RBE is back, and with a little post for the draftniks

Hey guys, some of you might not know me, I was pretty active here for a while but then my laptop died and I didn't have a comp for the entirety of the regular season. I still checked out the site whenever I got access to a comp. Anyways...

For my first post I was going to make one called "The All-In Offseason" where I was basically going to say that the rebuild is done, it's time to pull out all the stops in the offseason to take this young team over the hump. Kind of like the Jets did last offseason. This meant trading Kolb, Bringing in some top FA's, and making sure we had an impactful draft. My premise was that with Vick we have a short window here to make a real run at this thing, and its time to stop leaving weaknesses on the field like we did in past years (over the years: no RCB, no FB, no returner, no WR's, etc.) However I realized that this offseason is screwed, the CBA negotiations pretty much discouraged me from writing that post. So instead I've been focusing on the draft, scouting defensive players since I don't watch much college football.... so instead my first post back is going to be about something that will actually happen this offseason, bringing in some more young building blocks.

My first year really getting into the draft was a few years ago when all of us eagles fans were obsessed with getting a WR. I became obsessed with this little quickster named Desean Jackson. I mean, even Jerry Rice was talking him up! Anyone who would listen to me had to hear about how this kid was hall-of-fame bound. So watching him plummet to us, us trading down and picking Laws ahead of him, then getting my boy in the end pretty much turned me into a draft nut. The next year it was this highly underrated RB named McCoy, who I wanted to take in the first round. Another fun year for me. Then last year I focused on defense, I loved the Safety class in general, but there was one pass rusher who stood out and I loved... Graham. I thought we gave up way too much to go get Earl Thomas, and I was pretty inconsolable when it appeared he was our pick. I was so happy to get Graham. Three straight years, three straight drafts that left me feeling giddy.

This year, I've already picked my personal gem... Robert Quinn (beast DE) Reasons: 1) He will fall in this draft for missing last year. Why you ask? Injury? Head-case? Nope, dealings with an agent... forgivable and not a hindrance to his NFL abilities. 2) Graham is not going to be any good next year. He relies on quickness and burst, he tore his ACL late in the year, use him sparingly and don't count on him. We need to get after the passer, I'm so sick of watching QB's with all day back there. 3) Before his suspension, he was considered a sure-fire top pick, likely top 5, definitely top 10. He could fall out of the top 10.

2 DE's in the first round in consecutive years? Consider this: How much longer is T-Cole going to be able to sustain his style of play? 3 years? 4 years? Who knows, but it will be better for him if we reduce his snaps a little. What if Graham recovers for the following season, won't 3 top DE's be too many? Hell NO! Rotate them, slide Quinn in to DT on passing situation, use one of em as a joker or LB in certain packages... its a good problem to have.

So here's what made me write this fanpost... I don't watch college football, I'm Canadian (nor do I watch the CFL, I'm Canadian.) Some of you do, and even if you don't, I'd like the input from the BGN boys on this draft.... and here's how:

The Eagles have the following pick in the first round, by trading up or down... who do you take of the guys who can realistically be there:

Pick #4

Pick #10





Also your thoughts on the guys you chose, what you think of Quinn, and any other knowledge you can drop would be a good read for the ol' RBE.

Thanks in advance

and here's mine

#4) Patrick Peterson

#10) Quinn

#18) Akeem Ayers (LB)

#24) Brandon Harris (CB)

#32) Jimmy Smith (CB)

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