DeSean Jackson - Show him the money

The lack of appreciation that a lot of Eagles fans have displayed for Desean Jackson is mind boggling. It's true that he's a little immature and sometimes commits foolish penalties, but he more than makes up for the damage he causes. The 50 yard penalty vs. the Giants was a fluke. I was more upset that the NFL rewarded the Giants for committing a penalty than I was with DeSean Jackson.  He's a bit of a Diva, but he's not by anymeans a T.O. type that rips the QB and the organization.

He is the most exciting receiver the Eagles have had since Mike Quick. He's been a major contributor in most of the Eagles impressive victories over the last couple of years. He's been great against division rivals such as the Giants and Cowboys. He's also a  great entertainer.  Who didn't love the Nestea Plunge at Dallas? or the way he ran along the goal line video game style before finishing off the Giants last year?  He deserves a new deal.

 If anyone thinks the Eagles would be better without him, please review the offenses' recent  performance against the Cardinals.

I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for him because he only makes $600,000 this year, but consider the situation he finds himself in. After suffering 2 concussions, he surely realizes how quickly his career could be over. The thought of it ending before ever getting a contract worthy of his production must be in the back of his mind.  Its been suggested that DeSean is giving less than 100% because he's jealous of  the likes of Steve Smith,  Ronnie Brown,  Vince Young, etc..   but I think the Eagles have forced him to play somewhat tentatively by not giving him the deal he deserves.  Once he becomes a free agent, someone will give him the kind of deal that will set him and his family for life.  Then he'll be able to loosen up and go all out without having to worry about never getting that deal.

Some feel as though its ridiculously selfish of DeSean to want a new contract, but the fact of the matter is that it's quite common for teams to resign their star players prior to their rookie contract expiring.  Its kind of unusual for a team to force a player to play out their rookie contract when they've out played it as much as DeSean has.  

A lot of Eagles fans feel strongly that they don't want the Eagles to overpay D-Jax. I say Why not? I'd rather see him get $10 million from the Eagles than to see him go somewhere else. I'm not sure that is overpaying, but many say $10mil is too much. Lets say he should be making $7mil per year. He's been working for less than a million per year. He's been worth 7 since he arrived so if the Eagles pay him 3mil for the first 3 years and $40 mil for the next 4, he'll have averaged just over 6mil per year over his 1st 7 years. That's still less than Darrius Heyward-bey(5yr/$38.250) makes.

If you need more convincing, here's 8 more reasons they should resign DeSean Jackson:

1. Na Brown, 2. Todd Pinkston, 3. Gari Scott, 4. Freddie Mitchell, 5. Freddie Milons, 6. Billy McMullen, 7. Reggie Brown,  8.  Jason Avant.   

Those are the receivers drafted by Reid prior to drafting DeSean Jackson.  Avant is useful as a number 3 WR, but the rest were pretty bad.  Guys like DeSean don't come around everyday. 

If, as many hope, they do refuse to pay him and he goes to the Giants or Cowboys or whoever, who can the Eagles replace him with?   Larry Fitzgerald isn't going to be available.  Ditto that for Andre Johnson and Greg Jennings.  If the Eagles let Jackson go, they'll regret it.  And so will you. 

Time to pay up.

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