WarGeist's take on Kevin Kolb and his value, free agency and the draft.

Ok, this is my first fan post on this board. Shit on it, agree, disagree, give constructive criticism on it, I don't really mind. Just take the time to read it in its entirety before commenting.

Alright, anyway, there has been a lot of things going on recently. I'm not going to make things short and sweet for you because that is a waste of a fan post and things like that normally belong in fanshots and whatnot. Now lets get to the point(s).

On Kevin Kolb:

I'm not particularly sure why a lot of Eagles fans believe Kolb is worth a premium player/pick. I really don't. I personally see Kevin Kolb getting us a 2nd rounder and a 3rd or 4th rounder, more likely a 4th. Not a top 10 pick or a 1st and 2nd rounder. I know a lot of people wanna ship him off to Arizona, Minnesota, SF, wherever, so that we can obtain an earlier pick. I would love nothing more than for the Eagles to make me eat these words. I would definitely not be against us getting premium picks for Kolb, I just do not see it happening. Also, for the record, I would just like to say I'm not a Kolb fanboy. I'm just stating my opinion of the guy.

I have liked what I've seen from Kolb for the most part and I do believe he will start somewhere in the NFL, it just will not be for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. For Kolb to come in once Vick got hurt and put up 300+ yards on Atlanta and 3 TD's definitely couldn't have hurt his stock. A lot of other people on this board, I've realized, knitpick at certain games he's played. I.E. The Baltimore game, the Dallas game in week 17 of the 2010 season and no one credits him on the game he played against the Chiefs last year when Mcnabb went down.

Ok, yeah the Chiefs game, their secondary was by no means good, but he still put up good numbers and a win is a win, regardless of who you're playing. The New Orleans game wasn't any fun for any of us but Kolb put up 391 yards  and 2 TD's with 3 INTS. The 3 interceptions, yeah, it's a stat thats ugly as sin for one game, but the New Orleans defense was 3rd in racking up interceptions last year. For a back up, that game was well played by Kolb.

The Baltimore game, while I discredit it only because I don't like to think about it, yeah, it happened. McNabb got benched for doing terribly and Kolb stepped in and did terribly and we lost 36 to 7. It happened but thats no reason to say Kolb is garbage or Kolb is bad and isn't worth anything now.

Another game that people use to put Kolb's value well below what it really is, is the Dallas game, Week 17. A lot of people go, "Wow, he threw one touchdown and 3 picks. He sucks." Look at it this way, our offensive starters on the line are way better on the left than the right. Should you take that entire line away and put all the back ups in, like we did, and Dallas doesn't rest their starting defense, I'm sure you would throw 3 if not, more picks. 5 sacks given up by the Eagles second string OL on the day to the starting Dallas D. I know DeMarcus Ware was a happy camper that day. The Dallas D applied pressure all day because lets face it, yeah, your back ups should be solid and everything, but their first start as a unit against another already starting, more experienced wasn't going to be a gift wrapped win and it showed through Kolb. I think Kolb showed more poise to keep playing regardless of how the game was going and I think it earned him more respect amongst players. I know I would be in a shitty mood and not wanting to play if I was a QB throwing multiple interceptions because my OL isn't giving me enough time or protection.

What I'm saying here, if you haven't figured it out already, is I believe Kolb is a solid NFL QB who can start. I think he's worth something and I'm sure we'll get his actual worth rather than a lot of these pipe dreams I keep reading about on the board.

Now, on to the next point, FA.

On Free Agency:

I'm only going to list the immediate and optional needs through FA and the best people to fit them. I don't think linebacker is a significant need if we just switched out LB personnel around and got rid of Ernie Sims, although I would love for us to go out and sign Chad Greenway. I think we're just going to keep the LB's where they're at and figure out who fits where after the draft and during OTA's/mini camps and training camp.

There really are plenty of options at each of these positions should the CBA get reached. We've got the cap room to make a significant splash and right now it's only a matter of time until we're finally able to do it. Lets say a CBA has just been reached, these are the moves I feel we could benefit from for sure. I'll be listing multiple players at each position I believe could help the Eagles immediately.

Ok, position one, CB. Yeah, there's a bit of a battle going on between people saying CB is our biggest need and people saying RG/RT is our biggest need. The way I see it, we had a decent offense with an inexperienced C and right side of the OL. The problem was that our RCB, whether it was Dmitri Patterson or Ellis Hobbs continuously gave up big plays, also, our red zone defense could not stop a baby.

Top Candidate for RCB would be:

Obviously, Nnamdi Asomugha, Oakland Raiders. The man is solid in run support and shuts down half of the field. Asante shuts down one half of the field. These men should be on the same field together, shutting the pass game down. Having this tandem would significantly boost our defense. QB's already tend to look away from Asante's side. If we added Nnamdi, where would they look? Yes, of course, there are the over the middle Tight End/ Slot Receiver's but I think Chaney or even Kenan Clayton could handle the tight end. Especially Clayton since he's faster and has a build of a LB/Safety hybrid. Then you slide out someone like Patterson to cover the slot and I feel like our pass defense, coverage wise, would be phenomenal then, even if the pass rush isn't great. With Washburn here, however, I feel it will be great.

Honorable mentions:

Jonathan Joseph, Cincinnati Bengals. JJ is a solid CB and he's young. Should we miss out on Asomugha, I would not mind him starting opposite Asante in the least.

Another would be Brent Grimes, Atlanta Falcons. I do believe, though, that he is a RFA. He led the Falcons in interceptions with 5 and he's a solid tackler. The only thing I see wrong with him is that yeah, he led the Falcons in INT's but he didn't play many good QBs. I dont want to call his season a dud because of a soft schedule. 5 INT's is 5 INT's. I just hope its due to skill more than the weakness of the schedule.

The least notable and least wanted by me, but I still would be satisfied with, yet not ecstatic, would be Richard Marshall, Carolina Panthers. Yeah, I know, a lot of you say the guy's been burned in coverage, but he's also made plays and is another solid defensive back in run support. I really don't see us missing on Nnamdi though, unless he absolutely does not want to leave the Raiders organization, but if we do, I wouldn't be totally unhappy with these guys coming to us.

Postion(s) no. 2 RG/RT:

Now that Logan Mankins has been franchised again, I'm going to go with the two nastiest linemen in Georgia, Tyson Clabo and/or Harvey Dahl. These guys play the game with anger and give that push our offensive line needs. I know it would be a stretch for us to go out, sign someone like Nnamdi and then take not only one, but two of quite possibly the best free agent linemen in the league. Let's just say we do for the sake of making the team great. I think adding either of these guys would throw our team in the right direction. These guys are tough, solid in blocking for both pass and the run. With these guys, I think Shady would have an excellent season. It became obvious that if we were to run, we would do it behind Peters and Herremans. Yeah, the first Cowboys and Giants games we played, when it was crunch time and we had to run out the clock, we definitely made it happen on the left side then teams caught wind of it. Should we add these guys on our right, teams would have to be on their toes more often for the change up in run direction and I think if we had these guys, our HB counters would be ridiculous.

Honorable Mention:

Doug Free, Tackle from the Dallas Cowboys. He's more of a pass blocking guy but he's quick. I'm only giving him the honorable mention because I've read the article on the front page of BGN on him a few days ago and I can agree with his athleticism and think he could fit the Eagles blocking scheme very well.

Davin Joseph, Guard from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He's a great run blocker and solid in pass protection. He fractured his foot in November but should the Bucs not resign him, I think we could and should take a chance on him if given the chance with no one left.

Position 3, LB(Optional):

Ok, some people don't see Stewart Bradley in an Eagles jersey next season. I do, just not at middle linebacker. I think he moves to SAM. It'll be either him or Kenan Clayton should he end up getting reps with the starting D. He's the better pass rushing linebackers of our starting three, in my opinion. Clayton is a better coverage player, with his speed. He-Bradley-is a tough player, though injury prone. I think we keep Chaney in the middle, for sure. I hope Clayton makes the jump and becomes our SAM. He's a good player and has safety speed at the LB position making him a rare commodity. I would like to see that happen then bring in a linebacker like Chad Greenway at WILL..

If not Greenway, move Chaney to WILL and bring in Barret Ruud from tampa bay and place him at MIKE. I don't see our FO pursuing a linebacker, though. I think more changes at the LB position will be addressed from within and moving each guy around to see where they're strongest.

Position 4, Strong Safety(If Q leaves):

Hopefully, thats not the case. I like Q as our SS. However, should it happen, we could either address it immediately in FA should there be one, or go in the draft looking for one(I've listed my safety/Q replacement pick for the draft below). Now there are only two real options at Strong Safety in FA, neither are attractive. Our other two options, are slightly more attractive but require a little more work.

Dawan Landry from Baltimore. He's been burned over the top quite a few, but he's a solid tackler and good against the run and has made some, although not many, plays in the passing game. The ravens stand to lose Landry, Nakamura and Zbikowski from their depth chart this offseason. I'd prefer the proven starter over the two back ups but I would also prefer we keep Q.

Candidate no. 2, Bernard Pollard. Fuck. Hey, at least he's disgusting against the run and can knock someone into another dimension. I just wish the guy could cover. Granted, this season wasn't all his fault. Houston's secondary was FUBAR and it was a collective effort of failure. Please, Eagle's FO, retain Q so we don't have to make this decision.

Ok, OR we could take someone like OJ Atogwe and convert him to strong safety. Thats sort of a stretch because he doesn't have the size of your typical strong safety(thus the reason why he is a free safety) but he is a good overall football player. He can handle the run, make tackles and is solid in coverage. I think if he added a few pounds, he could certainly make the transition.

Now, this last option is more of a "why not?" option. I know a lot of people are talking about Bob Sanders. Don't dismiss me just on bringing up his name. We could sign the guy for dirt cheap with incentives on a 1 year deal. I think that would be the only option he has with the other 31 teams in the NFL. He would have to take it and prove himself. If he cant prove himself and stay healthy, we won't have invested a ton of money in the guy.

Now, on to the draft:

Let's say a CBA doesn't get reached before the draft, which is more than likely, what do you see the Eagle's doing?

Personally, I think-along with a lot of other people- we go offensive line in the first. I think that at 23rd overall, we select either Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin or Anthony Costanzo from Boston College and play both of them at Guard. I think moving them to guard would be the better choice because neither of them are great at handling the edge rush, especially Costanzo. I feel Carimi would be the better pick at this point though because he's the better blocker, IMO. Carimi also plays with the same kind of nastiness that Clabo and Dahl play with. If a CBA isn't reached and we can't sign one of those guys, providing Atlanta even gives them the chance to test the waters, I like Carimi as our first pick.

Also, I'm not really sure on most linemen past the first round. I'm more interested in skill guys who can contribute who we could draft in the second/third/fourth rounds. I think if our team has no interest in resigning Q, I feel like the best option in the draft for us at safety would be Robert Sands from West Virginia. He's a relentless player, wont give up on plays, makes plays on the ball and tackles like there is no tomorrow. I like the guy and I see him falling to late second early third. I could be totally wrong though. After the first round, I'm really not sure as to how the Eagles will draft, although I wouldn't be totally surprised if we drafted OL in the first two.

Whats BGN's take on the Eagles draft plans past the first as well as thoughts on FA other than blowing your loads about Nnamdi? What players do you like at 23rd overall? Who do you think the sleepers are?

Well thats it for my first fan post.  

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