game changing plays at the WR spot so they draft Jon Baldwin. Jon Baldwin is a 6’5" 220 pound receiver who is rumored to run a 4.3 40 yard dash. He isn’t very polished as a route runner, he loses speed in and out of his breaks and he doesn’t have the best attitude but this guy just makes plays. His ball tracking skills are insane, he can go up and get the ball at any point and he has fantastic body control. He is just a playmaker at the WR spot and that is just what the doctor ordered for the Ravens’ offense.


27.  Atlanta (13-3)- Jabaal Sheard DE Pittsburgh- I’m a big Sheard fan and I think people underrate him because athletically he gets lost behind some of the freaks in this class but he is just a solid, well put together football player who makes plays. He is a powerful player who has a very good bull rush. He is also plenty quick enough to get outside and force the QB up into the pocket. Sheard is thick and stout which helps against the run, which he plays extremely well for an end. He is polished and ready to go right now at the NFL level, he doesn’t have the crazy upside that guys like Quinn, Bowers and Smith possess but he is more than capable of being an upper-echelon starting end in the NFL on either side of the line. Sheard will instantly become the Falcons starting LE and he will eventually take over for John Abraham on the right side once John calls it quits.


28.  New England (14-2)- Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St.- Matt Light is god awful no matter what Madden tells you. Do you want to know how bad Matt Light is? They had to double Jason Taylor to keep Tom Brady from being killed, JASON. TAYLOR. A few years back that would be just fine but not anymore now that JT is washed up. Matt Light’s time is up and the Patriots need an offensive tackle. Right now the Patriots have a tackle named Sebastian Vollmer who has played on both sides of the line so the tackle could be a right tackle or a left tackle depending on who the Patriots prefer. . Sherrod is an athletic blindside protector who has quick feet, long arms and can really pass block with the best of them. He consistently graded out as one of the best blockers in all of the SEC conference and was SEC offensive lineman of the week several times. He is battle tested (36 career starts) and he is a high character player (team captain, active in the community). Sherrod is a guy who isn’t a dominating run blocker, isn’t overpowering and he won’t be confused for being overly aggressive. He is exactly the type of player the Patriots love to have on offense, fundamentally sound, intelligent and durable.


29.  Chicago (11-5)- Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin- The Bears sort of get the short end of the stick here, they have needs all over the offensive line but they would prefer a blindside protector to a pure right tackle prospect like Carimi. Carimi is a big mauler at the RT spot, at Wisconsin he was way overrated. He played with poor balance and was on the ground far too much. He bent at the waist and his footwork was questionable. Then he got to the senior bowl and his technique looked improved and he looked good playing guard which boosted his stock up. If it all works out Carimi could be a guy you stick at RT and leave him there for a decade while he just plows the right side of the field and the Bears like that upside despite it not being exactly what they wanted.


30.  New York Jets (11-5)- Martez Wilson LB Illinois- The Jets defense needs pass rushers but this is a bit out of the box. Martez Wilson didn’t rush the passer at Illinois, he was an ILB but he was a prized DE recruit out of high school. The reason the Jets take Wilson is because he is a fantastic athlete at the LB spot who could honestly play any LB spot they stick him at. He has the size at 6’4" and 250 pounds and he has the length, fluidity to be an ranginess to be an impact pass rusher. He really wasn’t ever unleashed fully at Illinois but when he did he flashed repeatedly and he looks like he could be the pass rusher that the Jets defense needs.


31.  Pittsburgh (12-4)- Aaron Williams CB Texas- Simple pick. Bryant McFadden is getting older. Ike Taylor’s contract is up and he is getting older. William Gsy isn’t good. So to counter the deteriorating corner situation, the Steelers grab Aaron Williams. Purely as a physical specimen, Aaron Williams is about as good as it gets. Aaron Williams has the height (6’1"), the bulk (195 lbs.) and he has the speed (4.4). Aaron Williams is very long, he has a big wingspan and large hands to blanket receivers and knock away passes. He is very quick too and can run with any college receiver. Overall, Aaron Williams has a nearly ideal frame that could probably hold even more weight, he has the speed and he is a very fluid and flexible athlete. He isn’t quite as quick as Brandon Harris which is the main reason he is drafted below him.


32.  Green Bay (10-6)- Mark Ingram RB Alabama- In all likelihood someone will trade up and grab him if he falls this far but in this mock there are no trades so he falls. The main reasons Mark Ingram falls are that he had injury issues his last year at Alabama, he had a far worse year than the year prior, he didn’t look as explosive, he didn’t test all that well at the combine and not many teams need running backs. What makes Mark Ingram so good is his vision, his instincts, his ability to cutback and his ability to overpower players in the secondary. No one will ever confuse him with Adrian Peterson but he is a more than solid player who should start for the Packers for a very long time.


Round 2


33.  New England- Cameron Heyward DL Ohio St.

34.  Buffalo- Benjamin Ijalana OL Villanova

35.  Cincinnati- Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri

36.  Denver- Stephen Paea DT Oregon St.

37.  Cleveland- Justin Houston DE Georgia

38.  Arizona- Christian Ponder QB Florida St.

39.  Tennessee- Stefen Wisniewski OL Penn St.

40.  Dallas- Mike Pouncey OG Florida

41.  Washington- Leonard Hankerson WR Miami

42.  Houston- Brooks Reed DE/LB Arizona

43.  Minnesota- Rahim Moore S UCLA

44.  Detroit- Danny Watkins OL Baylor

45.  San Francisco- Brandon Burton CB Utah

46.  Denver- Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

47.  St. Louis- Titus Young WR Boise St.

48.  Oakland- Curtis Brown CB Texas

49.  Jacksonville- Quinton Carter S Oklahoma

50.  San Diego- Randall Cobb WR Kentucky

51.  Tampa Bay- DeAndre McDaniel S Clemson

52.  New York Giants- Kelvin Sheppard LB LSU

53.  Indianapolis- Jurrell Casey DT USC

54.  Philadelphia- Marcus Cannon OL TCU

55.  Kansas City- Rodney Hudson OG Florida St.

56.  New Orleans- Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

57.  Seattle- Christian Ballard DL Iowa

58.  Baltimore- Johnny Patrick CB Louisville

59.  Atlanta- Jerrell Jernigan WR Troy

60.  New England- Clint Boling OL Georgia

61.  San Diego- Ryan Williams  RB Virginia Tech

62.  Chicago- Mason Foster LB Washington

63.  Pittsburgh- DeMarcus Love OL Arkansas

64.  Green Bay- Bruce Carter LB North Carolina


Results by team:



1-     Von Miller LB Texas A&M

2-     Christian Ponder QB Florida St.


1-     Jabaal Sheard DE Pittsburgh

2-     Jerrell Jernigan WR Troy


1-     Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh

2-     Johnny Patrick CB Louisville


1-     Nick Fairley DL Auburn

2-     Benjamin Ijalana OL Villanova


1-     AJ Green WR Georgia


1-     Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin

2-     Mason Foster  LB Washington


1-     Robert Quinn DE North Carolina

2-     Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri


1-     Julio Jones WR Alabama

2-     Justin Houston DE Georgia


1-     Tyron Smith OT USC

2-     Mike Pouncey OL Florida


1-     Patrick Peterson DB LSU

2-     Stephen Paea DT Oregon St.

3-     Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame


1-     Nate Solder OT Colorado

2-     Danny Watkins OL Baylor

Green Bay:

1-     Mark Ingram RB Alabama

2-     Bruce Carter LB North Carolina



1-     Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

2-     Brooks Reed DE/LB Arizona-


1-     Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College

2-     Jurrell Casey DT USC


1-     Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

2-     Quinton Carter S Oklahoma

Kansas City:

1-     Phil Taylor NT Baylor

2-     Rodney Hudson OG Florida St.


1.     Torrey Smith WR Maryland



1.     Cam Newton QB Auburn

2.     Rahim Moore S UCLA

New England:

1-     Aldon Smith DE/LB Missouri

1-     Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St.

2-     Cameron Heyward DE Ohio St.

2-     Clint Boling OL Georgia

New York Giants:

1-     Akeem Ayers LB UCLA

2-     Kelvin Sheppard LB LSU

New York Jets:

1- Martez Wilson

New Orleans:

1-     Corey Liuget DT Illinois

2-     Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa



2       Curtis Brown CB Texas



1.     Brandon Harris CB Miami

2.     Marcus Cannon OL TCU


1.     Aaron Williams CB Texas

2.     DeMarcus Love OL Arkansas

Saint Louis:

1.     Cameron Jordan DL California

2.     Titus Young WR Boise St.

San Diego:

1.     Muhammad Wilkerson DL Temple

2.     Randall Cobb WR Kentuckyy

2. Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech


San Francisco:

1.     Marcel Dareus DL Alabama

2.     Brandon Burton CB Utah


1.     Jake Locker QB Washington

2.     Christian Ballard DL Iowa

Tampa Bay:

1.     Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue

2.     DeAndre McDaniel S Clemson


1.     DaQuan Bowers DE Clemson

2.     Stefen Wisniewski OL Penn St.


1.     JJ Watt DE Wisconsin

2.     Leonard Hankerson WR Miami



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