Is This a Must-Win Game For The Eagles?


Tonight the Eagles face the Bears, which will prove to be an exciting game. However, after both the Giants and Cowboys won on Sunday is this a Must Win game?

The phrase "Must-Win Game" has been thrown out a lot this season for the Eagles. Since the Eagles go their season off to a bad start (too be putting it mildly,) every game now is pretty much a playoff game. We finally got our footing back last Sunday against the Cowboys. But after a wild Sunday, I feel this is a Must-Win game for the Eagles and I think there are many implications after Sunday:


1.) The Giants Won.

I prayed to the Football Gods and sacrificed a goat in honor of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Apparently that did not work because Eli pulled off another win against the Patriots. Two problems with that. Now the Giants gained some shred of pride and momentum heading into San Fran. Another problem is that the Giants needed to lose in order for the Eagles to gain some footing in the NFC East. While I didn't think the Pats D could handle the Giants O, I was hoping Tom Brady would pull a rabbit out of the hat and create a winning drive against the Giants D. Unfortunately the reverse happened and the Giants are now sitting pretty on a 6-2 record. If the Giants played as well as they did against the Pats then we could be in trouble.


2.) The Eagles Have Less Room to Make Mistakes

This game has trap game written all over it. The Bears need to win in order to stay afloat in the NFC North and the Eagles are riding into the game after beating down Dallas. While I think we can win because the Bears O is not as Dynamic as ours and our D is becoming good, Matt Forte scares the bejeezus out of me and if our Run D falls apart then we are screwed. Even if we win this game, we still have a decently tough schedule and the SNF game against the Giants, is the equivalent to a Playoff game. While I think we can handle the Pats and Jets. The Giants scare the hell out of me. 


3.) I don't think DJaxx can pull off another Miracle

The Giants game has more at the stake now than ever. If we lose to the Giants I'm pretty sure our season is over unless the Giants implode. I personally hate the Giants more than Dallas because our games with the Giants always have more at stake. I'm hoping that a win tonight will comfort me and my colon. We need to get this win in order to keep pace with the Giants. What also scares me is that Eli is starting to look good now. I take the Giant's win against the Pats with a grain of salt for the main reason that the Pats D is the worst in the league. 


4.) Injuries

Knock on Wood we are healthy now, but we can't afford to lose anyone on this team during the next couple weeks, Minus Jarrad Page. The Bears D play hard physical football and we can't have anyone on our O injured, Particularly, the holy trio of Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin. If Vick or Shady goes down we could have a long couple weeks. Hopefully our improved O-Line can keep him safe so we can make big plays. 


All in all we could have a good game against Chicago. We can have a big game against them if we limit Forte and Hester. We also should not count out Jay Cutler because when he has time he can throw the ball pretty well so let's pray that their O-line crumbles and our O lights it up.  This game is important to us because we want to maintain our foothold in the NFC and show the Football World that the Eagles like (Most) of it's fans never give up. Fly Eagles Fly

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