Mock Draft with explanations... Only draft

Ok my Mocks were horrible to you guys so I wont do a mock offseason but I will do a draft to see what you guys think. My mock is going to go if it was tommorow with out free agency I will do trades. Please no English shit im not in school were talking about football so stop acting like im talking like th!$ or @$$ that shit.

Team Needs LB, WR, DT, S

We go 5-11 and end up with the 9th overall pick, 41st, 38th, 73rd, 105th, 137th, 148, 169th, and 188th

Here i go

with the 9th overall pick the Eagles select LB Luke Kuechly Boston College This is the most glaring need on the Eagles and who else to grab but the best linebacker in the draft. He starts 1st day to make Linebacking situation look like this Rolle/Kuechly/Chaney

TRADE!!!!!!!!! The Eagles trade picks 41, and 38, and 2013 5th to Cleveland for pick 25. Cleveland with 2 1st RD picks they look to trade one for extra picks and find a partner with the Eagles. The Eagles grab the pick to make sure they get there guy.


with the 25th pick the Eagles select Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers I know this might be a little bit of a reach but with teams in front of there early second they would see Sanu gone, so they make sure he is a Eagle in a decent trade.

Another Trade the Eagles Trade Desean Jackson to STL Rams for there 2nd rd pick 34th overall. The Rams get Kalil in the 1st and are in need of a wideout, now with the Eagles selecting Sanu the Rams are with out a wideout, so they grab a proven Wide out in Desean to strecth the field.

With that pick the Eagles select Devon Still DT PennState as much as I hate this Pick I do see the Eagles picking him, just not in the 1st round. I dont even see this kid go in the 1st, he has talent but Raw. He is also a good DE in a 3-4 so if we ever go 3-4 just putting it out there just a suggestion.

Recap the Eagles knock out needs at Glaring positions with Sanu and Still and Kuechly(hate speeling his name) Gives us breathing room for the rest of the draft.

With the 73rd pick the Eagles select Mike Adams OT Ohio State I think his stock will rise as Combines go on and pro days but as of now I would like to see the Eagles grab him and start RT and move Herremans back to LG.

With the 105th pick the Eagles select Aaron Henry S Wisconsin I dont see him starting day one, but if nobody reaches on him he will be here and could be mid-season starter. We still have Jarret who hasent started a game yet so I dont think we go early on S.

with the 137th pick the Eagles select Joe Adams WR/KR Arkansas I think the Eagles draft him for Special teams/ what Chad Hall did for us here limited role on Offense, but with KR a glaring need (not posted above but) we grab the best in the draft, who has good speed for offense as well.

with the 148th pick the Eagles select Larry Parker CB San Diego State This kid has talent he plays like Asante with his Gambling but he isnt afraid on putting his nose on some tackles that come his way. Good depth for a year or two behing ASO AND DRC.

169th pick the Eagles select Isahi Pead RB U.C This kid has speed and the Eagles like that so they bring him in as KR as well and to be like a Dexter Mcluster like guy in KC.

With the 188th pick the Eagles select Jacquies Smith OLB Missouri The Eagles are looking for a starter for the future at OLB and possibly start this year? This kid is a sure tackler which the Eagles lack. Also he is black so that grabs the Eagles attention.

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