Only in America

Only in America do we allow for such freedom of speech. I am a patriot (Red Blooded American, not New Englander) and I believe in the constitution and the right for all to have their say...

That said, It doesn't mean it doesn't make me shake my head at all the "Know It Alls" and short sighted fans that are calling for everyone's heads!

I am writing this fully aware that I am one of those using the freedoms our brave men and women have provided for us to spout my Humble Opinions.

and let it be said....

All of you calling for Andy Reid's head need to have your head's examined. Your expectations in Philadelphia have become so high because of the culture Andy has built. I for one am thrilled that each year, we have a better than a good shot at going to the playoffs or more. How many teams out there can't say that?

Those of you saying "All the teams had the same shortened off season" are missing a critical fact of why our team did not play well. Most teams that played well through out the season had LITTLE turn over to deal with. We had a vast overhaul, and had NO time to gel. The birds have certainly shown throughout the season and especially the last few weeks what they are capable of...... As long as we don't blow this team up, they will be outstanding this year.

I am not a blind follower and don't see through rose colored glasses. Making Juan Castillo the DC baffled me. I am not sure if he has made these late adjustments or some adviser has. Juan is the one COG that I see that may have to be changed.....however, I won't be surprise if he is not based on his show of getting his groove as of late.

In fact, the only major overhaul I see as an absolute must is, at Linebacker. I like what I see everywhere else. Of course, if we get a dominant right tackle (Todd Heremans has performed admirably) then I wouldn't mind seeing Todd slide back into left guard and he alone with Jason Peters plowing a huge road for Shady to run behind.

We have a GREAT (not good) young team. We made some young immature mistakes that cost us some games that we should have won. With experience and patience, I think this IS the team to bring us to the promised land.

That is just my Humble Opinion.

That said, not making the playoffs did hurt........but can any of you really disagree with the fact that any win especially a dominant one as we had today and a few weeks ago, doesn't feel ALMOST as good as a play off win!.

God Bless all of you and Merry Christmas!!!

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