Realistic offseason mock

I know there have been endless fanposts about our offseason and mock drafts but a lot of them are far fetched and fantasies. I decided to take a shot at it and although less appealing than some others, hopefully more realistic.

DC: Juan Castillo is demoted to a defensive assistant role. No longer in charge of any specific unit on d, but big red doesn't have the heart to fire him out right.

We desperately try to pry perry fewell away from the Gmen but are unable to. We turn to the slightly less known name and sign Dean Pees, current lb coach in Baltimore and dc in new England.

This is the smartest move on our behalf. This guy knows tough hard nosed defense. He's an ace when it comes to getting the most out of your linebackers and he's in the very least a monumental upgrade over Juan.

I believe the rest of our coaching staff will largely stay in tact with mudd staying at least one more year and washburn happy to have a legitimate dc.

Free agency and the draft after the jump..

I personally believe this free agency will be chalk full of quality talent at most positions. No, there will be no nnamdi type players. ( Brees or manning will not hit the market) however, I do think there will be players we will target to fill some needs.

Release/don't resign: Vince Young, Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, Desean Jackson, Juqua Parker

Resigned: Evan Mathis 4 yr. King Dunlap 2 yr, Trevor Laws 1 yr, Darryl Tapp 2 yr

Extension: Shady McCoy 6 yr big money deal.

Traded: Asante Samuel to Miami for a 2012 3rd round pick.

Free Agency: With the loss of desean Jackson the eagles set their sights on a replacement for the playmaking wide out. Luckily, this class has enough wr to fill our void. My hope is that we make a splash day one and ink wr Dwayne Bowe 5 yr deal. If that doesn't work there are plenty other options. Steve Johnson,Reggie Wayne, colston, meachem, Manningham..Perhaps we don't land bowe and decide to replace one Jackson with another. Vincent Jackson would be my second choice.

I wouldn't be surprised if we made a play for a tight end as well. Shiancoe, Finley, Olsen, Fred Davis are all options.

If Curtis loften hits te market ( I really don't think he will) then watch out for the eagles making a play. Some lower profile lbs could be crowder, Hawthorne, fletcher (aging)

Now we get to the interesting point. Aside from bowe or vinny Jackson the free agent I most want would be laron Landry. Now is he an elite player? No. But he is what we need. He is fast he is big and he loves to hit. We need some of that on this defense. We've missed that since Dawkins and trot left. If wr can't land Landry, Michael griffin from ten, Brandon meriweather, Craig steltz or Reggie Nelson would all upgrade our safeties.

First round: We move back from 6-12 by trading our first pick to Seattle for their first and 4th. With the 6th pick the Seahawks select RG3, thus preventing the redskins from landing the talented signal caller.

With the 12th overall pick in the nfl draft the eagles select Manti Teo, lb, notre dame

Round 2: With the eagles second pick, 6th in the second round we select Tj Macdonald, S, USC.

With the 11th pick in the second round (Ari) this is where I'm torn. I'm torn between two players who should be available at this point. Do we go with CB Stephen Gilmore or WR Mohamed Sanu. My hope here is that we have already landed a WR in free agency and we go with Stephen Gilmore from South Carolina.

Round 3: Heading into the third round we have another two early picks thanks to our trade with Miami. With the pick ffor Miami we select Kendall Reyes, DT, Connecticut. This gives us another impact player for Washburn to play with.

With our second 3rd rounder we draft Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami.

I won't go any further into the rounds but feel free to comment and mention anything that could be changed. Thanks fellas, Fly Eagles Fly.

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