Are these objective assessments? open to counter points

- the offensive line is coming together nicely. not only are they giving any Eagles QB time but we now have an O line that can actually Run Block !!! and move people off the goal line ! hallelujah ! Howard Mudd might be the best coach on the team

- Shady, Maclin, Vick, Celek, Avant - we can win a Super Bowl with these guys. We were blessed to have Westbrook, what are the odds that we get a back like Shady as his backfill ?...damn, he's good and he even went from an early fumbler to none ! !

- DeSean Jackson - it's all been said, except maybe this: I think he has cost himself and his wonderful agent, at least $10M. the advice he's not getting or adhering to: "Desean, if it's a sport, then play like a baller. If it's a business, were those taunts and late meetings and weird sideline/pre-game behavior worth $10M to you? because that's what it cost you. go to school on T.O. the guys out of a job because of crap like this. Geez man, you could have given that $10M to that bullied kid you supported if you didn't want it"

- Offense - Super Bowl caliber once it 1) stops trick playing inside the 5 and 2) reduces turnovers

- Defense - will be why we don't win the Super Bowl for at least the next 3 years

- steady decline since passing of JJ (rest in peace, we miss you!). lacks identity, heart, name it. yes, it's Juan's first year as DB but it was a gamble to put him there and Lurie has to ask himself, is this really who you want to bet on going into next year. Love you Juan but managers i've hired who've put in first years like this have been reassigned, demoted or fired. the improvement is not there, the fundamentals....i don't fire first year sales managers who don't hit their numbers, work hard and show promise. but i've fired first year sales managers who are missing sales appointments, having embarrassing sales calls, desperately changing out their sales reps and not giving any reason, beyond a couple good sales, for hope that they'll make next years goals...

- hate to say this one but: Trent Cole is Good but not truly Great. I know about the pro bowls. i don't want to trade him....i know, i know...but objectively, watch his play, he's not hall of fame, he's not anywhere close to the better defensive ends i've seen through the ages

- Eagles secondary used to be best part of entire team... years where we'd place 3 out of 4 in the pro bowl. it competes for the worst unit on the team for last several years.....macho harris ? demps ? mikell?, allen and coleman ? hell, we had a starter ! ! this reason alone is why the Eagles will not contend for the SB for years (sigh..). but seriously, how soon can you see an Eagles secondary stopping Rodgers or Brees.?

- Coleman - love the heart, but he cannot cover and he cannot tackle and those are kind of important to being a safety. he gambles all the time, so he will look good sometimes but most of the time he is out of position, missing tackles and looking like a college player. it took him 3, not 1, but 3 unintruded blitzes to realize "hey, if i throw my arms up, he can't complete the pass"....i learned that playing safety in HIGH SCHOOL. i don't hate Coleman. but i do not want him on our team, except maybe punt, kick coverage

- ironic, that Nmandi gets hurt on the play that finally demonstrated what we expected from him all year....tight coverage, beautiful positioning on the receiver and the ball, SAW the ball....that was classic Eagles secondary coverage and Nmandi coverage...he'll be fine...he suffered from lack of off season and then lack of confidence

- Asante would be good to have IF he had terrific safeties. we don't and he's not.

- linebackers. ok, along with Trent Cole, can see disagreement here but Rolle can be on a SB team..and even Chaney. he makes some great plays and is not bad in, while they are young and a liability now, those two could be developed in 1-2 years to be credible part of a SB defense...they will need some Safeties behind them as even great LBs do

- kicking - a pleasant surprise. hasn't cost us a game (not even the two misses against the 49ers was the real cause) worries about punter, kicker.....i would appreciate if Deon Lewis would simply kneel every play. he hasn't broken one yet and more times than not, he's short of the to see that stat, but honestly think his average return is no better than the 23 and meantime is no threat to break it but often pens the team in

- Coaching - Andy is like so many coaches have been (see Schottenheimer), excellent in many aspects and gets his teams to the playoffs. if you are a lions fan, browns fan, rams fan, bills fan, redskins fan - you'd kill for this. but Eagles fans are ready to risk for more - to get a coach who we may regret but at least presents a chance to win the SB which Andy has proven he does not. you can 't be a coach in the league this long and still struggle mightily in the areas of clock management and key play calling and challenges and penalties. end of 1st half of last night's game was not just baffling but embarrassing - he simply can't manage clocks and timeouts. it's like speaking Chinese for him, he just physically cannot do it. Nor can he know when to override Marty and call the right plays in key situations. or get his team to play with more discipline in key situations. and you can't win a SB with those skill deficiencies.

Andy reminds me of some star employees i've had in the past - they earned the right to try to become VPs but after several years proved they lacked those last ingredients necessary, didn't get promoted and needed to accept that they had reached their peak, in his case, Andy has peaked as a Head Coach and should join another company/team and see if a change of scenery gets him over the hump. i like you Andy, i really do, despite your faults, you are a terrific coach in many ways. but we're going to move in a different direction here and try to get to a SB and "to put you in a better position to win"...on another team. Thank you for all the years of service and great memories...Good luck and God bless you

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