Complete overhaul in Philly Mock (unrealistic) but maybe....

Ok your not going to have a complete overhaul unless you get rid of the Coaching Staff. We fired Andy Reid fired Marty Morningwhig and fired Jaun. Im pretty sure Some position coaching is going to change but Dont have the time to research about them. The Eagles end up winning one game in the last of are games and go 5-11 and end up with the 6th overall pick. In Front of Miami,Washington, and Seattle, so if we would like to trade out of that spot teams like them are looking for a QB who will give up the farm for are pick.

HC: Jon Gruden, great offensive minded coach who is willing to rebuild.(Bill Cowher will be here if we do not rebuild)

OC:Tom Clements, he is ready to take the next step as a cordinator. I belive Gruden will hire who he wants but just guessing.

DC:Steve Spags, His deffense won the game against the Patriots and I belive he is willing to come back to Philly under a need at DC.

ST: Bobby April Any reason to get rid of him?

Cuts/Not Retained.

Vince Young- Gone started the Dream Team and Not a decent back up at all.

Steve Smith-Gone He dosent play anymore so obviously he is gone.

Jaqua Parker-gone,us a game and is getting up there in age.

Victor Abiamiri-gone never is on the field, can anybody answer this why is he still on the team?

Akeem Jordan-gone he is horrible

Moises Fokou-Gone he is a solid backup but were Going all in on this over haul

Ronnie Brown-gone when does he play? ST?

Trevor Laws- Good but we keep two DT's and he just loses out.

Brent Celek-No trade partner so we just cut him

Winston Justice- Cut uneeded with Herremans there.


Evan Mahis-2yrs

Derek Landri-2yrs

Antonio Dixon-1yr

King Dunlap-2yrs improving

Desean Jackson-franchised

Lesean McCoy- Extended 6yrs

Owen Schmitt-2yrs

TRADES::::: Eagles trade Desean Jackson to Kansas City for there Franchised player Dwayne Bowe EXPLANATION: KC gets a guy who can strech the field with there physical guy in Baldwin and there slot Breaston. Eagles get a physical guy who is very good in the red zone to solve there problems and is able to play across Maclin in a very good WR DUO. We throw in a 5th in 2013 NFL DRAFT.

Eagles Trade Asante Samuel to Carolina Panthers for there 3rd Round pick in the 2012 Nfl Draft. Explantion: Philly Loves picks and they get rid of a guy who is not needed in the scheme that is coming. Carolina gets a starter who can Ball Hawk across from there 1ST round pick Morris Claborne(guessing on this) and puts there Corners one of the best in the game.

Jason Babin and a 4th to New York Giants for Osi Umenyiora Explanation: He follows Spags, and it benefits both teams New york gets there pass rusher on passing downs and add a 4th to there draft while getting rid of there headache without paying him. ::::::::::::::::::::::


Free Agency Eagles sign:

OLB D'Qwell Jackson he is a solid linebacker who can tackle and is a hard hitting backer. The Eagles lack of tackling makes Tackling Line backers a need in this years Offseason.

RB: Tim Hightower 1yr Eagles see a need at a 3DRB and find the best one on the market.(they didnt forget about the NFC championship game and the final touchdown ARZ had)

P: Matt McBriar 2yrs Find themselves a punter who actually is good.

OT: Levi Brown 1yr he has starting experience but not that good, he coulb be a solid back up.

2012 NFL DRAFT:::::: FINALLY HERE The Eagles go in the Draft with need at ILB,OL DEPTH, FRANCHISE BACK UP QB, Saftey,TE

1st RD: THE Eagles select QB Matt Barkley USC The Eagles go Backup QB but likely to start week 8 when Vick shows his age.

2nd RD: The Eagles select OG David Decastro Stanford he slips because of the depth of this years draft class. This guy is future starter.

2nd RD: The Eagles Select ILB Dont'a hightower This kid is an absolute beast gets to the ball and fills holes really quickly and ends up tackling the back in the back field. He rarley misses tackles and that is what Philly is looking for.

3RD RD: The Eagles select Mark Barron S Alabama very solid saftey who can tackle and cover. With this duo of Barron, Coleman, Allen, Jarrett this gives the Eagles very solid Safetys.

3rd RD: The Eagles Select Dwayne Allen TE Clemson this guy comes in and battles Clay Harbor for the starting job. This guy can very well be the next Antonio Gates.

4th RD: Eagles select Joe Adams WR/KR/PR This gives the Eagles a KR and a guy who can stretch the field on Offense. We get a guy to replace Desean in the 4th what a deal???

5th RD: The Eagles select Sean Spence OLB Miami he slips with a bad Finish he is out of position a little and bites on fakes but is a solid tackler and the Eagles give him a shot.

6Th RD: The Eagles select Alex Okafor DE Texas Spags sees Justin Tuck in this kid and snags him for this already excellent rotation. 6th RD: traded to NewEngland for next years 5ththe Trade history continues.

7TH RD: Casey Haywerd CB Vanderbilt Depth and we can put him in there as are ball hawk after ASO is gone.

Post: Draft Signings/trades

CB: Terelle Thomas follows Spags and we could use him

Eagles Trade 2013 2nd Round Pick and Jamar Chaney to the Chicago Bears for Lance Briggs Yes Jamar Chaney but they see promise in him and liked him as an outside backer while adding a second to there draft next year.

Eagles extend Briggs 3YRS

Eagles trade 2013 6th round pick for brian-dawkins I know this is unlikely but there were rumors swirling Dawkins return and this is happening.

Depth Chart:



FB:Owen Schmitt

WR: Bowe/Maclin/Avant/Cooper/Adams

TE: Allen/Harbor






OLB: D'Qwell/Briggs/Rolle/Spence

ILB: Hightower/Matthews


FS: Barron/Allen/Anderson

SS: Jarrett/Dawkins/Coleman

K: Henery

P: Mcbriar

LS: Dorenbos

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