Success in 480 combinations.

There are five positions we will need to improve by next year.Here is a guide to potential starters for next year.


1.Backup Quarterback:

If you believe Micheal Vick will play 16 games next year,clap your hands.If you believe Kevin Kolb is gonna wear Midnight Green next year,clap your hands.If you didn't clap your hands for question 2, clap your hands if you believe Mike Kafka will make a great backup.If you didn't clap your hands to at least one of these questions,you'll understand.

1.Seneca Wallace:Wherever he goes,people say Seneca Who?Whenever the starter gets injured or just sucks,Seneca shows off his mobility in and out of the pocket and unlike 99.987654321 percent of backup quarterbacks,he is not a pick machine.This guy is easily the best backup in the market.

2.Matt Hasselback:Underdogs,you play the third ranked pass defense in the game,four interceptions is in the forecast.Guess what?He says fuck you to his critics. He throws four touchdown passes.He is a proven backup Quarterback,but there's one thing that scares me about him.When he is given time,he is beast.But under pressure,he's about to get murdered by a bus.Unforunately our,O-line is cardboard.

3.Troy Smith:His scrambling ability and some strengths in the passing game made people think he is a lost Micheal Vick.I call that an insult,but with crappy wideouts,he still showed some success.With Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson,he may have even greater sucsess.He is not a heavy pick robot,too.

4.Rex Grossman:With one of the worst wideouts in the game,in 5.5 games,he has a 55% comp 7TDs,4INTs.If not for  14 drops,he would have 9TD passes and only 3INT's with a 60%comp.Watching him living near DC,he has impressed me a lot.Problem is,he can't hold on to the ball,often gets blindsided by an 18 wheeler and is terrible under pressure.

2.Right Tackle:

If Winston Justice and Queen Dunlap are our future at RT,lets just say the dogs Micheal Vick killed will get revenge.Enough said,eh?

1,Tyson Clabo:Why did Micheal Turner's bus go vroom-vroom last season?Why can Matt Ryan be called Matty Ice?This guy shall be your guru.Tyson Clabo makes an average offensive line good.The problem is,resigning Clabo is Atlanta's number one priority.Also,can he make the right switch to RT?

2.Gabe Carimi:I usually don't give a rat's shit about what Mike Maycock say's but this is what I heard:

"He's lke a John Runyan,he's got a bit of nasty to him."

Do you think that's a good prediction about him?Wisconsin is a powerhouse for tackles.Who was the last Tackle for Wisconsin?Joe Thomas.For those who think he is overated,tell me why.

3.Nate Solder:He's not as good as Carimi,but ,being a former tight end,he has a lot of agility and is great at setting his feet.This can help deeply because if he is drafted by us,he will have an edge on the top LE's in the league.

Right Guard:

1.Mike Pouncey:He is the twin brother of star Maurkice Pouncey,and he too is the star guard in his class.Yes,he technically is a center,but he sucks at that position,he is better suited at RG,no question.He just has one tendency that holds him back.He is a bit of a false starter,but that's his only problem.

2.Carl Nicks:"I'm going to mother fucking Disneyland!"Why did he say that quote in 2009?Because of  him and Some other great O-lineman,Drew Brees could stay upright and even with no stud RB,they were still the number 6 rushing team in football.Even with injuries to Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush,the Saints still had success  rushing his way. With Logan Mankins likely to be franchised,Carl Nicks is easily the best guard in free agency in case he does.

3.Davin Joseph:I've heard a couple of people praise him on this website and I understand why.In 2010 Davin Joseph,spent most of his Sundays giving ten feet hallways for Legarette Blount.Josh Freeman only threw 6 INT's because he wasn't under pressure a lot.Problem is,his potiental pro bowl season ended with a foot fracture.Will this affect his mobility and setting his feet?If he can recover succsessfully,trust me,he will have a better year.

4.Harvey Dahl:I'm so sorry to Harvey Dahl lovers if I said Tyson Clabo was the only reason the Atlanta offensive line is great.Ask opposing DT's whether Dahl brings nastiness to Atlantas offensive line.Most of them will say Dahl brings EXTRA nastiness to their offensive line.He is actually a better pass blocker than Tyson Clabo,though Clabo is the better run blocker.


1.Chad Greenway:After a tough start to his career with an ACL injury in 2006,Greenway has gotten better year after year until breaking out completely this year,while most other Viking defenseman,like the great Jared Allen,has regressed.He is easily the best 4-3 outside linebacker in the NFL and we hold that type of defens.

2.Akeem Ayers:There is no other impact outside linebacker as Akeem Ayers.In a memorable 2009 season,he had 14 tackles for loss,4 picks and an amazing 3 touchdowns.This guy has a potiental to be a touchdown machine in the NFL.We likely will have to trade up to get him in the draft,but it's worth it.

Right side Cornerback:

1.Nnamdi Asomugha:

"If Darelle Revis has an island,Nnamdi Asomugha has a continent"

 Enough said.

2.Brent Grimes:A native of Philadelphia,in 2010,Grimes recorded 23 passes deflected(Tops in the NFL) and five interceptions and made the Pro Bowl because Charles Woodson went to the Super Bowl.If you you didn't see the Pro Bowl,Grimes recorded an INT and pretty much shut down Brandon Lloyd.If Nnamdi Asomugha doesn't come to Philly,consider Grimes as an-almost-as-good consolation prize.

3.Prince Amukamara:Other than Patrick Peterson,Amukamara is the best shutdown corner on the big board.He's big,aggresive,great against the run and has brilliant instincts is what I heard from scouts and what I saw from him.Like Darelle Revis,Joe Haden,Devin McCourty and Nnamdi Asomugha,Amukamara has the potiental to be a shutdown corner from day one.

4.Jonathan Joseph:In 2009 he was easily one of the best corners in football.But as 2010 came by,everyone went south for the Bengals,including Joseph.The Bengals are expected to franchise him,so I don't think he's coming here anytime soon.

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