Try Again Mock

This season has been a total bust and we have been the laughing stock of the league. So we start making moves and fire the top dog Andy Reid and his cordinators. Marty is juat a horrible playcaller and this Lead the Eagles to their red zone play. Jaun do i really need an explantion? So heres are coaching staff for the franchise (Im not doing By postion to hard to predict and we will leave that to the Head Coach

HC: Bill Cowher explanation-It's a perfect fit he dosent want to rebuild a team and this team is right there they just need coaches and leaders.

OC: Chip Kelly Explanation- I really like this coach and is a good play caller in Oregon. He knows how to utlize speed and will use are speed correct. (Dont see it happening but who knows)

DC: Winston Moss Explanation- Alot of people have him as are Up and coming head coach and i think they are right but i think he will be a cordinator before he becomes a head coach. ( Also if Spags is fired i would like to see the Eagles take him.

ST: Bobby April Explanation- Why would we fire him?

 Not resigned/cut/resigned/franchise

Jaqua Parker- Not resigned

Desean Jackson- Franchised

 King Dunlap- resined

Evan Mathis: resigned

Victor Abamiri- Cut

Vince Young- Resigned

Steve Smith- Cut

Ronnie Brown-Not resigned

Akeem Jordan- Cut

Owen Schmitt-Resigned

Trevor Laws-not Resigned

Derek Landri-Resigned

Antonio Dixon- not resigned

Moises Foku-Cut

Extended: Lesean McCoy- Do i need to explain myself?

Free Agents:Trades RB Jason Snelling: 1 YR Cowher always has a big back

WR Vincent Jackson: 5 YRS With us unsure about Desean and with us benching him we go out and get a WR to replace Desean.

OLB D'Qwell Jackson: 3YRS The dudes underated. He is a good all around linebacker. He is Cowhers kind of player.

P: Matt Turk? We will Sign a punter but I dont know who Just threw a name out there.

Trades: Desean Jackson To Jacksonville for 2012 2ND RD pick and 2013 2ND RD pick.

Asante Samuel to Cleveland for a 2012 3rd and 2013 6th and

 Draft Day:

1ST RD: Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State. He is a good player and will control his anger when in an NFL locker room.

2Nd RD 2A:David Decastro G He falls right to are pick and we snag him

2B: Alameda Ta'amu, DT Washington we need a DT and grab one early with one of are 2's

2C: Mark Barron S Alabama Its a need a with Nate Allen playing horrible you dont know how he is and with Jarett not playing you dont know how good he is.

3RD 3A: Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State ASO DRC Rhodes looks like the Jets corner combination.

3B: Sean Spence LB Miami he could push for an outside linebacking job

4TH RD. 4A Joe Adams WR Arkansas He is A sleeper and with the Desean trade we try and get a speed guy right back with Joe Adams.

4B: Lamichael James RB Orgeon This is for Chip Kelly

5th RD 5th Andrew Datko OT Florida State Depth and maybe future RT

6th RD 6A Mychael Kendricks ILB Cal he is a hard nose physical linebacker that could replace Burfict if he dosent work out.

              6B Trevor GUYTON DT Cal Its for Depth

6C and Winston Justice is traded to KC for 2013 5TH

 Depth Chart/If people arent on the roster that means they were cut after preseason and TC

QB: Vick,Young,Kafka

RB: McCoy,Jason Snelling,Dion Lewis,L James

FB: Schmitt

TE: Celek,Harbor

WR:V. Jackson,Maclin,Avant,Adams,Cooper

OT: Peters,Herremans,Datko,Dunlap


C: Kelce, Jackson


DT:Jenkins, Ta'amu,Patterson,Landri,Guyton

OLB:D'Qwell Jackson, Sean Spence, Rolle, Chaney, Matthews


CB: ASO,DRC,Rhodes,Marsh





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