Time to drink the koolaid

So another wonderful, rumor filled offseason is upon us and what's the first thing to do? Declare the cowboys superbowl champions of course! has already seemed to have done so...

To be frank, this happens every year, and thanks to Jerry Jones otherworldly GM skills we never, ever see it. Yes I know that most of this is speculation by analysts to appease the majority of NFL fans (see pic)Yankeeboy_medium


Now this happens every single year. Why should I care? Well here's why...

THE COWBOYS ARE SOOOOOOO BAD IN CERTAIN PLACES IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Seriously. Mike Jenkins, Terrence Newman, Doug Free, Alan Ball, etc. Their O-line is awful. Their secondary is awful. Keith Brooking is a starting ILB, still. (I know he used to be a good atlanta) I can get stats too. Heck I can get you replays.

I know they have some playmakers not named Dez but seriously enough with the talent argument. THEY HAVE GAPING HOLES. That's not talented. It's the exact opposite of talented. It's talent deficient. And every year I'm told they are gonna win it all, or take back the NFC east, but I'm sorry. No. That's not going to happen. I honestly think the redskins could win this division quicker. The Giants, while a bit of choke artists (see miracle at the meadowlands part II) are still deep and draft well. I expect them to push for the division.

And our eagles? Hmm? Could they be any good? (Cross your fingers when it comes to the defense) All I see is youth, youth and Mike Vick. If you can fix the defense, this team could push for the superbowl. Honestly I couldn't help but think we would have beaten Atlanta and Chicago if we were to win the Packers game (I know, shoulda woulda coulda) and thats with our worst defense it years. Think about it. Desean is 4 years in, Mac and Shady are 3 years. Celek is young and hopefully will be a factor this year. We even have running back depth for once (see Jerome Harrison, I'm looking at you Andy, give him some snaps) The offense is a decent O-line from being as complete as you can have. 


Oh wait I forgot, my magic 8 ball is saying Cowboys to the superbowl. Again. So is this guy.

cowboys super bowl bound (via rowlandsd1)

Man this guys brilliant!

(As much as I like to make fun of these youtube posts the Dr. Phil looking Aaron Rodgers Rock and Roll guy we started the season off was kinda right. fml)

Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll - By Eddy J Lemberger (via eddyjent)

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