Can 9-7 get us in the Playoffs ?

[Warning:  This post was written before the loss against the Patriots, I wouldn't have had the energy to write this afterwards, but it was written with this as being a possible loss].


I know Jim, I know, just work with me here. 

So if the Birds don't lose to the mighty Patriots today, it's still reasonable to say that they're gonna lose at least one more along the way, if not more.  But if they can somehow manage to go 5-1 for the rest of the season, resulting in a 9-7 record, will that be enough to still get them in the playoffs ?!? 

Well, they won't get the wild card, as pretty much everyone should know.  The only chance is to win the Division, but can 9-7 win the NFC East this year ?  Well, the Cowboys are 7-4 and they would have to go at least 2-3 or worse for that to happen and the Giants are 6-4 and would have to go 3-3 or worse. 

The Cowboys play:

  • @ Arizona (Dec 4th, 4:15pm)
  • vs New York Giants (Dec 11th, 8:20 pm, Sunday Night)
  • @ Tampa Bay (Dec 17th, 8:20 pm, Saturday Night)
  • vs Eagles (Dec 24th, 4:15 pm, Saturday Game)
  • @ Giants (Jan 1st, 1 pm)

If the Giants can beat them twice, that would be awesome, then we would only need one more loss for the Cowboys.  But if the Giants can't accomplish that, then I see them at least beating the Boys once.  And if we're gonna be in the playoffs, we are gonna have to help ourselves and beat the Cowboys for the 2nd time this year.  Then we have to rely on the Cardinal or Bucs to give the Boys their 3rd loss, anything is possible. 

The Giants play:

  • @ New Orleans (Nov 28th, 8:30 pm, Monday Night)
  • vs Greeen Bay (Dec 4th, 4:15 pm)
  • @ Dallas (Dec 11th, 8:20 pm, Sunday Night)
  • vs Washington (Dec 18th, 1 pm)
  • @ New York Jets (Dec 24th, 1 pm, Saturday Game)
  • vs Dallas (Jan 1st, 1 pm)

Hmmm, hopefully the Saints and Packers will take care of business and the Midgets will be at 6-6 in two weeks. And most likely Dallas should at least win one against the Giants, otherwise we are depending on the Redskins or Jets to help us out for the Giants to lose their 3rd one.  Not unreasonable.

The Eagles play:

  • vs New England (Today, 4:15 pm)
  • @ Seattle (Dec 1st, 8:20 pm, Thursday Night)
  • @ Miami (Dec 11th, 1 pm)
  • vs New York (Dec 18th, 4:15 pm)
  • @ Dallas (Dec 24th, 4:15 pm, Saturday Game)
  • vs Washington (Jan 1st, 1 pm)

Well, the Patriots present a challenge, and Bellichick has only lost to Reid in the Pre-Season (if my memory serves me right).  But if somehow the Eagles can shock the NFL world and beat the Patriots then that would be a great start to this run to the playoffs.  We would still have one game where we could still falter and go 9-7.  If we lose this one then we HAVE to win the rest of the games to go 9-7, and hope for the Giants and Cowboys to go 3-3 and 2-4 respectively as stated above. 

So since we've put ourselves in a bad position (and not looking behind at this point), we're gonna have to win out or go 5-1 and still need help from our friends in NY and Dallas to propel us into the playoffs.  Otherwise, let's get ready for reasons (excuses) from the Eagles F.O. as to why Reid still deserves to be the coach.  It's gonna be a tough off-season. 

But right now, all we can do is take it one game at a time.  The Patriots are the immediate obstacle - Tom Brady and Co.  Hopefully the line can create some pressure and make Brady uncomfortable all day long, that's our only hope to stop their offense.  Otherwise Brady will carve up the defense up and embarrass Juan Castillo like he's never been embarrassed before.  If that happens then Juan should just go hide under a rock after the game and not make any public comments (anyone else getting tired of his rhetoric already ?  He's worse than Andy). 

On offense, I was encouraged by VY's play and composure last week and hopefully he'll maintain and improve upon that this week.  Imagine if he beats the Patriots, the crowds are going to be clamoring for him to be the permanent starter for the rest of the year.  But that's a big IF.  He just needs to play within the offense and hopefully connect with Desean on those long passes.  On paper the Patriots D isn't that great, so let's see if VY and Co. can keep up with the Brady Bunch and keep the game respectable or pull out a W.

And coaching, Bellichick has always had Andy's number (and I don't mean the phone #, although I've heard Andy mention somewhere that they talk once a week, hopefully he called him this week for tips on how to handle the Patriots).  But this is the ultimate game to see the difference between how a real coaching genius (Bellichick) does things and the adjustments that are made at half-time to counter our game plan.  Can Reid and Juan Castillo keep up ?  I know the players are really dialed in and believing in the team and the coaches, but will that be enough to get the W against the Mighty Patriots ?   Hmmmm, we'll know soon enough.  The posts on BGN after the game will give us a clue. 

Good luck Birds, Beat the Patriots, knock Brady out of the game and let Shady run wild.  And then we'll be 5-6.  Yeaaaay !!!!

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