What is really going to happen is ....

The Coaches....

The eagles demote juan castillo to defensive line coach


Jim Washburn takes his stupid wide 9 technique and leaves philly... thank god!! Philly fans wait for him in the parking lot to wish him "GOOD LUCK" please take Jason Babin with you!


Howard Mudd Decides to come back for one more season .. but he doesnt promise he will still be alive by training camp .. how old is that guy .. i think Joe Pa and him played together back in the 30s


MOST IMPORTANTlY your eagles head coach will be ..... This guy


There is zero chance he is fired .. Andy will be here as long as Andy wants to be here .. one season is not going to change this .. nor should it .. Andy is a good coach .. perhaps a great coach .. and there are no better alternatives.


the guy who took a decade to win in pittsburgh and didnt win till he got Big Ben... ill pass on him


what about this guy? the guy who was average in oakland .. took tony dungys team who he built to win a superbowl .. and beat his old team in the superbowl .. yea ill pass on that too

I do like tony dungy but hes not coming here ... therefore the only guy i would consider to replace Reid with is ....

This Guy...


If you dont know who he is .. than you should get to know him .. because he is the next great coach in the NFL

But i do not see the Eagles firing Reid for anyone .. so this is Andy's team.. The eagles instead offer him the Defensive coordinator job,, but he has 4 head coaching offers and passes on the eagles offer

The Eagles defensive coordinator is than turned back over to juan castillo..... ok not really but basically the same thing .. the eagles are set to name Mike Zordach as their new defensive coordinator ... but Ownership steps in and stops them .. instead they bring back this guy who was recently fired after his team collapsed and missed the playoffs ..


Atleast we have a viable defensive cooridinator! and Eagles fans begin to shout E A G L ... wait what now ..


Marty mornhinweg has accepted the job as Head coach of the Penn State football program .. God Damn it .. just when all the coaches were set .. now what to do ... Andy considers making Juan Castillo the Offensive coordinator but eventually settles on ...


One of the hottest names in the game .. he is looking to move up from his current role as a QB coach .. but I don't see him landing a head coaching job just yet .. instead he takes the Jason Garret route and comes here as O Coordinator and the eventual heir to Reid

Ok so we have coaches now what to do with the players....


Jason Babin is traded to the LA Jags for a 2nd round pick ... Guy is one dimensional and gives no effort on running plays .. Eagles expect Brandon Graham to take over at end .. From a Douche bag to a guy who cant play .. ehh i guess ill call it a wash ..

Eagles Trade Asante Samuel to The carolina panthers for a 3rd round pick and


Set to become a Free agent .. the Eagles sign him before he hits the market .. 3 years 12 million

Eagles Trade Desean Jackson and a third round pick to the Chiefs for ....


Who than signs a 5 year 32 million dollar extension

Eagles Trade Brent Celek to the Chicago Bears for a 7th round pick

Eagles Release or dont bring back the following players...

Mike Patterson

Akeem jordan

Winston Justice

Moise Fokou

Evan Mathis

Ronnie brown

Chad Hall

Free agents signing ..

The Eagles sign Line backer Xavier Adibi to a two year deal worth 5 million ..


Who the hell is that! well his name is Xavier so he must be good .. Andy says its a bad ass name like Namdi and terrell

Eagles Sign RB Maurice Morris to a one year deal ..

another shitty back up who wont get carries behind mccoy

Than the Eagles Make their big splash in Free agency


4 years 22 million

Round one :


Mike Adams tackle ohio state

Round 2:


TJ McDonald S USC,


Nick toon WR Wisconson

Round 3


Ryan Miller G Colorado

Round 4


Kirk Cousins QB Michagan State

Round 5-7

No notible picks made here .. wasted picks on offensive lineman and lbs who are cut .. only one player makes the team


James brown OT troy round 6

7th round pick Center jason snow is cut and than brought back before week one

depth Chart:

QB: Vick / Kafka / cousins

RB: McCoy / Morris / Lewis

FB: Schmitt

WR: Bowe / Maclin / Avant / Cooper / toon

TE: Olsen / Harbor

LT: Peters / Dunlap

LG: Herremans / Vandervelde

C: Kelce / Snow

RG: Watkins / Miller

RT: Adams / Brown

LE: Graham / Tapp

DT Laws / jenkins / Landri / Dixon

RE:Cole / parker

MLB Chaney / Adibi

OLB Conner / Rolle / Mathews

CB: Asomomugha / Marsh

CB: Rodgers-Cromartie / Hanson

NB: Hanson

SS: Jarrett / Allen

FS: McDonald / Coleman

K: Henery

P: Henry

LS: Dorenbos

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