Updated Playoff Scenarios

Newsflash: Eagles still have to win the rest of their games to even have a remote chance of sneaking into the playoffs. Jets, Cowboys and Redskins are what's left. The next game then, against the Jets, is the all important game, as we know our division opponents pretty well and know what to expect from them. No matter what, the Eagles have to still continue fighting and getting better until the season ends. Yesterday they showed that they can beat another crappy team on the road. So outside of the Division they've beat the Rams and the Dolphins to get to their 5-win mark so far. Moving on.


Here's what's left for the Cowboys after another choke job, they have a quick turnaround and play against the Bucs in Tampa this Thursday. And this is the crucial game for the Cowboys, if they can somehow lose to the Bucs then our chances get that much better. The Bucs coming off a 41-14 beatdown against the Jags will definitely be pissed and ready for this game at home. After the Bucs, the Cowboys play the Eagles (must-win for Eagles) and the Giants (revenge game). Cowboys have to go 1-2 in their next 3. The best-case scenario is the Cowboys losing to the Bucs this Thursday. If the Eagles can't take care of business in Dallas on Christmas Eve to give us an early Christmas gift, then forget about it. It's over, as in mathematically eliminated over. So either the Bucs or the Giants have to beat the Cowboys (preferably the Bucs) in addition to the Eagles taking care of business against the Cowboys in order for the dream scenario to come to fruition.


And the Giants were great, coming back against the Cowboys and helping us out a little bit. They're going to be on an all-time high and smelling their armpits after this win, but little do they know, they've got the feared Redskins coming to town at 1 next Sunday. The Redskins who almost beat the Patriots are definitely due for a win after the effort they put up against the Patriots. So here, the best-case scenario is if the Redskins can bring the same intensity to the Giants game and take care of some business for us. We would be grateful forever to them and will promise not to trade any more crappy Qb's to them. Then the Giants will be facing the Jets who hopefully should be coming off a brutal loss to us and be really fumed and will kick the shit out of the Giants (it's a home-game for the Jets, so that should help them). And finally the Giants face the Cowboys again at home and depending on where both teams are at that point, we'll have to figure out who needs to win that game. Hopefully, the Giants would have lost to the Redskins and Jets before the Cowboys game, but if they're 1-1 after those two then the Giants need to lose to the Cowboys in order for us to have a chance.

Follow all that ? To put it simply, Eagles have to go 3-0, Cowboys and the Giants both have to go 1-2 in order for all 3 to be tied at 8-8 at the end of the season, and the Eagles having the tie-breaker (Division standings) to beat them both out and win the Division and head into the.... Well, it is quite a scenario, but at least we're not totally out of it yet. It would be quite an accomplishment after all the pain and misery we've been thru this year. But, it's too soon to even think about that right now, the Eagles still have a lot of work ahead of them on top of wishing for the other two teams to collapse. It's still a long shot, and not likely at this point, but one never knows.

There were still a lot of concerns coming out of the Dolphins game and this team has a long ways to go. The Jets game will be a big test and we'll see if the Eagles are ready for it, maybe they can finally win one at home. Nnamdi and Nate Allen both (amongst others) still look lost out there and Vick is still running for his life on every other play, so that doesn't say much at this point. I think the Eagles finally showed some signs of life out there and pretended to care a little bit. Desean Jackson was nice enough to catch a pass in the endzone this time and Castillio finally gave up on the wide-9 and went with the vaunted 2-4-5 defense.

And a note to the special teams coach and the head coach, please please take Desean out of the punt returns, it's not his fault that you went into the season ill-prepared for the return game. You're gonna get the guy killed one day on those returns, don't you see how scared he is out there ?? Only put him back there when it's really needed, a la Westbrook. I hope next year they definitely grab a good return specialist who can handle both punt and kick returns. They're killing me with Desean out there, put Chad Hall in or something, at least he won't go backwards on each return. That's my rant for this game, no comment on the trick play in the punt-return game, no comment !!! (Andy's reaction: "I probably got too cute on that.").

So here we have it folks, living on the (l)edge, the life of an Eagles fan. We're ready for the Eagles to embarrass us again this year and lose out or win but not enough to make the playoffs but enough to squander a higher pick. We're ready for it all, not quite ready for 3-0, but ready for pretty much anything else. We'll only believe that hype after it happens, we're not falling for it again !!!

Go Birds !!!

I hate Marty.

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