The Linc - Brent Celek Is Embarrassed

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 07: Brent Celek #87 of the Philadelphia Eagles is tackled by Brian Urlacher #54 of the Chicago Bears during the second quarter of the game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 7, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) news: Eagles TE Celek 'embarrassed' by Philly's spiraling season
"We've got a lot of talent, and we're just not living up to it. I'm embarrassed about it. I'm sick about it," Celek told the Philadelphia Inquirer after the team's nationally televised meltdown against the Seahawks. "We've got four games left to prove that we're a legitimate team, because right now the world's laughing at us."

Norv Turner and the NFC East - NFC East Blog - ESPN
This is a key factor for Eagles fans to consider as they clamor for Reid's firing. Philadelphia fans keep telling me that the "national media" do not understand the inside-Philly perception of Reid and the reasons behind it. But do you know who else doesn't understand it? The NFL decision-makers who hire and fire coaches. Reid would be the hottest name on the coaching market -- hotter than Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden or any of those popular names fans keep throwing around -- if the Eagles were to let him go, and the Chargers wouldn't be the only team likely to make an aggressive move for him.

Phil Sheridan: Is Reid losing control of Eagles? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/04/2011
Andy Reid's spirited defense of DeSean Jackson on Friday makes a lot more sense when you realize it wasn't really a defense of the childish wide receiver at all. It was really Reid's defending Reid against the growing perception that he has lost control of his football team.

Jaws: Blame coaches, not DeSean | Philly | 12/03/2011
"It's Andy Reid's responsibility to get 53 guys ready every week to play," Jaworski said. "Then it becomes Marty Mornhingweg's role as the offensive coordinator to get his offensive guys ready. Then it's David Culley, the wide receivers coach to make sure DeSean Jackson is ready to play and he's in the right frame of mind. And then it goes to the quarterback to have his arms around that guy so you develop that trust that is so critical. So I think there are a lot of people at fault right now why DeSean Jackson is going south."

Colt Anderson: 'It's tough but I'll be back'
After suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee Thursday, Colt Anderson will have surgery next week and will face a lengthy rehab.

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