BGN's AP Awards

While I might not be the most qualified person to be giving out awards on BGN, I'm doing so anyways. I feel we need a break from the Reidtards and Off-season "wishlists," a break from the Eagles and more of BGN. We found out today the Polamalu won the Defensive Player of the Year award for the second time. While he might have less deserving of the title this year than others, he was humble enough to admit it. Here's the link...

Now without further ado, the awards!

Offensive player of the year for 2011 is.....


His fan-posts "enlighten" the multitudes at BGN and are almost always on the Recommended Fan-posts section, with the occasional front-page appearances. He could be the second coming of the infamous ByeDawk :(. His latest work is based on the recent surge of Reidtards on this site ( Here are some of my personal favorite fanposts:

The DefenseThe best hire since JJ

Honorable mentions: JimmyK, Joe_D, EvilBanner

Defensive player of the year for 2011 is...


Yes, Wild_Eagle's infamous reputation did help him get this award. But he shows that he walks the talk that he serves...with his keyboard. Wild_Eagle protects the motherland (BGN) from the evils of noobs, douche-bags, and other assholes. Although he may be crude and unnecessary, all great defenders draws the yellow flag from time to time.

Brian Dawkins Suplex (via geauxlsu16)

Hell he even has a tritube for being such a hard hitting defender of this blog. GreenInBaltimore provided some of the best quotes but here is a new one.  VIEWER WARNING!


Oh my fucking god dude

I know I threaten alot of people on here, but if I ever… and if I mean EVER.. meet you face to face I’ll fucking hurt you so bad no doctor will be able to repair the damage I bestow upon your face…

Fuck you… Don’t fucking wish cancer on people you little fucking prick, I’ve had the I was closest with die of brain cancer when I was 8 years old, my aunt and grandmother have had cancerous pallups taken out of their colons, EVER generation of my family has had somebody with cancer or somebody die from it… FUCK YOU you little piece of shit, I swear to fucking god I hope I never meet you because I’ll end up in jail…

It must me nice to act like a little fucking prick all the time.. Fuck you Mike.

thats Cobb on Kolb crime if you ask me... as said by yophillybro

"I'm trading Kolb to Buffalo for Cribbs"- the brilliant Trade Kolb


by wild_eagle on Jan 31, 2011 11:09 AM PST up reply actions  


Brash but necessary, nuff said.

Honorable Mentions: DickMuffin, and those who help out J-man that don't know his history from n00bs.

Most Valuable Player of 2011...

Jimmy and JasonB!

Yes, I'm going Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner on you guys. Without these two, our site would be a mess. They always keep us updated on current and correct news and tease us every once and a while by joining in on the messages.

Honorable mentions: Bob_Q

Comeback Player of the Year....

TommyLawlor, GreenInBaltimore, and DeSean10

Yes one step beyond Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner! It was just to close. TommyLawlor has come to BGN after shitty luck with IB has joined us (hopefully for good). He, along with JimmyK, JasonB, and BobbyQ write up informative posts that are almost always on the front page. GreenInBaltimore had disappeared since promoting the latest BGN Bowl. He was known for having really good numbers in his posts and has started his comeback with a satire of our DPOY Wild_Eagle: Here are some of my favs from him: ThankYou, 2010 Philadelphia EaglesBy the NumbersThe QB Trade Game

DeSean10 was up and coming like his counterpart d-jackfan10 with amazing posts until, one day they stooped :(. Idk what happened but I don't remember the last post from DeSean10, sigh such talent wasted...jk. HE has shown up in some threads. But he did write up some good ones like The Browns stole our pick! I wonder who's better d-jackfan10 or DeSean10 in his prime...?

Honorable Mentions: Udalango, JIBTA, Whoodie (If he actually came back..)

Offensive Rookie of the Year goes to....


Because he is a rational new comer...

Defensive Rookie of the Year goes to...


While I disagree with him 100% on his first post Death by Ineptitude. I respect his defense of his highly controversial post. He is constantly on the defense and showed that he deserves DROY.

I hoped you enjoyed. The time is yours...Agree, Disagree, and tell me some of the biggest snubs of my post.



Edit Note: Shout-out to Route36 who technically had the idea first last year. So I guess that makes me copycat/Bill Belichick of the year



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