The Linc - Andy Reid Is Sick Of Losing

Exclusive: Andy Reid is sick of losing too
You’re furious that the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl under Andy Reid and haven’t even won a playoff game the last couple years. You think just winning 10 games and reaching the playoffs almost every year isn’t good enough. You’re weary of seeing parades in Pittsburgh, Green Bay, New Orleans and other NFL cities. Andy Reid understands. Because Andy Reid feels exactly the same way. He really does.

Eagles GM: 'Everything is just projecting' with Kolb's trade value | National Football Post
"Everything is just projecting," Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said when asked about Kolb’s trade value today. "Kevin's a great player. We have a lot of confidence in Kevin, obviously, we gave him the starting job and traded Donovan (McNabb)last year, he's obviously looking forward to being a good starting quarterback, and a lot could happen," Roseman added.

Harbaugh: Castillo will be a head coach - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"Who knows how it's going to go, but Juan's an excellent coach, plus he's surrounded by a veteran staff," Harbaugh said. "Andy recognizes a good coach, plus I think he's always had a lot of respect for Juan ... I think he'll do really well. I'm a supporter of Juan. I think he'll be a head coach in this league someday. I just think he's a special guy."

Vick, Reid to be honored by Maxwell Football Club
There is plenty of brotherly love for Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, who is the winner of the 23rd Annual Earle "Greasy" Neale Award as the National Football League's most outstanding coach. Also feeling the love will be Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, the winner of the 52nd Annual Bert Bell Award as the most outstanding Professional Player of the Year.

NFL chaos would play into Eagles' hand | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/25/2011
If you are an Eagles fan, you might just want to root for at least a little bit of labor chaos - because planning and anticipating is the absolute strength of club president Joe Banner and coach Andy Reid.

Eagles one of the "good teams'' | Eagletarian | 02/24/2011
If there is a lockout next week, most NFL players won’t really take a financial hit until next September when they start missing game checks. With the exception of some roster bonuses that are payable in the next few weeks, and workout bonuses, most won’t lose a cent until a regular-season game is canceled. The same can’t be said of the league’s coaches though. Larry Kennan, the executive director of the NFL Coaches Association, said that 90 to 95 percent of the league’s coaches, including head coaches, have a lockout clause in their contract that could result in lost wages.

ESPN Personalities Have Shilled For A Lot More Than Just Nike: A Video Compilation
An amazing amount of ESPN "reporters" have endorsement deals.

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