State of the Union (quick read)

Basically just where I see the Eagles starting lineup position by position moving forward (expected future returns not past performance)

S=solid starter, a player youre happy to see in the lineup. not differentiating between simply above average and all-pro level.

A=average, not special but not a liability

P=Poor, shouldnt be in the lineup


QB: Mike Vick (S): Had a real bad year but I chalk alot of that to terrible pass protection for the first half of the season. Bad protection=turnovers and injuries. If Kelce and Watkins develop like I think, he could be posed for a rebound year..That being said I hope Kafkas ready

RB: LeSean McCoy(S): 2nd best after Peterson, mabye MJD....whatever, hes a monster

WR1: Jeremy Maclin (S): Made countless costly mistakes and got hurt this year..But hes got the ability.

WR2: DeSean Jackson? (S): If DeSean comes back hes a solid starter. Hell still do dumb shit, but hell make plays too. We have to give VY's girly arm some of the blame for his lack of production when Vick went down.

TE: Brent Celek (A): There was a time I thought Celek could be a beast. Not so. On pace for 60 catches which isnt bad, but 2 TD so far aint good

FB/2nd TE/3rd WR: Schmidt (A), Avant (S) (as a 3rd WR), Harbor (P): Has 9 catches this year and atleast 3 drops

LT: Jason Peters: (S) Best in the league. I hope Mudd stays cause hes really improved.

LG: Evan Mathis: (S) 2nd best guard in football according to dont know if hes that good, but what a pickup

C: Jason Kelce (U): Hes been overall below average this year but hes showed flashes. Mudd says he sees a lot of Jeff Saturday.

RG: Danny Watkins (U): Id say hes already an average player, and should develop into a solid starter next year.

RT: Todd Herremans (S): Reliable as fuck, plays wherever we put him

Offense: 7 solid, 2 upside, and 2 average. Only dude on my shit list: Clay Harbor, our backup tight end. Not the toughest position to replace. Offensively were in great shape. People forget that the hardest thing to do in football is fill out an O-Line. Give Reid and Roseman props for that.

LE: Jason Babin (S): Ok hes not good against the run, but that problems really been exposed cause of our LB play. Bottom line: On pace for 19 sacks, lets worry about other things

DT1/2: Cullen Jenkins(S), Mike Patterson(A), Derek Landri (S): on profootballfocus: Landris rated as the 5th best DT/NT in the NFL, Jenkins is 9th, Patterson is 27th. Jenkins is great and one of the few leaders on our defense. Landris a beast too. In a year of not meeting expectations our DL has been better than we expected.

RE: Trent Cole (S): Started out great, then got hurt and missed 3 weeks, then for 5 weeks he played but didnt really look like the player we've seen. His stats last week (7 Tack, 3 Sacks) were against Jake Longs backup, but he reminded me of why hes been our best defensive player for years.

OLB: Akeem Jordan (P): Gone. Mabye replaced by Jamar Chaney once we get a real MLB. Ill give Chaney a (U) at this position. Also wouldnt mind drafting somebody

MLB: Jamar Chaney (P): A little dissapointed in him this year. He seems very inconsistent. Hopefully an early draft pick or premier free agent here

OLB: Brian Rolle (U): Most of our good plays by LBs this year are him. One of the players to evaluate most these last 3 games

CB: Nnamdi Asogmuha (J,S): Just added a letter: J=Juan Castillo sucks and horribly misused him to the point where we really dont know how good he is until we get a real defensive coordinator

CB: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (J,U): Hes been awful this year but he was misused and didnt play hard. I think Asantis gone. Rodgers-Cromarties been mentally checked out. Hes got a ton of talent but we better get him a DC he respects or hell continually slack off. (DRC=Doesnt Really Care is one of the better nicknames ive heard this year).

FS: Nate Allen (J,U): I wrote a post after the Seattle game how Nate Allen looked good as a rookie but is so shitty this year, and was honestly feeling like it was time to give up on him. But I got some good comments reminding me of the Castillo thing and the fact that its just now been 12 months since his injury. So Nate Allen gets one more year, if hes not way better next year hes cut. PS- Actually was pretty good vs Miami

SS: Kurt Coleman (A): I like him, but yea hes average

Defense: 5 Solid, 3 upside, 2 poor,1 average, take out the Dline and its 1 out of 7 solid players...Also take into account that Nnamdi, DRC, and Allen would all be given a P based on this year, im just saying i expect better things. All 3 have shown the ability to be very good football players (Nates got a Def Rookie of the Month trophy to prove it).

So while its not hard to see why weve sucked this year, its also not impossible to see a strong rebound next year with the right leadership, and guys playing up to potential.

Overall: S=12, U=5, A= 3, P=2

Prognosis: Basically we have a good football team. Most of our players are solid and we have a few more with potential. There are only real 2 spots we absolutely need to address, both happen to LB positions. Basically the point of this post is that we have a team which is a couple tweaks away from being a contender. I think its the wrong time to blow up the whole front office and coaching staff. Continuity is a necessity in football. You only change things when you hit rock bottom. Were not there.

Anyway If the Eagles dont do something retarded like keep Castillo or wait til the 6th round to pick a LB, i think we got 10+ wins next year

Id love to hear how people agreed/disagreed with the ratings

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