Another Mock Offseason? Yup.

The Eagles finish 4-12, losing 6 straight to end the year. The worst record in Andy Reid's tenure leads to the termination of him and his staff. The 4-12 record earns the Eagles the 4th overall pick. The only coaches who stay are David Culley, Bobby April, Duce Staley, Howard Mudd and Ted Williams along with a few of the quality control guys.

The Eagles also look back at endless questionable decisions from the front office and decide to part ways with Joe Banner and Howie Roseman.

The Eagles hire Bill Cowher as the Team President

-Bill Cowher knows how to set up a stable organizational structure, look at what he did in Pittsburgh. He left and Mike Tomlin has taken over the team Cowher built and maintained the same level of greatness. Bill Cowher comes in and takes over as team president to try and right the toxic environment that Banner, Roseman and Reid created.

The Eagles hire Dough Whaley as the General Manager

-Doug Whaley was the Pro Personnel Coordinator for the Steelers for 10 years before he moved on to becoming the assistant GM in Buffalo in 2010. Doug Whaley was key in the scouting of several of the Pittsburgh Steelers' finest players. And Whaley is known for his knack for scouting defensive players and is largely credited with the drafting of Troy Polamalu, Lawrence Timmons and Lamarr Woodley. And since he went to Buffalo, the organization has started to right the ship and he has uncovered several young defensive players that are already seeing extensive playtime on the Bills defense (Dareus, Williams, Moats, Sheppard and Searcy).

The Eagles hire Pete Carmichael Jr. as the Head Coach

-Bill Cowher is a disciple of Marty Schottenheimer and he hits up the Schottenheimer tree when he hires Pete Carmichael Jr. Carmichael worked with Schotty in San Diego and Washington. Carmichael then moved on to work with Sean Payton and has helped orchestrate one of the NFL's most productive offenses in NFL history over the 5 years that he has been there. But when you think of the Saints a lot of people think of Drew Brees and the passing offense but they forget about Duece McCallister, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles in the running game.

The Eagles hire Joe Lombardi as the Offensive Coordinator

-Carmichael brings Lombardi with him as his offensive coordinator. Lombardi is currently the QB coach of the New Orleans Saints and he has done a fantastic job helping craft game plans and coaching Drew Brees and Chase Daniel.

The Eagles hire Mike Nolan as the Defensive Coordinator

-One thing the Steelers always do is snag a good defensive coordinator (Cowher is comfortable with the 3-4) so when Mike Nolan hits the market, the Eagles (who are now pretty much the Steelers east) snap him up. Mike Nolan has called 6 top 10 yardage defenses on 5 different teams and he has orchestrated 7 top 10 scoring defenses on 5 different teams. Mike Nolan is truly one of the most under appreciated defensive minds in football and the Eagles are going to have him for a long time because his age and previous experience as a head coach likely rule him out as a head coach in the future.

Howard Mudd decides not to retire because he is comfortable with the staff in place. Mudd worked with Cowher in Kansas City back in the eighties and he was actually a consultant for the Saints (Carmichael & Lombardi) in 2010.


The Eagles sign Channing Crowder

-Crowder was the shot caller for Mike Nolan's defense in 2010 and the Dolphins defense has struggled to replace Crowder's vocal and emotional leadership. Crowder decided not to play this year so that he could be at home with his new born daughter but Mike Nolan brings him back.


The Eagles sign Brandon McKinney

-The Eagles need to find a nose tackle if they're going to run a 3-4 defense effectively. Brandon McKinney is a huge 345 pound nose tackle who has proven to be a good run stuffer for the Baltimore Ravens. He never really got a chance to start for the Ravens because he was always behind Kelly Gregg, Haloti Ngata or Terrance Cody but he has flashed the ability to anchor a defense and swallow up blockers.


The Eagles sign Craig Steltz

-The Eagles lack intelligence, grit and tackling ability on the back half of the defense. Steltz is a highly intelligent player who is tough and a solid tackler. And he can play special teams too.

The Eagles trade Asante Samuel to the Detroit Lions for a 5th round pick.

-This isn't what we're expecting but a limited, expensive, aging CB with a history of attitude issues isn't in demand. Asante is making too much money to stay with the Eagles and his attitude doesn't help the team.

The Eagles trade Jason Babin to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 4th round pick.

-Jason Babin can't play in a 3-4 defense and he is a one dimensional end. The Jaguars need a pass rusher.

The Eagles trade Mike Patterson to the Carolina Panthers for a 4th round pick.

-Mike Patterson doesn't fit in a 3-4 defense and the Panthers desperately need talent on the interior of their defensive line.

TRADE: The Eagles trade the 4th overall pick in the draft to the Miami Dolphins for the 8th pick in the draft and the 40th pick in the draft.

-This is a bit of draft gamesmanship from the Eagles. The draft board doesn't match what the Eagles need. The Eagles have no intention of investing more money in the QB position and if they stayed at their current spot they wouldn't maximize the value of the pick and they would be handing the Redskins (who pick right behind them) Robert Griffin III. So the Eagles trade the pick to the Dolphins and keep a talented QB out of the hands of the Redskins and they maximize the value of the pick.


1st Round Pick (Dolphins) - Devon Still DL Penn St.

-This certainly isn't a sexy pick but if you want to make a 3-4 defense work, you need to put together a strong unit along the defensive line. Devon Still has really had an incredible year and he has been the best player on the entire Penn State team by far. When you look at Devon Still, he has all the tools you want in a 3-4 defensive end. Devon Still has the length you look for, he has the strength, he has the anchor, he has the quickness, he has the powerful hands, he has the power and he has showcased the ability to two gap. He has all the tools to become an elite 3-4 defensive end. This past year, you simply couldn't stop Devon Still with one man and I expect that to continue at the postseason all star games where he will continue his ascension up the draft boards.

TRADE: The Eagles trade the Cardinals' 2nd round pick and their 3rd round pick to the Denver Broncos for the 23rd pick in the draft.


1st Round Pick (Denver) - Dwayne Allen TE Clemson

-Pete Carmichael Jr rose through the ranks as a tight ends coach so he places a high premium on a good tight end. Carmichael has gotten very creative with his tight ends in the past, he'll keep them on the line, he'll split them out wide, he'll move them around and he'll put them at full back. If you need any evidence of that, just look at Antonio Gates, Jeremy Shockey, David Thomas and Jimmy Graham, all of who worked with Carmichael.

While most people might think this is the Eagles giving up on Celek, it isn't. This move allows Celek to be moved around a bit more and catch the ball instead of blocking. And this also helps compensate for the loss of DeSean Jackson. Since there is no more vertical threat with DeSean, talent in the intermediate passing game is more important than ever. This move takes a bit of focus off of Jeremy Maclin in the passing game. The addition of Dwayne Allen makes it so that Brent Celek is no longer stuck on the line as a blocker so he can move around and make plays in the passing game. And Dwayne Allen provides an upgrade as a blocker so this helps LeSean McCoy too. Oh and he provides a nice target in the passing game for Michael Vick.

Dwayne Allen is a big guy at 6'4" and 255 pounds but he is athletic enough to split out wide on occasion and make plays against corners who can't match his size and strength. He is also a noted blocker who does a really nice job in the run game and pass blocking. He has natural hands to make catches away from his frame and he is a very powerful after the catch runner. Personally, I would compare him to Jason Witten with his well-rounded game.


2nd Round Pick -TJ McDonald S USC

-The Eagles desperately need to upgrade their safety situation so they add TJ McDonald from USC. TJ McDonald is a guy who according to some could be the best DB to come from USC in the past decade and the best since Troy Polamalu. Low exposure and a bad reputation (he is dirty) drop McDonald a bit but not too much. McDonald is everything that Taylor Mays wasn't. TJ McDonald is a big safety 6'3" and 205 pounds, he hits like a truck and he is pretty fast, sounds like Mays right? Well what separates him are his ball skills, his flexibility and his lateral quickness, all things that Taylor Mays lacked. He is also a lot more instinctive, he reacts faster and he trusts what he sees way more than Mays did. McDonald presents whatever team drafts him with a nice skillset to work with, he has the athleticism, length and range to play single high and he has the size, strength and tackling ability to play in the box. And he has potential to develop into a good blitzer. TJ McDonald will instantaneously start over whoever the Eagles have at FS (Nate Allen might not be back, he's that bad).

TRADE: The Eagles trade the Dolphins' 2nd round pick to the New York Jets for their 2nd round pick, 4th round pick and 5th round pick

TRADE: The Eagles trade the Jets' 2nd round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their 3rd round pick, 5th round pick and 7th round pick


3rd Round Pick (Jaguars) - Marcus Forston DL Miami

-The Eagles continue to load up on the defensive line with this pick. Marcus Forston is leaving school early for some reason and he isn't going to go as high as he expects. Forston is a super talented defensive tackle who started to reach his potential before having his season ended by a knee injury this past year. Marcus Forston doesn't look like a 3-4 end, he's about 6'2" and 310 pounds but he has long arms and he is very athletic and quick. Forston displays the ability to do everything you ask of a 3-4 end when he is at his best. Forston has the ability to penetrate and disrupt the passer, he has the size to anchor in the run game, he has the length and disruptive ability to keep offensive linemen off of the linebackers and he has the potential to be very tough to stop one on one in the run game. He is more potential than anything right now but if he reaches it, watch out.

TRADE: The Eagles trade their 4th round pick and the Jaguars 4th round pick to the Buffalo Bills for their 3rd round pick (77th overall)


3rd Round Pick (Bills) - "Touchdown" Tommy Streeter WR Miami

-The Eagles are now looking to add a bit of size to their receiving core and they draft a guy who probably could've been in the round 1 conversation if he had stayed at Miami for his senior year. Streeter is a massive target at 6'5" and 220 pounds with long arms and big hands. Now you're probably thinking "he's really slow then, right?" but he has been rumored to run a 4.3 40 yard dash. Streeter isn't the most agile of players but he has good long speed and he knows how the set up corners and box them out. And he has fantastic hands, he snatches the ball out of the air and he displays the ability to adjust to the ball and attack it at its highest point. Streeter just lacks experience and the ability to consistently run good routes.

TRADE: The Eagles trade the Buccaneers' and Jets' 4th round picks to the Dallas Cowboys for their 3rd round pick (87th overall)


3rd Round Pick (Cowboys) - Brandon Boykin CB Georgia

-The Eagles need help on the back end of their defense, especially with Asante Samuel leaving. The Eagles are also one of the worst special teams return teams in the NFL. To help solve both of those problems, the Eagles draft Brandon Boykin. Brandon Boykin is a battle tested SEC corner back who has experience on the outside and as a nickel back. He has great athletic ability which helps him compensate for his size. And he just makes plays, on his career he has 9 interceptions and 18 passes knocked down. He has returned 4 kickoffs for touchdowns in his career. And he has actually scored 2 offensive touchdowns as well, 1 receiving and 1 rushing. Boykin is a high character player who has been a leader for the Georgia Bulldogs too.


4th Round Pick (Panthers) - Robert "The Hulk" Turbin RB Utah State

-This guy is going to be the smash to LeSean McCoy's dash. Robert Turbin is built like a bowling ball at 5'9" and about 220 pounds, his work in the weight room is very evident. When you see his height and weight you might think that he is just a bowling ball back but you would be wrong. Robert Turbin does run extremely hard and he shows the ability to break tackles but he also displays surprising off tackle speed and lateral agility to make people miss in space. And he can catch out of the backfield too, in his career he has caught 76 passes for 11 touchdowns. Over the last two years you would be hard pressed to find a more productive back than Robert Turbin.

TRADE: The Eagles trade their 5th round pick and the Lions' 5th round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for their 4th round pick (110th overall)


4th Round Pick (Chiefs) - Keshawn Martin WR Michigan State

-The Eagles lost some dynamic ability when they let DeSean Jackson go so they're trying to recoup some of that. Keshawn Martin is a dynamo who hasn't reached his full potential, he is a small receiver at about 5'10" and 190 pounds but he showcases 4.4 speed and he is very slippery in space. Martin has scored 7 touchdowns this past season, 2 rushing, 4 receiving and 1 on a punt return. Martin has real potential to be an Antonio Brown type player down the road.


5th Round Pick (Jaguars) - Sammy Brown LB Houston

-Sammy Brown is a pass rushing linebacker who already has experience as a stand-up pass rusher in college. In the past two years, Sammy Brown has put up 20 sacks, 56 TFL and 22 QB hurries. Sammy Brown just has a real knack for getting to the QB and he has a great closing burst to seal the deal. Sammy Brown is probably one of the most, if not the most, underrated prospects in this draft. The demand for sudden and quick pass rushers who know how to set up the offensive tackle and get to the passer is high but Sammy Brown has flown under the radar on a mediocre defense at Houston. Oh well, our gain.


5th round Pick (New York Jets) - Tramain Thomas S Arkansas

-The Eagles need talent at the safety spot, they're clearly lacking it and it is hurting the defense. Thomas is a really underrated player for the Arkansas defense, he is a pretty athletic and rangy guy in coverage with great fluidity and quick feet. He needs to clean up the little things a bit, he isn't a great tackler and he isn't fundamentally sound in coverage in terms of footwork. But, he makes plays, in his career he has intercepted 12 passes and forced 6 fumbles. He displays the natural instincts that Nate Allen clearly lacks.


6th Round Pick - Hebron Fangupo NT BYU

-The Eagles really get a steal here, Fangupo could be a starting nose tackle down the line, easily. Fangupo is a massive player at 6'1" and 335 pounds and he displays great thickness throughout his entire frame. He has great strength and a low center of gravity which consistently displays the ability to anchor in the run game and take on double teams. Fangupo is one the most underrated players in college football and if he played in the SEC, he would be getting a ton of hype. He's one of the better run stoppers in college football and a really underrated prospect. In my opinion, he is far and away a better player than Alameda Ta'amu. And for a big guy, he is actually pretty athletic and he is violent and sudden with his movements.


6th Round Pick (Broncos) - David Snow C Texas

-The Eagles need to add a bit of depth on the interior of the offensive line with the departure of Jamaal Jackson. David Snow is an experience Big 12 blocker who showcases light feet, intelligence and good hands. He should be a nice back-up to Jason Kelce as Kelce continues to develop.


6th Round Pick (Patriots) - Miles Burris LB San Diego St.

-Miles Burris is probably the best linebacker you've never heard of. Miles Burris is a guy who is a bit stiff but he is explosive and powerful coming downhill. At about 6'2" and 240 pounds, he isn't the biggest guy but he is a good hitter and he has a relentless motor. He could be a player as an inside linebacker or an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense and start down the line. And at the very least, he'll be one hellacious special teams player.


7th Round Pick (Jaguars) - Adam Gettis OG Iowa

-Howard Mudd always goes for the lighter, more athletic guards and he continues that trend with Adam Gettis. Adam Gettis is probably about 290 pounds and he doesn't do a real good job creating movement on the line of scrimmage but he knows how to wall people off, constantly reset his feet and use his hands. And he is very athletic and well coached, he is good at pulling and getting into space, he's very coordinated for an offensive lineman. Iowa is an offensive line factory and Gettis should carry the Hawkeye tradition well in the NFL as a nice back-up for the Eagles.

Depth Chart:

QB: Vick / Kafka

RB: McCoy / Turbin / Lewis

FB: Schmitt

WR: Maclin / Avant / Cooper / Streeter / Martin

TE: Allen / Celek / Harbor

LT: Peters / Dunlap

LG: Mathis / Vandervelde

C: Kelce / Snow

RG: Watkins / Gettis

RT: Herremans / Justice

LE: Still / Laws

NT: McKinney / Dixon / Fangupo

RE: Jenkins / Forston

LOLB: Graham / Brown

ILB: Crowder / Burris / Lloyd

ILB: Chaney / Rolle

ROLB: Cole / Hunt

CB: Asomomugha / Marsh

CB: Rodgers-Cromartie / Boykin

NB: Hanson

SS: Jarrett / Steltz

FS: McDonald / Coleman / Thomas

K: Henery

P: Henry

LS: Dorenbos

PUP: Colt Anderson

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