Game Notes

Still pumped up about the win yesterday, and the fact that our slim chance at the playoffs just got a little bigger. Yesterday's win was great, although I did notice some negative aspects. I'll start with the positive though.

Casey Matthews- It seems he's improving every week. He blew up the pass to Tomlinson, resulting in tackle for a loss, and he was in on the fumble with Coleman. I didn't get a chance to look back at the film yet, but it seemed like he held his own in coverage.

Brent Celek- He's been a wildman the past couple games. 5 Rec, 156 yards, 1 TD against a solid Jets D. That's the Celek that I've been looking for. He's always fighting for extra yards, and he even showed his speed on that 73 yard completion. Hell of a performance by Celek.

Lesean McCoy- 18 carries, 102 yards, 3 TDs, breaking Van Buren's record and bringing his season total to 17 rushing TDs, 20 total. Heard another Barry Sanders comparison while watching highlights this morning. I'm still amazed every time I watch him run. His cutback and broken tackle on his 33 yard TD run was incredible. His field vision.

Jason Babin- It should be obvious to anyone that watched the game that he absolutely dominated. He had 3 sacks, and even when he wasn't getting sacks he was in the backfield forcing Sanchez to move and hurry his throws. While he still doesn't give at rat's ass about run defense, if he's getting 3 sacks a game, then that's fine with me.

Keenan Clayton- I liked seeing him out on the field, and he actually made a great stop on a running play. It seems like the young players are really improving and gaining a more noticeable role in the defense.

Defensive scheme and Redzone D- I loved the formation where Trent Cole and Babin are standing up like linebackers in the middle of the line. It drew a false start from the offense once and resulted in a Babin sack on another occasion. If Juan implemented this himself, then congratulations Juan, you've something good. Also, the red zone defense was great. The Jets came into the game as the league's number one red zone offense, and our usually awful red zone defense stepped up and held them to 2/5 from inside the 20. Can't ask for much better than that.

Just a side note, it's seemed like Desean hasn't cared about the team at times this year, he showed great hustle coming back on the fumble and trying to strip the ball. That's the kind of mentality we need from him. While didn't have a great day (2 rec, 28 yds), he seemed like he genuinely cared. He hustled, he showed heart, his downfield blocking was good, and it seemed like he cared less about himself and more about the team. Hopefully that trend continues.

I really could go on for a long time because there were so many positive things, but those are the things that stood out to me.

Now for the negative...

Curtis Marsh- For the second week in a row, he's made a bonehead play on special teams. And both times, he's been immediately bailed out by the defense forcing a turnover. Plays like that make me realize how special Colt Anderson really was.

Coverage Scheme- This isn't a knock on the players themselves, but rather the situations they were put into. Several times, Brian Rolle was matched up on Santonio Holmes, and subsequently beaten. On one play, Trent Cole was in coverage about 30 yards down the field on a Jets receiver (I forget who). Trent Cole, a DE, downfield in coverage. I really don't know what you were thinking, Juan.

Dion Lewis- Honestly, why is he still returning kicks? His fumble gave the Jets great field position and could've been a game changer if they had scored a TD, and he apparently lacks the ability to find a seam, as he's now averaging a measly 21.3 yards per return.

Another side note, I was really hoping to see Kafka play at the end of the game. Vince has had his chance, and he's underperformed. And what's the point of putting Kafka in to just kneel the ball?

This is just my impression from watching the game once, as I haven't re-watched the game yet, so I'm sorry if it's a little thin, but these are the things that stood out to me from the game. If we keep playing like we did yesterday and make the playoffs, we're going to be very, very dangerous.

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