My Case For Giving Andy One More Year

Thats right I said it, give Andy one more year. Now I can come to you and show you the numbers over the Reid era, his winning percentage, or bring up his 5 NFC ship appearances. But like any other Eagle fan only one stat matters to me at this point, Superbowl wins, which our current coach has 0. And in this what have you done for me lately league, things are not looking too bright for Coach Reid.

But I argue, why not more season? Reid has done enough for this organization to where he should have a chance to fix the disaster that is the 2011 season. I do have my issues with Reid, not feeding Shady the ball, ignoring the LB position, or simply outsmarting himself by hiring Castillo. On Sundays I do watch the Eagles game, and might occasionally yell at the TV because of Reid's bad clock management. All of these in my opinion are reasons to fire Reid, but only if he prove to us that he can't adjust next season.

I believe if we give Andy one more year. He will show us that he is capable of changing his ways. He has shown this before. After having McNabb throw to the Todd Pinkstons and Reggie Browns of the world for so long,Reid realized this wasn't getting us anywhere, so he drafted two good young WRs in Djax and Maclin. I believe he will show us again in this year Draft, as I'm sure we will finally take a LB early whether its 1st Rd or early 2nd.

Also I believe too much may be expected of Reid, as the proclaimed dream team talent is vastly overrated. There is no denying the young talent on Offense, as well as how good Vick may be. But in this league most coaches can only go as far as there QB can take them, and as much as I love Vick , its almost guaranteed that he is going to miss some games every season. And its safe to say that he is not in the elite class of the Tom Brady,Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees club. But when you look at our defense, sure we have corners,and a pretty solid defensive line, but are any of our linebackers top 20 caliber talent in the NFL? maybe top 30?? I think not, and that is no way to win in the NFL, also looking at the safety position, Im a fan of Nate and still like him despite the off year, but having such a young defense who talent is overated being coached by an offensive line coach (average one at that) just spells disaster, as Eagle fans we might have expected too much, as this team has plenty of talent, but also is lacking talent in key positions. In the end all of this does fall on Reid, but again,lets see if he can fix it.

Also I believe Andy is the best coaching option available right now. IF Andy hit the market teams would be lining up to get him as there HC. It's really hard to find a good HC in this league, And im not ready to give up on ours just yet. I much rather give Andy one more shot instead of the Eagles becoming some of the bottom feeders of the NFL and searching for a new coach every 3 years.

The misconception most fans have is we fire Andy and go hire a Bill Cowhur (who we dont know is available) or as John gruden (who im not to fond of) and all of sudden this team will be super bowl bound. Im against both these guys because well, no matter how good a coach is, the odds of winning a superbowl with two different teams are about the same odds the Colts have of making the playoffs at this point. It has never happened in NFL history and I dont believe our beloved Eagles will be the exception to that.

No guys, there are not alot of Mike Tomlins or Jim Harbaughs out there who are just going to instantly become the savior for our franchise. give andy one more year,if he bomb it,then I think its time that we start searching for a new Coach

also not to say that there are not other good Coaches out there,Reid isnt the only coach on earth lol I just believe we should give him a chance to fix what he screw up,just 1 more season

My last point, it took Cowher 14 years to finally win a ring with Pitt, why not give Reid one more shot?


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