Let's rank our offseason moves

Now that there has been enough games available, let's do just that. Also, let's discuss on who's going to stay and or/go.

Let's start w/ the coaches

Howard Mudd - I don't know that Howard will be back, especially is Andy is gone next year. I don't know that he wants to come back, I think he'll wan tto retire. Unfortunately, he proved to be a heck of a coach. Two rookie starters and we now have one of the better lines in the NFL. Certainly the best in the NFC E, although that's not saying anything. Our line was TERRIBLE last year under Juan Castillo.This signing is an easy A

Jim Washburn - I like the fire in this coach. I think Philly, with a blue collar fan base can appreciate Washburn stirring things up with heated emotion. His wide 9 scheme turned out to be pretty good. We have gotten to the QB many times with just rushing four. It really is up for debate how the scheme hurt us defensively though, as it doesn't appear we had the line backers to carry it out well.

Ike Reese made a good point, it took Washburn a few games to finally move in the ends in just a little bit to help out the run game...However, that seemed to come a few games too late as we have already dropped a few games with the run being an issue. I liked the off season signing back then, I still do... B+

Juan Castillo - We orignally thought that there was no way we could get a worse co-ordinator than Sean McDermott. We also figured there was no way to screw this defense up having an all pro corner, along side a pro bowl corner, with another pro bowl corner playing slot. Not to mention a 3 stellar pass rushers in Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin, and Trent Cole. As it turns out, it could get a lot worse. This move was a complete bust and I originally was willing to give it a chance -- F


Kolb/ 2nd rounder + DRC

Honestly, Kolb was just going to be a backup this year anyway. We ended up landing a high 2nd round pick and a young corner with pro bowl potential. Given the chance to play on the outside I thought he did really well. Had trouble playing out of his positon in the slot and he certainly is the worst tackling corner he was billed to be last year. I still think we did a good job on that trade though -- A if that second round pick turns out to be good, B if it's another LB/DE hybrid you can't play.


NA - When used properly he did what he did most of his career -- shut down corners. When Juan decided to turn him into something he's not? He looked a bit lost. I still think it was a great signing and if used properly next year he's going to help us out - A

Cullen Jenkins - I haven't seen a pass rushing talent at the DT position on the Eagles squad since Darwin Walker's good days, or Hollis Thomas' better days OR Corey Simon. Great hustle, love this signing, I hope he comes back next year - A

Vince Young - He did what I thought he was going to do and played like a mediocre QB. Although like Tebow, if the defense affords him the opportunity in crunch time, he doesn't fold under pressure. I still thought Marty would develop him better as a passer much like he did Vick. He also brought this whole dream team on us, that I don't see us living down anytime soon. C

Ronnie Brown - He's a good back up to LeSean McCoy. Didn't get any chances behind McCoy, who's lucky to get chances himself in some games. Also had one of the dumbest plays I have ever seen since Plaxico spiked the ball in his rookie year. C

Steve Smith - We basically paid 4 million dollars for a guy to sit behind Jackson, Maclin, Avant, and Cooper. He clearly wasn't ready to come back with his knee and gifted his old team an easy red zone INT in week 3. We could've easily resigned David Akers and Sav Rocca with this money -- both having pro bowl years. Heck, Akers is probably having an all-pro year.

Jason Babin - He's not the most disciplined player, he racks up penalties in each and every game. He plays with a lot of intensity and heart though. He also gets a lot of sacks while Cole gets all the blocking attention. This was the signing we needed to have a pass rush opposite side of Cole while Graham heals up this year. Good signing: A

Jarrad Page - The WORST safety play I have seen in a long time. And since Dawk got old/left, we have seen a lot of that. Helped destroy our defense tremendously in the first quarter of the season. F

Who we let go.....

Akers/Rocca - Our kicker hasn't kicked many long FGs, but seems to be money from 30-40 yards out. He also costs us the SF game by missing two chip shots. The punter Henrey hasn't impressed me at all. It's not like he's even inconsistent either. He's just good for about a 45 yard punt with avg hang time in each game.

Kolb - Probably would have beaten the Giants and lost to the Pats which makes the trade pretty good.

Ernie Simms - Well, it's not like our LBs improved all that much, so not a huge loss here.

Mikkel - He got paid and I don't blame him. But wow, we could have really used him. We really REALLY could have used Q. He had heart too, which is a shame, we needed that.

Stewart Bradley - Another guy who got paid and I don't think the Eagles were interested in signing him. It figures, a LB with size and the ability to stop the run and the Eagles didn't re-sign him. It helps ease the sting that he's not exactly grasping the 3-4 system, but we could've used him instead of the Casey Matthews disaster.

The Vick Resigning...This is an interesting one because in the preseason this was something we all thought had to happen. Vick looks like he has regressed a bit and has fumbled and turned the ball over all too often this season -- especially in the red zone. He has still shown brilliance at times with his ability to escape the pocket and run, but he definitely had a down year from last year. He also takes a lot of hits and predictably got injured from the concussion in week 2 to the ribs a few weeks ago. I still don't think Vick was a huge problem this year say as much as the defense, but he needs to improve as a passer next year.

All in all a few things stick out

- For going "ALL IN" we really let a few key pieces go including Mikkel, Akers and Bradley. You could make an argument that it even costs us games not having these guys in green.

- Again for going all in why why why would you sign an unproven coordinator? This absolutely costs us games and the season..

- Some of the signings were fantastic. Babin, Jenkins, and NA (when used right.)

- Again, when I look at the roster, I see enough talent to win. Absolutely more than enough talent to be better than 4-7. This season HAS to go on the coaching staff.

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