My theory on the Juan Castillo hiring.

If I'm not mistaken, Juan Castillo has been with Reid and JJ since the beginning.  My theory goes a little something like this . . .

When Reid fired McDermott, Juan Castillo mentioned to Reid that he (JC) could handle the defensive coordinator gig.  Reid intrigued by the prospect, puts it on the backburner, largely for two reasons:


  1. It would be foolish not to do his due diligence and interview a few names that he had in mind when firing McDermott, he brought a few guys in and was extremely unimpressed.  He had never even thought about Juan Castillo as a candidate, but knowing his knowledge and work ethic is extremely intrigued. Recent rumors of Juan being a candidate for the Cleveland OC job also gave Andy a vision of life without JC.  A vision that he did not like.
  2. Knowing that there would be a plethora of rookie Offensive Lineman coming in, having Juan work with them was to important.  If JC is to move to DC, then someone of his caliber must be brought in to replace him.

Scratching his head, he thinks about who his ideal replacement would be for JC to work with the incoming rookies.  He even consults JC on this, and the name Howard Mudd comes up.  The two agree that he would be an extremely valuable asset to the team and a phone call is placed.

Meanwhile, in anytown USA, Howard Mudd gets a phone call from Reid asking what the prospects would be of his return to the league.  After conversating on the subject, Reid is not convinced that Mudd will return.  Reid scratches himself and sits down to a cheesesteak from Tony Luke's to think about his next move.

In the mean time, Mudd explains the phone call to his family and says he would be lying if he wasn't intrigued by the offer.  His wife, not enjoying his constant presence in the house since his retirement, subtly nudges him towards considering the offer.

Reid, again doing his due diligence, continues to think of candidates and awaits the conclusion of the Super Bowl to bring in some new names.

Back at Mudd's house, he sees the headlines of the Eagles' interest in several Super Bowl coaches, and knows he must act now or risk losing the offer.  If an outside hire is made, he knows that Juan Castillo's job is beyond safe as the Philadelphia OL coach.

A phone call is placed to Reid. Reid, now ecstatic that his plan can become a reality, approaches Juan Castillo and confirms that he is game.  JC says "Let's do this."

The hiring is made as soon as Howard Mudd signs on with the team.  Mission Accomplished.

This story will emerge . . . you heard it here first.


Reid made the point a few times that this was basically a two for one deal. That unless he could get a top guy like Howard Mudd to replace Castillo, he probably wouldn't have made the move.

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