Dear Jason Avant

Guess what? Not only have the bandwagoners jumped the ship because the Eagles suck, but the people who have been watching every single Eagles game for forever, ALSO think the Eagles aren't going anywhere...because they suck. So suck on that...oh and you know the difference between a few weeks ago and now? When you sucked a few weeks ago you actually had a CHANCE to right the ship. Now I recommend you go on and book a nice vacation in January... A warm one, since it'll be cold in Philly--real cold by then.


Oh and hey Juan, your defense SUCKS. We're tired of seeing them get GASHED for 8-12 yard runs game, after game, after game. I don't care that you're high motor or have a lot of experience in the NFL. You have a pro bowl DL and a pro bowl DL and they can't stop the likes of Earl Bennett , Roy Williams or sack Jay Cutler when he falls to the ground... Your zone scheme SUCKS and gets beaten like a two dollar hooker. Do you have more than two blitzes in the arsenal? Even with you have 7 playing the pass, they still get beat IE 3rd and 18...Inexcusable...


Hey Andy and the front office. Did you NOT see Lance Briggs and Urlacher tonight? You know, LINE BACKERS!? Not only were they chasing down McCoy and making the Eagles one dimensional, but they were making plays in the secondary as well.... Maybe it's about time we bring in a line backer who can make a play? AND NO they are not some undersized DE or slightly larger S tweener with "high" motors. They are BIG, strong, and can play laterally. Not every big guy is slow and unable to play the game. Christ.


DRC -- You should sign up for a flag football team. I have not seen one player in my life that is soo disinterested in contact. Worse than Deion, he would at least dive at the ball carriers feet.


DeSean, thanks for opening up the field for everyone, but how about making a play or two yourself? And when there's two guys BARRELING down on you theres NO NEED to try and make something happen that's not there and gift a TD on your fumble. You're 150 lbs, and you're not a top 5 WR.. Hell, I think I could name 10 other WRs that I rather have 1. Andre Johnson 2. Calvin Johnson 3 Greg Jennings 4. Mike Wallace, 5 Steve Smith 6 Larry Fitzgerald 7 Roddy White 8 Julio Jones 9 AJ Green 10 Vincent Jackson.... There 10 WRs who are either better than you or will be better...

Oh and before I go to bed and have to wake up in 5 hours and bust my ass , I wanted to say this:


To the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles




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