Why I Think The Eagles can Beat the Packers: Musings from an Unintentionally Smug Fan.

Bold Statement

No I have not been smoking the Peace Pipe, Nor am I delusional. I'm also not taking anything away from the Packers right now. They have the Best QB in the league running the show and they have clutch players in each position. I am also not just basing this because of last weeks performance against the Cowboys nor am I one of those bandwagon Philly fans now. That being said If the Packers, played head to head against the Eagles this year, they would lose and here is why:


1.) The Eagles offense can go blow to blow with Green Bay:

Not many offenses in the NFL can match up to Green Bay's explosiveness. The few offensive units that come to mind are the Saints, Patriots, and maybe the Steelers and Lions. However these offensive have flaws.  As we saw with the Steelers and Patriots battle. The Patriots, widely to believed to have a Top 5 best offensive unit, can be shut down with a good Defensive unit. The Packers have a good defensive unit though its passing D has been lacking this year (More on this Later) The Lions and Steelers offense can be shut down if their top receiver is covered and if there is pressure on Drew Brees, he will make mistakes.

The Eagles are different from these teams in one big way and that its: An Amazing Running Game. None of these offensive units have a great running game. With LeSean McCoy becoming a Top 3 running back, plus the skill of Michael Vick, The Eagles Don't have to win the Game by passing. They can just hand to ball off to Shady and let him do all the dirty work. That being said The Eagles have the only receiving corp that can match up against the Packers D and O. They have skill players like: DeSean, Jeremy, Jason, Brent, and Steve( If he's used) The Packers have extreme pride in their depth at CB. However the D can't match up with all of our players. Woodson can cover DeSean. Tramon can maybe cover Jeremy, And Sam Shields could possibly cover Jason Avant. However that Leaves Brent open. Sure they can put Clay Matthews or AJ Hawk on him but then who is going to spy on Shady or Michael. The Eagles have the ability to score anywhere on the field if they Don't make mistakes. When the Eagles don't turnover the ball, they are unstoppable. 


2.) The Offensive line is stepping up, which is allowing Brent Celek to become a factor in the offense. 


People may argue that Michael Vick is designed to play well if the offensive line is collapsing due to his ability to scramble or make quick throws. All the highlight reel plays he does is in part the offensive line collapsing. I disagree with this notion. Michael Vick is  trying to become a pocket passer. While he still scrambles, he makes reads on plays before he takes off and runs. Michael Vick is also a good passer. He can throw some beautifully accurate balls that could make Tom Brady cry. He also has a huge arm and can throw it deep. The reason why Vick was so successful against the Cowboys is because he had time. The offensive line is starting to come together despite its youth and the fact it consists the most random no name players in the NFL. The O Line not only helps Vick but it helps LeSean make those beautiful runs. The O Line becoming solid allows Brent Celek to become a factor in the offense. Last year Brent Celek's job was to block and we lost a key element to our offense. Brent Celek is an amazing tight end when he does not make silly drops but when he catches the ball he adds another dimension to our offense. Allowing us to score more in the redzone. I still have some doubts with the O-Line due to the fact that DeMarcus Ware had 4 sacks on Vick. I see this weeks battle against the Bears to be the ultimate test as far as D-Line is concerned because I consider The Bears D-Line a top 3 D-LIne. But If we can handle the Bears D-Line well, then we can sure as hell handle the Packers because their Biggest threat on their D-Line is BJ Raji. However they use their linebackers as blitzers. Hopefully in that contest we would still be able to hold back their LBS


3.) The Eagles D is Coming together. 

My faith was shaken this season. I admit I was one of the many fans calling for Juan's head after our loss to the Bills. But give the man credit for getting the players to turn around for the Dallas game. This Philly D that was ranked near the bottom of the NFL in total D, now jumped to Number 11 according to Our D is now playing more man to man and it has tightened up. We are generating Sacks on Sacks on Sacks because we are no longer as Wide-9ny as we were in the beginning of the year which is helping us stop the run. That being said DeMarco Murray would have had a big game against us judging by his game stats.  74 Yards on 8 carries. Also if we can force ARod to make mistakes and make him uncomfortable he won't be as clutch as he is now. But my main concern against the Packers is their passing and if the Nnamdi, Asante, and Dominique play just as well agains the Cowboys, who's Receiver Corp and QB are actually pretty good (Minus SNF game against us) Then we can have a better time shutting down the Packers passing game. That being said the Packers have a better receiving corp and TE than the Cowboys, which would beg the question who is covering who. In a game vs the Packers our Linebackers would need to step up. Our Linebacker corp is one of two positions on D that concern me, the other being SS (Yes I watched Kurt Coleman's performance against Washington, but I'm not completely convinced.) The major reason why we are 3-4 is because we have not had time to come together on the D however, we are starting to now which is the reason we are becoming more and more successful. 


4.) The Packer's D this Year is considerbly worse than Last year's Packer D

I'm not completely knocking the Packer's D. They still have loads of skill players on their D and there is a reason why they are 7-0 and we are 3-4 but that being said overall the D is terrible compared to last year. The Packers Passing D is ranked 31st in the NFL. 31st!! They have the second worst Pass D in the NFL. The worst being the Patriots. This could allow the Eagles to have a field day against the Packers Pass D. I know the Packers CB looks good on paper but as we know the hard way. Paper D does not equate to Wins. I know the Packers have other factors like Red Zone stops and all. But if we can beat the Packers deep it would be a long day for Green bay. I'm not worried about their Rushing D because we ran over (At the time) the number one Run D in the NFL. The fact that Shady is becoming easily one of the best running backs in the NFL. I would even go as far as to say 2nd best after AP, helps us wear out the Packers D.


5.) The Packers are one dimensional offensively.

Seriously does anyone know who the Packers RB is?James Starks? Ryan Grant? Are either of them any good? Yeah I remember that James Starks had a big day against us but overall their running game is nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Either way I'm sure McCarthy would run the ball against us. But The Packers are 24th in the league Rushing. Its easier to stop a team if they are majority of time passing. Plus an offense is not truly dominant if its either mostly passing or mostly running 


The Eagles have had ups and downs this season (Mostly downs.) But I have a feeling we can get into the playoffs. We have the talent to go all the way the question is can we be cohesive enough as unit to accomplish this. 

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