Vick or Romo?

350x_medium Lets just get this out there, I am a Dallas Cowboy Fan. Huge Fan. I have been watching them since '03, so needless to say,things have not always been pretty for the Cowboys since I have been watching them. They have had one playoff win, and have taken numerous poundings from the Eagles. Since Romo has been at the helm though, things have gotten better for the Cowboys. Im not sure of the exact win totals, but I know all the games between the Eagles and Cowboys have been pretty competitive. Romo has won the NFC East in 07,09 and is vying for it this year. So he has definently brought the Cowboys back to relevance. But I have one question to Eagle Fans...putting bias and hate aside, who would you take at Quarterback, Vick or Romo?


I like Michael Vick. I really do. I've always enjoyed watching him since his days in Atlanta. I can remember him taking his Falcons to the NFC title game against a certain team in Philly and falling short. If there is any quarterback in the NFC East I hate, Its Eli Manning. But thats another story. In vicks first 8 starts last season, He was phenomenal. His season ended at 21 Tds, 6INTS, 100 QBrating and a 62.6 completion percentage. His best season by far. He also had 9 rushing touchdowns to boot too.

This season, with the team inconsistent, and Vick nursing injuries, his numbers have dipped. As of now he has 13 TDS (you can probably add a couple after this game), 13INTS, 80 QBrating and a 59 completion percentage. Also he only has 1 rushing TD this year.

Now Vick is always a dynamic player and believe me as a cowboys fan, Im always nervous watching him face the Cowboys. Christmas Eve might as well not be a Holiday if he lights up the Cowboys like he and Mccoy did in late October. But as a non bias NFL spectator, I feel If you had to pick between Vick or Romo, one would choose Romo. But I recently watched a couple segments on ESPN and NFL Network, and some analyst said Vick was the better Quarterback. Me personally, I just dont see how one could really say this without having some kind of despise for Romo. Now, I just want to show some of Romos stats in his last two full seasons.

2009: 26 TD 9 INT 63 COMP% and a 97 QBrating

2011 29 TD 9 INT 65 COMP% and a 102 QBrating

and if you want to throw in the 2010 season, 11TD,7INT, 69 COMP%, and 94QBrating

in Romos last 7 games he has 18 TDs and 2 INT. Those are some amazing numbers

Also, 103 QBrating in the 4th quarter this season

Now, I might have shown a little bit of my bias, but Im still trying to keep some perspective. When I think a Vick, one word comes to my mind, Playmaker. He is one. Prrobably one of the best in the league. But when talking about quarterback play, I really cant see anyone picking Vick over Romo, without having some sort of disdain towards Romo. (Or love of Vick) I just want to get some opinions from Eagle Fans themselves.

So Vick or Romo?

Oh and one thing, who is the only NFC East team to win a Playoff game this decade? Think...

But besides that...

Lets hope for a Great game this Saturday! Cheers

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