Know what you're saying

I want to preface this article with I am not a pro scout or believe that I should be one. I also have no real preference in any particular players drafted by us this offseason. I do want us to get a LB and safety through draft or FA. I also asked Santa for a new DC. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. I wish you all, all of the happiness in the world.

I see a lot of people making bogus statements to try and support their emotional decision making process. Meaning they make decisions based on emotions and then try to support those decision with logic or just idiocy.

A player being white/black doesn't make him a good or bad football player. This goes for black QB's and white LB's. There once was a time when black people couldn't vote and now we have an African American president. Shit changes, ideas evolve. STOP being small minded pricks! I could list players who are these colors at these positions to prove you wrong but I am not even giving your POV on this topic credence.Besides saying it's a pathetic and weak attempt to justify your emotions.

Burfict, Te'O, Keuchly.......Being mean does not make you a good player. I hope we all can agree that the two traits are not coupled always. I will go a step further and say being mean, getting penalties and being a great athlete doesn't make you a great player either. Getting penalized often is selfish and a detriment to your team. Not saying a guy like James Harrison wouldn't be welcomed on my team. But being mean isn't what makes him good. Talent makes him good.

Burfict is being compared to Ray Lewis by some of you. Ray Lewis doesn't get penalized and is a GREAT FB player. Can someone find me an article written by a professional who compare Burficts talents to Ray Lewis' talents? From everything I read he has declined or plateaued since his freshman year. This is just what I am reading. I have not watched anything but highlights on youtube and he doesn't seem to be a man amongst boys. So I have doubts on him. It seems he is part of the great American hype machine. If you like him because he is mean, just say that. Just say you want a bad mother fucker at MLB. Don't say he is the next Ray Lewis. You sound like you're trying to hard to sell something. You're argument smells like BS..

Te'O is the only guy I have not read a bad thing on. So there's no need to cover him.

Keuchly on the other hand is white, too small and not athletic enough. You don't make 191 tackles by not being athletic enough. He is playing the same caliber players as everyone else in Div 1 football. He is doing it at a higher level. He is also not that small for a MLB.

Luke Keuchly - 6'3" 237

Here are 4-3 starting MLB in the NFL

Curtis Lofton - 6' 241(last 3 season had over 110 tackles)

London Fletcher 5'10" 245(8 lbs for a 22 year old can be put on easily)

Pat Willis 6'1" 240

Brian Urlacher weighed 238 in his last college football game. He showed up at he combine a chiseled 258. Keuchly is not Brian Urlacher. This is a dumb argument or expectation that I have seen for Keuchly.

Stephen Tulloch 5'11" 240

EJ Henderson 6'1" 245(see London Fletcher)

Dan Conner 6'2" 231(under sized in comparison)

Ramon Humbler(NO) 5'11" 232

Mason Foster(TB) 6'1" 241

Paul Posluszny 6'1" 231

Pat Angerer 6'0" 235

Colin McCarthy 6'1" 238

He is not under sized. The proof is in the pudding. Does this mean he is a sure bet and going to be a great player? NO. It just means he is not under sized. I don't know how any of these 3 will do at the combine. I do know that being white or black is not a pro or con in football. I do know that being mean doesn't make you a great football player or the next Ray Lewis. I do know that 6'3" 237 isn't small for a professional football MLB. I do know because Brian Urlacher put on 20 pounds doesn't mean Luke Keichly will too. I do know that people will read this hate it or like it but still pull statements out of their ass just so they can pretend to have a reason to support their emotional decisions.

Peace out, your cool, your cool fuck you you suck! And I'm out.

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