Why does Jay Cutler look like Joe Montana?

I just have to get this off my chest as I have been 1 of few confident people on this site about how the Eagles would fair even after a rough start.  I sat down and watched this game again last night and I was just blown away on how the lack of enthusiasm on this team was last night. 

And please just bare with me again with this but gotta let this out to people that understand my feelings.

This is 2 straight years Jay Cutler has looked like a hall of fame QB just taking it to us.  unaccecptable on any level with our Defensive personel.  Thank you for the ass whipping though so maybe this will wake someones ass up or at least get someone fired up and step up.

DRC - You played like a high school drop out trying to pick up on a bag yard game.  How do you watch someone catch the ball and just turn and clap your hands and you through a fit about it while your teammates try to tackle Bennett?  You were a probowler 2 years ago, how does this happen? You got your ass handed to you all night.



Asante - Yes I understand you were injured but man you looked lost and confused and well Nnamdi was right there with you.  Our D-line was OK but not the one we have seen all year. Bears were given up the 3rd most sacks in football and we recorded exactly NONE!

Brian Rolle - I liked you since the start and I am sticking with that - Only bright spot I saw last night on our D - Congrats to you.

Yes there were bad plays and bad calls and that happens in games.  Dont cry about it go and fix it and get your fucking job done. 

To Andy Reid - I have supported you from day one and through all of this.  It is time for you to make a change and get this team fired up because half of these guys look like they are out there to just play around and not ready to win.  bench them, cut someone, fire someone what ever it is that you have to do to make this work.

We have a ridiculous easy schedule coming up and could win out - but you and only you can make this happen -

Vick, McCoy and Celek, hands only on the football period end of story. At least until someone else proves they can make a difference.

We need to  treat Desean like a little bitch and slap him around - He pulls up on a catch he could have made, fumbles a punt he should have just let go, and dropped another pass or 2 - And another DRC trying not to get hit moment and he plays defense (watch him pull up in stread of diving after the ball.)



Maclin get your shit together also enough said.

I was always taught you play the way you practice and the 2 weeks we won, yes it was againest a bad washington team and no one really knows about the cowboys but we were fired up in practices and up and down the field.  Did everyone get comfortable after that and say we got this and lose that grip? 

All I can say to end this is fix it now and we still might have a chance or I will just go to hockey we lose again.

Thank you and goodnight

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