Ask Revenge of the Birds

Hey Eagles fans, Joe from Revenge of the Birds here for the weekly "Ask ____" thread.

We all know how this works, just ask questions and me along with some of the other guys from RotB will answer them for you. Please drop by RotB and start one of these up as well.

Now for some basic stuff.

Lets start off with Kolb. No, he hasn't been that good here yet. We have seen glimpses of the good QB that he can become, but he has struggled learning the offense we run in Arizona which is supposedly one of the more complex offenses in the NFL (this was one of my worries before the trade too, I preferred trading for Orton at the time because I thought he could learn the offense sooner). Not having a full offseason hurt him, but I think he will be much better once he fully grasps the offense. His other issue has been footwork (his stance being too wide) and bailing out of the pocket too soon. Right now support is about 50/50 between people who like him and think that he will improve (me) and people who think the entire trade is a bust and it is time to go with John Skelton.

It also sounds like Kolb might miss the game this weekend with turf toe (suffered on the first play against Baltimore) so Skelton could get the start again

I remember hearing rumors that you guys wanted Patrick Peterson or Daryl Washington before the trade went down, and right now I am really glad that they are still in Arizona. Daryl Washington is probably our best player on Defense right now, and Patrick Peterson has been called for a lot of penalties (some of them were iffy calls) but he gets better in coverage every week and he is dynamic with punt returns.

Our biggest issue is pass blocking right now. The line is made up of big guys who are much better at run blocking than pass blocking, and both of our tackles would probably make better guards. Pass rush was the other big issue, but with Acho and Schofield getting more play time it has improved.

Beanie Wells is having a great season, but he is obviously not healthy right now after a knee injury. He isn't running as explosively, and the line wasn't opening any holes for him last weekend.

And now two questions for you guys.

Has DRC struggled as much as he did last night for the entire season? The guy is insanely talented, but his proclivity for avoiding contact like on the one play where he let go of Bennett has been an issue for him during his entire career. He is also much better in man coverage on the outside than he is in zone. And why was your offensive line coach made into a D-Coordinator? That was something that I didn't think would work out from the time it was announced, and it looks like a lot of you guys don't like him at all from what I'm seeing on here.

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