How Our Draft Could Play Out-QBs

For the purpose of this article I'm going to assume we end up with 8th pick the draft. Read my thoughts on what might happen with key positions we need during the draft. I am going to break my article in parts so it does not become cumbersome to read. I will start with QB and move on accordingly.

While QB is not our most glaring need, the QB depth in this year's draft is too tempting to pass up on. That being said, Vick is getting old and he takes a lot of hits. Vick is also injury prone so we need to prepare should the worst should happen. I'm not knocking on Vick but the fact is he is probably going to last a couple more years in the NFL. We should start developing a QB now in case he gets injured so someone can step in OR develop a franchise QB that becomes the face of the Eagles. Think Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees etc.

Quarterback Possibilities:

1.) Andrew Luck- He is considered the holy grail of the draft. However if the Eagles were to get him they would most likely have to give up a king's ransom to get him. Archie Manning has stated that Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning can't stay on the same team together because both are very good QBs. Now Archie Manning is not on the Colts front office at all but it got me thinking. Do the Colts need to draft a QB with the 1st overall pick? They could trade their 1st overall pick for a boatload of draft picks. The Colts have more issues than QB and they would be wise to trade their 1st overall pick. I'm not saying the Eagles should give up half their draft to get him but the possibility is there

2.) Matt Barkley- I believe he is considered the 2nd best QB in the draft. He is a terrific pocket passer with great arm strength. In some respects he is a QB built in the prototype of Tom Brady and Payton Manning. His downside is that he is not really mobile and he is from USC. Nothing against USC, but out of the QBs that come from USC only Carson Palmer has been ok. Still he is projected to go 5th in the draft and its projected the Redskins might try to get him

3.) Robert Griffin III- A fan favorite around BGN and a Heisman finalist, RGIII reminds me of Vick lite. I don't think he is going to to go in the first round like people are speculating. RGIII is a bit raw and if he runs a lot he could be injury prone due to his slender body type. He also seems to lose track of his receivers as he rolls out of the pocket and does not read plays well. However he is really mobile and throws a beautiful deep ball. He also is more accurate than Vick. He may not come out this year which may be in his best interests. However I'm sure if Andy Reid gets his hands on him he could become potentially a better version of Vick

4.) Russell Wilson- If the Eagles really want to wait on QB they would be wise to pick up Russell Wilson from Wisconsin. He is currently projected to go 4-5 in the draft but he in my opinion is an underrated QB. At one time he was a Heisman candidate but I believe he can be developed into an excellent QB for the Eagles. Wilson is mobile and accurate. He can extend plays as he moves around in the pocket. He may be considered a bit of a project and he won't be a 2nd string QB at first. But with Andy Reid training him I'm sure he can become a good if not great QB.

In all likelihood I don't see the Eagles drafting a QB in the first round unless someone falls to our lap. I'm going against the curve and say we shouldn't draft RGIII unless he falls into the mid-second round. I say we should go for Russell Wilson because he is a good QB that comes later so we can draft our more pressing needs like Safety or LB. However, if someone like Matt Barkley falls into our lap, we should take it.

-I know I have not addressed other QBs like Landry Jones or Brandon Weeden. If you feel like I should have noted them let me know in the comment section

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