We love you, Andy.

And it hurts us to see you so sick and unhealthy…

Andy, you can't hide from us. You've been getting really thin recently and a few of us concerned fans have noticed some rather dramatic changes. According to a recent article from Psych Central, "when patients who were severely underweight received treatment at a specialized eating disorders inpatient unit at Columbia University which helped them gain to a normal weight, the deficits in brain volume began to reverse over the course of only several weeks of weight gain,".Now few, if any Eagles fans could dispute the fact that the rigors of coaching such a high-profile team as the Philadelphia Eagles is a stressful occupation. And Andy, some of us concerned fans are a bit worried about what is happening to your health as a result of this tough job.

Andy, the facts are the facts, you are a skinny man. Being so underweight puts you at heightened risk for many ailments such as malnourishment, weakened immune system, and changes in bone structure and density. We don't want to see you get hurt or sick, but we feel that it is our duty to bring some hard truths to bear.

Andy, I need you to look at these pictures. Please, do it. For all of us. We'll wait.

These are pictures of a thin man, a man who has obviously not been taking the time to eat properly and care for himself in an appropriate manner. Andy, listen to us. Being underweight is not only making you sick now, it is also hurting your ability to make wise decisions in your chosen career. Please look at the following article. Your playcalling and personnel decisions are indicative of malnourishment-related dementia, Andy. There is really no other way to explain the Earl Thomas or Jeremy Bloom business. Frankly, those choices really aren't personnel decisions as much as they are symptoms of serious health problems.

Andy, there are people at BGN who are trying to keep Lurie and Banner from asking you to resign. You must not listen to the selfish individuals who only seek to satisfy their own desires to see Ronnie Brown goal line pass options and ill-advised challenge flags.

Andy, real fans want you to get better. Please get well and take some time off from the stressful career of coaching. We love you and don't want to see you in pain. Coaching is not helping you, Andrew. Please take some time to yourself. And when you've gained some pounds and relieved some stress, there will be a nice low-pressure job in a place like San Diego where fans aren't so demanding, and the sun is so, so warm.

Soup's on, brother. Come and get it!


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