My Dream scenerio.

Now in this post I'm going to assume we have a CBA. So keep up.

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about the OL and the Defense and how we can fix them plus give Castillo enough talent to help offset his inexperience. So here we go.


Step 1: Trade Kolb. We package him, Avant, and a 4th and trade him to the Vikings for the #12.. Why would I throw one of my favorite players (Avant) on the team in with this trade? because I'm thinking like the Eagles, no emotional ties, just business, I believe Avant peaked last year, he had a very good Playoff game, strike while the iron is hot and get a higher pick plus keeping him with Kolb.

This gives us the #12, #23 and #54 and whatever else we have beyond that.

Step 2: Sign Chad Greenway and VietNnam. At this point we need to be going balls out, we're literally a solid-good defense away from being in the Super Bowl, it's time to get us over the top. They need to make this happen.

Step 3: Draft... I'll try to keep it good organized so I apologize if it's off a bit.

#12: Down in this area I see Prince, Cam Newton and Kerrigan.. However I think we'll use this pick to surprise the world. We take Cam Newton. He's big, he's accurate (when his mechanics are proper) and he's very mobile. With Vick getting older we need a future QB, and honestly I see this guy as it. Blast me, don't blast me it's what I feel will happen... I feel like this is a good pick because although he's got some issues I think Vick and the Eagles locker room can set him straight, have him learn from Vick the film process and everything, and let him learn the mechanics for a year or two. This eases the transition from Vick to the next QB because of their mobility and arm strength (also saw where he's thrown the ball 70 yards from release to catch).

#23: I think we'll take Nate Soldier at this point. He's a former TE like another one of our OT's (cough Peters cough) and I think his athleticism will help sure up that RT spot, allowing Justice to be the swing backup OT. This is far from an instant upgrade in my opinion, I think we give Justice the opportunity to fight for his job. I like him over Carimi because he's much more athletic and fits the system a little better.

#54: We take Rodney Hudson our of FSU. He's actually my favorite OLman in this draft. I feel like he'll end up having the best career and he instantly improves our RG position. With Mudd I think we'll end up having another Probowler at RG.  And the best part is that he's a very good run blocker and strong enough to hold back big DT's and Nose Guards. It's almost a perfect fit.

#85: Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU. Honestly I like McGlynn a lot, he as mean as they come but Kirkpatrick is the highest rated C from what I've read and if he's there I think we should go ahead and take him, because Jamaal isn't coming back (from what I believe) and I think we need a good backup to McGlynn for if he gets hurt.

#103: Randal Cobb, WR/QB/Everything, from Kentucky. This kid was the UK offense. He was a QB coming into college, played it speratically (and pretty well) throughout his years there. He's a good PR and KR, and he's a damn good WR. He's the Wes Welker type. And with the Avant trade I had above he fills in there.


So let me know what you think.

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