High Risk, High Reward.

Ok, as we all know the news broke that Castillo is now our Defensive Coordinator and all I have to say is "FUCK YEAH".

Below are some reason's and what I think we should do to help him.

Sure Castillo hasn't coached Defense in a while, sure he's only been a DC on a high school team and sure he has been our OL coach for 13 years... Buuut he'll work as a DC for us.

Reason #1:

Juan Castillo is a great coach period. Look at what he's done in 13 years here, we've benefited from what he's done with no-name FA's (Jamaal Jackson, etc), we've seen what he's done with 1st rounders (Andrews before he lost it). Make no doubts about it, this man is a very good coach. He pays attention to details, he teaches technique and tenacity. Our Defense was undisciplined at at times pussy-ish last season, Juan will change that, there is no room with him for a player who's doing his own thing, not being sound with his technique and no room for those who aren't willing to hit (aside from Asante, I believe he'll be the only exception). With Juan our young talent will become a disciplined, angry, and aggressive group that nobody will want to face.

Juan works hard, thus his players will want to work hard for him. That trickle effect will be another reason I feel this decision was a very good one.

Reason #2:

Juan has claimed he's always been a defensive coach stuck on the offensive side of the ball. I can see this, look at his understanding of defenses. Looking at film and figuring this stuff out is all fine and dandy, but to look at a defense, comprehend what they're trying to do, being able to know what they're trying to do and then developing a plan for defeating their goals is another. I've always said the best coach an offense is a coach who is defensive minded, and vice versa... Well with Juan we have both, he may be the best DC due to his amount of time on the offensive side of the ball AND being a defensive minded coach!

Reason #3:

He use to HELP JJ with his gameplans. Castillo would look at them, figure out what would work against an offensive line/offensive unit and help JJ adjust it.. Just look at what Frazier said:

"I have a strong affinity for Juan going back to our days spent together in Philadelphia. I can remember Jim Johnson and our defensive staff putting our game plans together and we’d always get together with Juan just to make sure they were sound in terms of pressures and blitzes. Sometimes, I felt like he was on our defensive staff. And to do this day, he and I talk every week during the season to talk about other offenses in the league. That’s how much respect I have for him as a coach and how well he is able to understand the defensive schemes. I’m so excited that’s he’s going to be able to put those ideas to work for himself as the defensive coordinator in Philly. Andy Reid made a great choice."

Wow, we have a man who used to critique and help JJ. He made sure the gameplans were sound in terms of pressures and blitzes. This makes me thing that he knows JJ's defense very well, and that he know's the way JJ thought, and that he knows how to take advantage of all his knowledge of Defense, Offense and OL to formulate a massive attack on opposing Offenses..

Whew, why don't we take a 5 second break before I go into how we help Juan.... 5...4...3...2...1... GO!

Way 1- Simple. Give him lots of talent. We have one of the best DL's(when healthy) in football, 4 very good DT's, Trent Cole and whoever lines up at LDE seem's to be effective, although it wouldn't hurt to get a stud there. Our LB's are suspect however we do have talent there. Our DB's are very good with the exception of RCB... So first off we need to get the best talent we can, Sign VietNnam and sure up that RCB spot for 2-3 years. Somehow, some way get Chad Greenway, whichever OLB position he plays will have no importance because he'll instantly provide an upgrade. 

Way 2- Give him the best position coaches you can. DL? Check.. everything else?? Nope. Go after the absolute best DB coach we can find, overpay him to lure him away from his team and allow him be the one in charge of the only weakness Juan has right now, I don't know how much he knows about DB's but I know his experience with the OL he will know about DL and LB's.... Next go after a top LB coach, IDGAF who, just get the best man for the job.. Give him the best supporting cast (coaching) ever and I don't see how he fails.

Way 3- Don't put him in JJ's shadow like everybody did with McDermott. He's got enough pressure on him as it is.


This is a balls-out move here. Promoting your OL coach to DC when he's had very little experience in that position at any level.. But for a team that's going to be seriously competing for a SB within the next 3 years you have to make balls-out moves in order to be successful. Like I said High Risk, High Reward.


And for those of you questioning this.. Remember that the best Head Coach the Philadelphia Eagles have ever had just bet his job on this move.

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