Who is the best QB in the division?

Who is the best QB in the division?

I'm happy to say Vick, hands down, clear cut winner. I already know what most of you are thinking. "He's so right!". Then some of you are thinking "What about Manning". I'll explain this here in a sec... First, I got to address the other (must be) crackheads in here that would just say their QB because its from their team. Romo? HaHa. And don't get me started on Grossman and Beck.

OK, so to compare Vick and Manning...
Passer rating isn’t a good judge in who’s a better QB. We’ve all heard that before, right? Interceptions aren’t always the QBs fault, game situations vary, presence of a run game takes away from attempts, some teams prefer red zone rushing, and some teams just have a better WR group. These are the reasons why its been general knowledge of this outdated system. BTW I’ve watched all of Vick’s INTs this year, and can honestly say that only 2 of them are his fault, the same with Manning.

Vick is leading the NFL’s #1 Offense. Isn't moving the ball the best judge in a QB? The running game has become a HUGE part of the Eagles this year, which takes away from some passing attempts (also injury time taken off). But still, even despite that, Vick has moved the ball more than Manning has. Whether its in the air, or on his feet. He has 2,274 yards total, while Eli has 2,112.

Also consider the opponents Manning has faced… some of the worst Defenses in the league. The Redskins are the best Passing Defense the Giants played so far this season. And they are just mediocre in the NFL, ranked 12th in fewest passing yards allowed per game. And let’s see how he did against the best points allowed Defense they played so far.

Eli vs Redskins
CP/AT YDS TD INT Passer Rating

Rex Grossman that game

Not so well. Even Grossman definitely outperformed Eli. LOL.

So lets be honest here, Vick moves the ball more and against tougher Defenses. Defensive Coordinators have to ask themselves, “How do we try to contain Vick”. Vick is more explosive and feared. Vick is more agile and evasive from sacks. I won’t even mention what Vick did to that same Redskins Defense. I’d say Vick is the clear cut winner as the best QB in the NFC East. I will admit that Eli can compete with the passing aspect of the game, but ask any Defensive Coordinator… the game’s been changed. And it started with Vick.
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