My Feelings on the 2011 Season Through Internet Memes

With this season officially being over, we're all looking for ways to vent. Joe D had a great post grading (and laying into) some of our FA acquisitions. d-jackfan10 brought us Scumbag Andy and JasonB got into the mix some much needed blasting of our newest prima donna.

As for me, I'm going with internet memes. Why you ask? Because they are hilarious and after to putting this together, I feel better. Hopefully after reading, you can feel a little better to. #publicservice

Token "more after the jump" comment....


Well, we all remember the lockout. Day in and day out, we kept hearing condescending drivel from both the players and the owners. My state of mind throughout pretty much every day of the lockout was:


Then the lock out mercifully ended and our collective delusional hopes began their ascension. At this point I'm like:


Then the off-season finally began and the Birds went on an incredible hiring spree. DRC, Mathis, Babin, Brown, Vince "Wonderlich" Young....and then....literally the unthinkable happened. I remember it precisely. I was traveling back to Chicago from D.C. for work. While wasting away in a particularly long security line, I was scanning twitter when I saw the following from everyone's favorite hobbit, Adam Schefter: "Confirmed: Nnamdi to the Eagles. Done."

And if that wasn't enough, we locked down Jenkins who has arguably been the most effective FA signing this year. At this point who didn't feel like this?


Then the media hears VY referring to the Eagles as a "Dream Team" and does what the media does....


Regular Season (Rams, Falcons, Giants, Niners, Bills)

Season opener against the mediocre Rams. Expectations are high, everyone is excited. Also, did you happen to know that St. Louis has the greatest Tight End to ever grace NFL turf? LANCE KENDRICKS! OMFG BEST TE EVAAAARRR. Anyways, we dispatched them handily, which is what was supposed to happen and thus....


Then we lose the next 4 straight and the multitude of weaknesses that will ultimately plague this team start to rear their ugly head. I'll admit though, I was positive. I remember telling my Dad (who is a little more cynical being an Eagles fan much longer than myself)..."we just have too much talent to not succeed, things will be fine." My Dad remained as follows (turns out he was right):


Regular Season (LOLskins, Cowboys)

Wait a minute, we just won two division of which was a behind-the-shed-beatdown of the Cowboys. Sure, we're only 3-4, but we just got two very solid wins and this team is finally starting to come together. Maybe Jaun Castillo isn't so bad, and we can mask the holes at LB, and our safeties are starting to look like actual real-life safeties, and....


Regular Season (Bears)

I seriously hate losing to the Bears so much. The hatred burns so deep that this game has its own section. Maybe it's because I live in Chicago and am just surrounded by it, but for the entire next week, this was me:


Regular Season (Cardinals, Giants, Patriots)

We lost to a pretty crappy Arizona Cardinals wait a minute...let me correct that. We lost to a pretty crappy Arizona Cardinals team LED BY JOHN SKELTON. His stat line the following week: 6-19, 99 yds, 0 TD, 3 INT with a 10.5 rating.

We now know the Giants game was a fluke. If you think about it, outside of the final VY drive (which was impressive), that was a very sloppy game. There were 5 total turnovers.

Then came the proverbial dagger. The Patriots smacked around the Eagles like the red-headed step child they are in their own house. Things couldn't possibly get worse.

What's that you say Andy, Juan and Marty?


Last Game of Regular Season (Seahawks) the Seahawks....a team that lost to the Cleveland Browns 6-3. My thoughts when VY through his 456th INT of the game that sealed it:


And so, here we stand. Pretty much the most disappointing season I can ever remember. At least we have BGN as a great outlet to share frustrations and collectively turn our hopes to 2012. But I'm not here to preach...therefore, just for giggles, here are a few additional quick thoughts:

On DeSean Jackson wanting to be paid like a top 5 WR:

On Trevor Laws and Casey Mathews and their pearls of wisdom:


And finally, I decided to check in on Michael Irvin. You know, just to see how he's doing:


Happy Friday BGN. Time to start drinking.

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