A realistic prediction to the 2012 Eagle offseason

Well, the Jets didn't come through for us against the Giants. You can't be mad at the Jets despite their poor effort to win the title of the Meadowlands. Why? Because, the Eagles had what it took to be something special this season. Now we all can sit here and complain about the moves and the defense and the lack of what ever sorry excuse you'd like to mention. But to continue to be optimistic and passionate about our Eagles, I will look into the offseason in this article and point out the positives and the grand possibilities this talented team can bring.

I'll start with the coaching staff. Fire Andy Reid? Yeah, alright our emotions may run wild when Philadelphia can't put together a win but FIRE ANDY REID? Come on now. Andy Reid has done wonders for this team for the past decade and some. The Eagles staff upstairs has done a great job with this team and Andy Reid has been a big part of certain decisions the franchise has made. Andy Reid will stay in Philadelphia and AT LEAST finish out his contract.

Now I will talk about Juan Castillo. I'd just like to say... did anyone realize he coached defense before he was the Eagles O-Line coach? OK well he was. He is an extremely passionate coach that is hard working. He has Andy Reid's trust. He has done great with the defense as of late as well. This defense had NO TIME at all to come together as one due to the lockout. Have you seen what they can do with time? The defensive line is.. is DOMINATING. Credit to Jim Washburn for that as well. We have young safeties, very very talented corners from the first to fifth spot on the depth chart. The draft can bring linebackers to the young linebacker core to help them as well. Sean McDermott was under Jim Johnson for quite a while. It was clear to the Eagles that he wasn't the answer. But give some time to a dedicated coach who has been on the staff for a long time. Who brings energy and excitement to practice. Who is becoming one with the defense as of right now. Under Castillo, I genuinely believe they can be something very special. The Eagles will keep Juan as the defensive coordinator and he will show you the true side of this defense.

Now to player and contracts. It's been the talk of the season. DeSean Jackson. If you are for letting him go, then you haven't sat down to think about what he does for this team. The whole situation has been a mess this year. First off, the Eagles should have done something about his contract before it came to this. Second, as a professional of the sport of football, you should never allow your contract and buisness side effect what you do on the field. It is time to put this behind us and sign the most explosive player in the NFL to stay with the Eagles. Not only is he the definition of deep threat, but he causes defenses to place so much attention that it opens up opportunities for Maclin, Avant, Cooper and Celek. He is a game changer. Without him in this offense, it wouldn't be the same. The speed at all of our offensive skill positions compliments each other one to an extreme. DeSean Jackson WILL be back in Philadelphia.

Speaking of playmaking, the defensive side of the ball has it's very own. Ever since the Eagles signed Asante Samuel he has been an intercepting machine. He has been that player he was signed to be and nothing short of it. Unfortunatly for Asante Samuel, the Eagles had a great chance this past offseason to snag Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha. Financially, they all cannot exist on this roster. Look, I love Asante Samuel. He is worthy of a Hall Of Fame spot. The 4th rounder out of UCF has surpassed all expectations for his career. I would hate to see him go but it seems as if it his time. The Eagles will trade Asante Samuel away for draft picks. This opens up a lot of cap space for future contracts such as Jackson, Maclin, McCoy and Rodgers-Cromartie. It needs to happen to keep up with the developement of this phenominal roster. I wish the best for Mr. President, as we should prepare to say farewell.

Now, as I said before the attention of our expiring contracts has revolved around DeSean Jackson. There are other key signing the Eagles need to make. Specifically on the D-Line. Mike Patterson and Derek Landri both need to be re-signed. If you don't know who Derek Landri is then you have not payed attention to the Eagles this year. This is one of those Washburn Wonders. Landri is a freak in the run, a hustler to the quarterback in pass rush and a damn fun player to watch. You love to hear about players who weren't big time out of college and turn their careers around. Landri is currently doing that. He can continue to do that under Washburn. The Eagles will re-sign Patterson and Landri

It was nice to see this roster filled with big time names. But we will have to say good bye to a few. Ronnie Brown and Vince Young probably will not becoming back. Ronnie didn't have his usual year as a runner. He is still a good worthy runningback but this is the LeSean McCoy show. We need some young talent behind LeSean McCoy and Dion Lewis (Who I love as well.). He is just a little to costly for a 2nd string RB. I wish the best for Ronnie Brown on another team. As for VY, I hope Vince Young becomes a starter again in the NFL and ressurects his NFL career. I am not going to sit here and bash him. If you play in the NFL, you are a talented player. He beat the Giants with out Maclin. VY and Riley Cooper played great that game and I was excited after that. However, I would bet the Eagles will draft a back up if Mike Kafka isn't the answer. Vince is too costly and deserves a 2nd shot at becoming a franchise QB. Best of luck to Vince and Ronnie. They will be departing from this roster this offseason.

Rodgers-Cromartie. This talented young corner has been promising in his career. Don't be judgemental of him. He played the slot where he wasn't meant to play at. He is very very fast and agile. He is 6 foot 2 and can be a shut down corner. I hope to see him live it up this coming season so the Eagles can re-sign him and lock him in with Nnamdi for years to come. The Eagles re-sign Rodgers-Cromartie soon.

Draft possibilites... I will not get detailed in this section, for I have my scouting to do. I expect the Eagles to address the LB corps. They may draft a quarterback. They need another runningback. They need some competitors for the reciever positions. Probably a solid sized project corner to grow with the talented Curtis Marsh and Brandon Hughes. There is a good possiblity they draft a safety for some competition. However I am excited to see if Jaiquawn Jarrett will build off his rookie season with training camp ahead. You never know what Andy Reid may do with his picks. The Eagles will use all their draft picks and go with the youth they like in the draft.

Something to think about: What if the Eagles signed Donovan McNabb as a veteran QB to go with Michael Vick and Mike Kafka? Just something cool I would enjoy.

Thank you for reading!!!! Please leave your opinions and comments.

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