New user, 2012 Full Eagles Mock Draft

So, I am a new user who is a HUGE draft junkie and have access to a few people within the league who I chat back and forth with. So I figured I would jump on this site and get involved in some discussions regarding the draft. I have put below my full pick by pick predictions or "dream list" for the upcoming draft with a little analysis. Let me know what you think.

1.) Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College

-While he may not be a flashy player or be on highlight reels every weekend for sideline to sideline chase downs or monster hits, the fact is that he reads plays faster than any D player in this draft does and is always around the ball because of it. He is smart enough to run a D and is also known as a leader in the locker room; something this team could use. Plays don't get buy him because he is one of the few players the still abides by the old tackling rule,"See what you tackle, tackle what you see". His technique could help in the shaping of other young LB's and while they may not always be massive hits, he did total over 500 tackles and 7 INTs in only 3 years of starting. Oh, and he also has the frame to put on more weight and not lose range or speed.

2a.) Dont'a Hightower SAM Alabama

-In an attempt to overhaul a D in the middle 3 and add physicality and experience we look to Hightower. Not only has he played in a pro style SEC D, but he was considered a team leader and brings nastiness and size for the SAM position. Dont'a really makes a mis-step, so is rarely out of position and has the size and power to fight off blockers and get to the ball. He is a guy that can play physical with TEs in coverage to help through off timing, and can also lay a timely big hit. He is not the tackling machine that Kuechly is, but he is no scrub. He came back from an ACL tear in 2009 to post 70 tackles the next season and can be used in blitzing schemes. Amassed 211 tackles 5 Sacks a FF and an INT in 3 full seasons. Also, he is 6'3" so again, adds more sise to make shorter routes harder to throw over taller LBs. He will bring toughness and more leadership to this team.

2b.) Robert Lester FS Alabama

-This is a true FS prospect, again from a pro style SEC D. While he is not Mark Barron, is is no slouch and show decent route recognition and incredible ball skills (10 INTS in 2 seasons). His instincts and ability has continued to grow with playing time and he should be a great centerfield FS that can help keep QBs honest and keep the passing game in check, as opposed to laste breaks and bad tackle attempts like we have seen from Allen and Coleman.

3.) Brandon Boykin CB Georgia

-You will notice a trend here, another SEC defender (and I'm actually a PSC-12 fan, so no calling for SEC favortism). Boykin would be drafted to be a faster and better version of Hanson in the slot. At 5'10" 180 with great speed, this is a prototypical Slot DB, and is known to be another firey leader on the D. He is steady with tackles every year, and still manages to get 3 picks in the slot every season he has been a starter. Not a flashy pick, but a necessary one in a pass happy league. Nnamdi, DRC and Boykins will look very nice in 2012.

4.) Dwight Jones WR UNC

-Think Vincent Jackson speed, with AJ Green build (with def room to add bulk). He has serious potential here, and even got better between 2010 and 2011, despite losing TJ Yates. He averages over 14 yards per reception and this year has over 1,100 yards and 12 TDs. Could help lessen the blow of losing DeSean by adding a real nice peice that can get good separation and create short game passing lanes for other receivers. May not end up lasting this long if he preforms well at the combine, but would be a very nice piece to add.

5.) Shea McClellin DE Boise State

-A Jim Washburn favorite... Undersized and fast DE that can absolutely just get after the QB. He would likely replace Jaqua Parker on the roster and would have a chance to start learning early the pass rush techniques of JW and make an impact. Also, he has a great capability to drop in coverage (has 4 INTS in his career). So this would allow for more LB blitzing, dropping him into coverage to throw some curveballs at QBs. Remember another smaller DE prospect with rushing capability in the 5th round. A certain Trent Cole.

6a.) Nathan Stupar

-Linebacker U getting some love FINALLY, with Stupar becoming the first EVER D player from PSU selected in the draft by the Eagles. He is a Special teams prospect for sure with a classic wrap up tackling style (which is most effective on kick coverage) and has good instincts and vision. He more than likely will be a career special teamer, but you just never know if you will get something a little more out of a PSU LB.

6b.)Josh Chichester TE Louisville

-Josh is listed between 6'7 and 6'8" 240. He is a MASSIVE target that actually runs surprisingly well. He was consistent at college catching about 400 yards a season, but could become a HUGE (pardon the pun) redzone target and mismatch in the middle of the field for Vick to put some balls up to. We have seen Harbor and he is nothing special, so in a now 2 TE league, having a target like this that can move could be a nice commodity.

6c.) Evan Rodriguez FB Temple

-May not last this long, bc he brings multiple tools to the game. He is capable of clearing room and using his size to open holes for shady and Dion, but can also catch the ball and has lined up at TE. Could be a camp body to bring in some competition and maybe steal a spot, and produce on special teams. Also, a local Temple guy, so the team can bring him in for a look without costing them one of their prospect visits from out of state schools.

I am always interested in hearing what you have to say, so let me know your thoughts on this breakdown. Have a great day, guys!!!

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