We the Fans Confront the Ducks(So-called Eagles)

The following post will be one that we all probably wish could really happen:

**After the 30-24 loss in Chicago,   the Eagles players dumbfounded   walk into the locker room, still with delusions of grandeur about how great of a team they are.   Desean Jackson still believes he's actually worth 10+ MM, when his size and lack of versatility suggests otherwise,   Jason Avant is still ripping Philadelphia fans,  despite the fact that he's already cost us a game and like most of the other birds has been a complete non factor.      The O-Linemen have had mixed results,   we've seen some good things out of Jason Kelce and Todd Herremans has been a constant as well as Jason Peters.     While Vick's taken alot of hits,  some of that has to be taken upon Vick who after one week realizing the value of quick passes,   made inaccurate throws tonight and kept the ball in his hands hoping to make "something happen".       Asomugha has become as soft as his character on the football field, far from an elite cornerback or a cover guy,  remember the intensity of an in-prime Brian Dawkins?     Asante Samuels is not a great cornerback, he is a system player.    And with the epic fail that is our Linebackers core,     we're just not in a position to succeed to quote Andy Reid.


Speaking of Andy Reid, this epic fail of a season is completely his fault.    It's his management team of yes men who for years now,   thinks of themselves as such football geniuses that they can draft players   in the late-round, guys with "high motor" that everyone other than themselves saw as little more than special teams players or more accurately they didn't see them as NFL players at all!  But the great Andy Reid did, and that's all that matters(sarcasm much).

Similarly,  the hiring of Jim Washburn and Howard Mudd was a great step moving forward,  and if you had no confidence that Sean could do the job fine, but Juan Castillo........really?    The guy, coming into the season hadn't coached on the defensive side of the ball since he saw teens breaking out in pimples and all of a sudden you expected him to be an anchor there defensively?  


So let me get this straight, with all the spending that you did on these marquee free agents, you couldn't bother yourself with a reputed defensive lines coach? Not even a yes man?    Hell, you knew cornerbacks were an issue and one that you planned to aggressively address.  Knowing that, even if you didn't know the results you had to have the expectation of at least getting better, so don't you think Sean deserved at least one more year?   After all, while the defense last year was matador, it had bright spots at times. 

**And so, we the fans marched into the lockerroom with these key points.   And first off, is the "great Jason Avant":

J.A.: So now you're here to kick us when we're down?

Philly Fans: Actually, no, we're here to kick your ass and give you guys a spark because our head coach isn't going to do it(god forbid he ever criticize a player.)  and the unfortunate thing is, there isn't a guy in the locker room capable of doing so!

J.A.: Hey, you guys don't know what's happening in the locker room!? **Getting defensive and uptight**

Philly Fans: Well, maybe we don't know the exact details but we do know what we see week in and week out on the field, especially in contrast to the Eagles teams from 2001-to-2004.   And we've also seen to our annoyance, every single week you guys speak out in the media about "reaching your potential" and particularly, your comments about us being bandwagoners. 


We dealt with this with Jayson Werth a few years ago and in all honesty we really don't miss him, so we're gonna lay down the law:  We're the most passionate fans on earth, for better or for worse. Sometimes we may go to the extremes,  but that's also in our love.      When our guys compete and when they try, even when they lose we like the fact that they're competitive.    But when you guys perform as disinterested as you are,  acting as if you're ALL that. 

And sometimes, you are all that. But here's the thing: You've gotta perform for sixty minutes.  We tied the second quarter and we dominated the third.  But we lost the first and the fourth quarters.  The beginning and the end, you didn't show up. That's the fact.  Wanna know what's also a fact?   This team has acted out of character off the field as well.


In the Andy Reid era,  we prepared week in and week out and there wasn't so much of a controversy, our birds were OUR birds.    When T.O disrupted our organization, we were quick to oust him out of here, because that's not the Eagles way, that's not the way of this blue collar city. 

The Eagles tried to trade Ronnie Brown, but in reality it's Vince Young, he who hasn't seen action since Week Two and hasn't been productive at all whatsoever who should be cut and made an example of.  


Vince Young: **distraught and in disbelief**   Me?  What did I do? 

Philly fans: Only the same nonsense you did in Tennessee, namely not following the game plan and not making the preparations needed to win week in and week out.     Oh,  and you're the one that came up with the whole "dream team" thing,  this isn't a gangster team. We're not the Oakland Raiders, and we don't have a Ryan on this team.  We just don't talk trash. Your comments are even more insulting, given the fact that you haven't been an Eagle, you haven't been in our culture.  You don't have the status to say anything at all, except what you should've said:

"I'm looking forward to coming into Philadelphia, getting a fresh start and finding a way to help this team win football games".   That may be cliche, but that was your situation coming into Philadelphia.   But now, you're not even worthy of being on our bench,    every day your in our locker room facility is a damn insult to the so-called "gold standard". 


Philly fans: And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention  you, Mr. Samuels.

Asante Samuels: I'm ready, bring on the heat.

Philly Fans: We will, look we understand that there's the business aspect to the sports world and we even understand that negotiations can get down and dirty, but when you said you weren't "wanted here" anymore,   that crossed the line. If you truly feel that way, how do we know that you're not giving your all every Sunday? 


Asante: Hey, I bust my tail off playing this sport!  I'm not gonna let my contract situation affect my team!

Philly Fans:  Really? Then why make it a public issue? When Donovan McNabb went to management respectfully, he got his raise/extension. Westbrook? Same deal.    Not only that,  but if you truly are an elite cover guy, why aren't you making the stops?  We can point at Castillo all we want, but at the end of the day you've gotta go in and execute and the same goes for Asomugha too.   And like with Avant, in saying you're not wanted here. Whether you meant it or not, that's an indirect shot at we the fans and we can categorically say, it's not true.   When you're competing, playing hard even if you don't succeed, we appreciate that.

Do we wanna win a SB? Sure,    but above all else and this is the same for all FOUR Philly sports teams is that if our guys are competitive, if they're playing hard, we like them.  We may not want certain players back(namely the LB core) because they've shown themselves incapable, but there's a difference between incapability and not trying.  

Eagles Players: And we're not trying?

Philly Fans: By your own admission, you're not trying. From the coaching staff downward, you have the belief that you're a top NFL team, that you gave these games away.  Well,    now it's time to actually WIN these games.   It's time to compete, it's time to get off your asses and try and it's time to stop thinking things are going to be handed to you on a silver platter!  It's time to wear Eagles Green for the first time this season, because for the first eight games of this season,  you've shown no pride or spirit.     

You've got the 2-6 Cardinals coming into town,  that is a must-win game, not just because of the improbable playoff chase, but even if not in the minds in management, in the minds of we the fans: Your job and your status as an Eagle is on the line. Every one of you, from Vick downard.  Yes Vick,  while circumstances may have been in your favor or not, those interceptions, including the pass into double coverage for your pick yesterday   ARE your fault.


The fans will no longer give you guys excuses, from top to bottom.    For these last eight games of the season, you've gotta show us that you're worthy of a roster spot.   If you still wanna quit, whine and bitch.  Then do us all a favor and just stop trying all together, even more than you are right now. Because then we get a high draft pick and then we can actually draft real  NFL talent that we can groom


And then we'll trade you sissies outta here, cuz you're not even're just lame ducks.  

(As a side note,  I'd like to apologize for the use of the words "ass" and "bitch"(in the final sentence). While I'd like to believe these words weren't used in an inappropriate manner, but rather as a perfect illustration of both our frustration and the State of the Eagles.   If a moderator would like to edit those words,  I'd be more than happy to accept that.   If I must be reprimanded, so be it.   But I had to get my feelings off of my chest.)

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