Eagles Mock.... (5 rounds)

First of all, I'm not saying this is a definite 'OMGTHEIGGLESMUSTPICKZTHISGUYHEISSOCOOLLEIK' mock. I'm not going to throw in trades like Desean jackson to the Colts for Andrew Luck. Thats stupid, and bordering on getting you institutionalized. No, instead I'm going to go with a number of players who I think the Eagles will draft to fit the system that they are putting a number of touches too.

So without much ado over nothing, lets kick this off and get straight into it....

The Record

Finish 7-9 ( Win Cowboys, Loss Redskins), good enough for Pick 13.


G Evan Mathis

FB Owen Schmitt

DT Derek Landri

OT King Dunlap


QB Vince Young

RB Ronnie Brown

RB/WR Chad Hall

WR Steve Smith

C Jammal Jackson

DT/DE Trevor Laws

DE Victor Abiamiri

DE Juqua Parker

LB Akeem Jordan

LB Greg Lloyd

LB Moise Fokou

CB Joselio Hanson

CB Asante Samuel


WR Desean Jackson --> a 2013 1st - They need a player that can sell tickets/merchandise to stop being called the LAguars for the rest of their franchises life. They also need a WR for Blaine Gabbert.


Round 1, Pick 13 - Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College 6ft3 230lbs



This argument has been done to death already, but I'll rehash with a few extra notes. Kuechly is a smart, tough, physical, athletic LB that can play both inside and outside. The question marks come from his being white, as well as being a tad undersized at 6'3 230. Due to this, he tends to get swallowed up by linemen and doesn't make an effective pass rusher, but is excellent in all other aspects of his game, which can be evidenced by his production and stats. Kuechly fits the system in that he doesn't play out of position or take bad angles to the ball. Additionally, the kid picks up a playbook as well as any other I've seen, and would probably know everyone's assignments by the end of training camp.

Comparison: James Laurinaitis, St Louis Rams. Both of them were talked about as being highly instinctual yet small-ish backs with high production.

Round 2 - Pick 13 (Pick 45) - Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor 5ft10 177lbs



With Desean Jackson gone, it it apparent that we need another receiving threat across from the consistent Jeremy Maclin. I don't trust Jason Avant or Riley Cooper across from 18, and so a high pick needs to be used to fill this gap in the O.

I like Kendall Wright here as I think he is full of value. Wright is smallish at 5'10, but with great vertical speed (certified 4.4), crisp routes, clean hands and a reported 42 inch vertical jump.

I think he can be a great weapon in this offense and at the very least lessen the impact of DJax leaving. In fact, I think he fits this offense perfectly for his versatility as a deep threat, red zone threat and screen guy.

Player Comparison: Mike Wallace, WR, Steelers. Both Wright and Wallace are physical receivers for their size with a lot of speed to get behind defenses. They also both run crisp routes, and can be used in a number of different ways around the field.

Round 2 - Pick 15 (Pick 47) - Andre Branch, DE, Clemson 6ft5 260lbs



DE probably isn't the most pressing need for the Eagles right now, but with LB and WR all sewn up, I think they can start looking for the future, with Cole at 29 and Babin at 30. I know a S might be a need as well, but I'm willing to give Nate Allen an extra year, Coleman has been decent at worst and Jarrett hasn't been used all that much.

I probably rate this guy a lot better than most, and I think that whilst he isn't a nightmare to opposition yet, he could be a very very good starter in a few years. I could see him easily filling into the Trent Cole role within a few years, and if you watch him, you can see why...

Branch is a dynamic pass rusher with quickness, size and those two words that every eagles evaluator seems to love: High motor. He almost seems custom made for the wide 9 with the way he seems to pin his ears back and try and cut the QB off from the pocket.

The only things holding Branch back are his small array of pass rush moves (can be taught) and the fact he can be a little hesitant when playing the run. To me, he'll start his career in Philly as a situational pass rusher, eventually building up to a starting end job as the current incumbents retire.

Player Comparison: Terell Suggs. Both players play a combination of stand up and hand down pass rusher. Both also get pushed around a bit in the running game.

Round 3 - Pick 13 (Pick 77) - Cliff Harris, CB/KR, Oregon



Talented corner who was expected to go in the first round earlier this year, but with quite a few character problems. But since when has that ever stopped the Eagles from picking anybody? Harris would challenge Curtis Marsh for the CB3 (Nickel) spot whilst also providing an extra body for possible return duty.

Player Comparison: Pacman Jones

Round 4 - Pick 13 (Pick 109) - Case Keenum, QB, Houston



Keenum is pretty much a Kevin Kolb clone. With Vince Young gone, he will brought in to compete with Kafka for the QB2 slot.

Round 5 - Pick 13 (Pick 141) - Chris Rainey, RB/KR, Florida



Quick and talented RB/Returner. Is more of a returner than an RB, and will be used as such, taking up the RB3 slot on the depth chart behind Dion Lewis and Lesean McCoy. Has speed to burn, reportedly running a 4.2 40 in his sophomore year.

Player Comparison: Darren Sproles. A much, much poorer mans Darren Sproles

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