What moves I think would make the most sense in the 2010-2011 off-season

As the Eagles season ended with a disappointing loss, where do they go from here? All fingers point to the defensive side of the ball. For the offense it seems to be the O Line and a decent back up running back. I will break this down.




The line backers position is in need of a big upgrade, here are some players followed by an explanation of why I think they would be a good fit.


Manny Lawson San Francisco 49ers- (2010 stats- 59 tkls, 3 sacks)

I like this guy, hes big, fast and aggressive. The Eagles need help at line backer badly, Akeem Jordan hasn't lived up to his potential and Ernie Sims needs to prove he is worth being on the team for the 2011 season.


Chad Greenway Minnesota Vikings- (2010 stats- 145 tkls, 1 sack)

This guy would bring leadership to a young eagles defense if he is signed. He is always around the ball and is a good wrap up tackler. He was the only bright side of the vikings injury prone defense.


Nnamdi Asomugha Oakland Raiders- speaks for himself. If hes available go get him.


Bob Sanders Indianapolis Colts


Yes I know he has been often injured, but if the Eagles can sign him for cheap I would take a chance at him. He is a ball hawk and will make plays. He would bring leadership to the team also. This is all riding on the eagles resigning Quintin Mikell. I look for the team to look at Atogwe too.




At running back I could see the team pursuing a up the middle back up. We need a pounder. I love Shady's toughness, not quite sure if he has the build to handle 20 carries a game though. We need to focus on the run game alittle more though. Joseph Addai or Michael Bush would fit great in this role. Both are guys who excel at up the gut style of running.


I could also see the eagles signing another Wide Receiver if Plaxico Burress were to come back in the form he was in before the arrest I would definitely take a shot on him. Steve Breaston would be a nice pick up also he was under looked because of Arizona's horrific passing attack. There are many receivers who if they hit the market I wouldn't mind seeing because the more options Vick has the healthier he will be. The Eagles would be a more dangerous team to with more weapons.



This is all depending on how the team handles their free agents of their own. This is what I could see happening so I hope people comment on this and add what they would hope the eagles would do. Enjoy.

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