What’s Wrong With the Eagles?


 (this post also appears on the Bright Lights Sports podcast/blog)

The pre-season dream team with pre-election Rudy Giuliani hype is playing like Rudy’s 2008 campaign. Rudy Giuliani was the front runner on the Republican ticket until people actually started to vote, the Eagles were for sure NFC champs before they actually started playing games. Oh, I know, I know, you were one of the people that thought the Eagles were being overrated after their busy offseason, yeah, we all did, but three wins and five losses? You didn’t think that, and if you did then you don’t football like you claim you do.

Tonight the Eagles fell to the Bears, despite two turnovers one that directly lead to a touchdown scored by the defense and second which lead to a Lesean McCoy score. Even with Matt Forte doing his best Adrian Peterson impression, the Eagles couldn’t pull out a win against the third best team in the NFC North.

So what’s the problem and what’s the solution?

If you’re a Cowboy or a Giant fan, you hope they never find a solution, and if you’re an Eagles fan, well you’re probably cussing as much as you were when you drafted Donovan McNabb. McNabb didn’t turn out terrible, so there’s still hope for this season.  It’s time to stop crying, my fantasy team is in the same situation that the Eagles are in with a shorter season, I’m not crying! Suck it up and move on!

Here’s what the problem isn’t, it isn’t Lesean McCoy, he’s been great and he’s been the reason Philly even has three wins and the reason they were even in all of those other games they lost. In fact, one problem is that Phillly doesn’t use McCoy enough. The man is dangerous and making it clear that it is him you have to beat, opens up the multi-faceted Vick and might light a fire under DeSean Jackson’s ass, which would only be good news for Jeremy Maclin when he finds himself more open.

Look, the defense can make plays, that’s why Andy Reid and Howie Roseman worked so hard getting big play guys there. They in fact worked off of a very simple equation: “we have big play guys on offense so let’s go get some on defense” they’re like football calculus masters.

At Ahman Green’s height the Packers became a run first team despite the presence of Brett Favre, when Brett Favre went to Minnesota he was supposed to be a game manager because he had the best running back in the league on his team, but in both cases because the running back was set apart as the gist of the attack, the secret weapon was able to play his game. The same thing needs to happen with Vick, he almost needs to be taken out of the equation to be able to make the big play, the more he’s used the more likely he’s going to get hurt or devalue the opportunity for that Vick magic we all saw last year. If McCoy becomes the absolute focus, the thing other teams must defend against then we’ll see the Vick and Jackson of last year.

Bet your Kibble on it.

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