There still is hope...I hope

As we all know, the outlook for a playoff berth is bleak. We have only climbed a small hill to save a glimpse of a fast setting sun before this Sunday. And many of us have already given up hope, whether when we were 1-4 or 3-6. But despite the struggles so far this season, there is actually a real chance to win the division, much more than some people believe. We still hold our destiny in our hands - win out, and its a near guarantee clinch. Lose one, we would need help. But there is a chance.

It is without a doubt easy to say that we need to win out. But I just want to say why winning out would put us into the playoffs.

Week 12

Eagles vs. Patriots

As scary as this game seems, you can't deny that they are a one trick pony on offense. Their run offense is next to mediocre but their pass attack is something to marvel at. I'm not going to lie, our defense will not be the better half but if may be the determining factor. As horrible as our secondary has play they are still TALENTED. If Tom Brady throws the ball 40+ times, that talent has to perform. As for the offense, we have the capability to dominate that side of the ball vs. their susceptible defense because fortunately, despite the fact that we don't use McCoy enough, we have quite a balanced offense. 

38-37 Eagles


Cowboys vs. Dolphins

As many want to put a W in the column for Dallas, do it. But there is a chance for Miami to upset the Cowboys and for those who want to keep believing, here is why. Yeah, they're only 3-7, but they are a hot 3-7. There isn't an Eagle fan out there who still has hope that wouldn't have a 3 week win streak Dolphins team paying a visit the Big D. And if that weren't enough, they actually can match up fairly well versus the Boys. Dallas D is been plagued by the big play though they have played a bit better in that aspect. Reggie Bush is one of the few players who are close to being as agile as McCoy and if he gets going early it can really hurt Dallas. Their receiving core is also underrated. Marshall with all his antics is still a big target to cover while Bess is extremely quick with good hands, important for sustaining drives. Defensively, the Dolphins have a formidable line that could dominate the Boy's O-Line. Vonte Davis has returned from injury a couple weeks ago, another reason why the defense has been playing so well. They have the ability to put the game on Romo's shoulders and i'll take that at this point.

27-20 Cowboys

But I do want to say this game could go the other way


Saints vs Giants

And in a two game stumble, the Giants head down south to visit the Saints. Has anyone else noticed that whenever these two teams meet, its usually the game that really sets the Giants in a tail spin? I can go on and on why the Saints can win. Offense is simply amazing, one of the best in the league. I love Greg Williams on their defense and what they try to do. This is obviously going to be a shoot-out in my opinion and will be a great game to watch and is absolutely key for the Eagles to catch up.

34-24 Giants


Are you kidding me? After Henery makes a game winning FG, the Dolphins give up a game winning drive on 4th down and Brees throws a pick-6...Go figure.

Division Standings

7-4 Dallas/NY

5-6 Philadelphia


Oh now it doesn't look too good. I was seriously under the impression that ONE of the TWO would lose. But we did win and since we won we still have a chance and must keep playing and keep winning!

Week 13

Seahawks vs. Eagles

Another must win at this point. This game is going to be tougher than most people would think and its mainly because of the short week and that damn stadium. Regardless of the difficulties, I do believe we can win this game and not because I think Seattle is bad. In fact, they have weapons that can beat us technically - Lynch is a good back, Rice is a good, tall receiver who can win 1 on 1 match ups. But off a win against the Patriots we should be playing with much more conviction. Hopefully Seattle will be knocked out of playoff contention this week.

30 - 20 Eagles


Cardinals vs. Cowboys

There really isn't much I can say that can give us hope of a loss. Maybe Kolb comes back and uses that mind of his against a former rival (he should know something about their players right?). Stewart Bradley plays? Peterson punt return? All in all, if the Cardinals do win, it will be unexpected and oh so sweet.

31-7 Cowboys


Giants vs. Packers

I will hypothetically bet that this is where whoever is commentating on the game, will mention of Coughlin's past seasons of the Giants falling out at the end of the season and how beating the Saints really helps this team move past that. In my mind they will ultimately fail.We can specifically analyze how the Packers are good but to sum it up, I can't see anyone beat the Packers and until the Lions prove otherwise on Thanksgiving I am not going against perfection. It will be a good match no one can deny this. By then Bradshaw should be back and will definitely keep NY in the game throughout. I see more of a heroic Rodgers drive rather than a Manning failed 4th quarter comeback.

28-24 Packers


FINALLY! An opponent slips in the standings. It took two weeks but a slip is a slip and that is what we need. There is hope my friends!!

Division Standings

8-4 Dallas

7-5 NYG

6-6 Philadelphia


This week we finally get just a game behind the Giants. The Cowboys are still ahead but I there are still 4 more games...


Week 14

Dolphins vs. Eagles

At this point, we are starting to get into a groove. We aren't necessarily dominating but you can sense the team really coming together. The Dolphins will be a tough match. Whether they beat Oakland or not will determine if were going into a 5 game win streak team or a team trying win again. As I have said before they do have unique weapons but Marshall can be contained and Bush still isn't great between the tackles. Their defense is stout I guarantee it will be a struggle type game.

21-17 Eagles


Cowboys vs. Giants

And so it begins. To these two teams, the Eagles can't be a concern right now. This is the most important game to both these team's seasons- a pivotal reason why the Eagles have a chance. This is one of those games that could be talked about for years. I expect a tough match all throughout. The Giants D-Line should dominate them as ours did as well. Romo will be hot though with that hot receiving core I'm sure Miles will be back as well. 

27-26 Giants


A good streak is developing now for the Eagles. Fortunately for us, the Giants now put us 1 game behind the standings.

Division Standings

8-5 (2-2) NYG

8-5 (2-2) Dallas

7-6 (3-1) Philadelphia


And finally, since week 1 we are finally winners, as well as a game behind. I've listed division wins because they matter now. 3 weeks left guys keep it up


Week 15

Buccaneers vs. Cowboys

With a game behind every fan is now looking for hope. Somewhere, somehow, we grasp to every team against them Boys and root for them sometimes harder than our own. Tampa Bay do have some weapons. Blount just proved to us this weekend that he can still run the rock despite his injuries to date. I still believe in Freeman as a developing QB I feel like he gets more heat than Sanchez yet doesn't deserve any of it but I have couple NFC South friends who don't take kindly to his name so I may be hearing propaganda. Defense is good but not that good. Another 4th Qtr comeback for the Freeman or a complete blowout

34-28 Buccaneers


Giants vs. Redskins

I happen to live in DC so I see most of the Redskins games as I stream the Eagles. Their D isn't that bad but their offense is something to marvel at. Sports Science should dedicate an episode to the Redskins; they have enough follies for an hour long special. Giants at this point will be in form and at the very least, limit the Skins offense enough to win.

27 - 17 Giants 

Would be awesome if the Skins could win one finally for us though


Eagles vs. Jets

At the time this is going to be played, we will already know that the Giants and Cowboys are 1.5 games ahead of us, The team knows it will be a must win. We have a good front four to get pressure on Sanchez. When he is under pressure he does play worse. We have the secondary for their receivers, we have the speed at least for the run. We are on a win streak trying to make the playoffs. The stadium will be rocking. I trust you all will make it. Our offense at this point can beat anyone as long as the defense keeps us in games as it has.

30-21 Jets



We were 1.5 games out. And blew it. Just blew it.

Division Standings

9-5 (3-2) NYG

8-6 (2-2) Dallas

7-7 (3-1) Philadelphia


I don't know about you but I HATE THE COWBOYS. Had a serious relationship with a girl who was a Cowboys fan, didn't end well. Forever since I just want them to lose. So this is spoiler week.

Jets vs. Giants

This is the game both teams need. The battle of NYC. It will be a tough game for both sides and I hope it gets as physical as it can. Look for turnovers, fumbles, fights...blood. 

17-14 Jets


Cowboys vs. Eagles

Are you kidding me? The Giants lost? Puts us 1 game out but it doesn't matter. If it did though, we are marching into hell itself. This will be the toughest game of the season, overall. After a Giants loss, the Cowboys will be looking for the division lead. Expect Rob Ryan to copy cat Rex Ryan's game plan against us in the Jets game and damn will it be tough.

31-28 OT Eagles


Wow. I mean wow. How did we pull this one out? (Vick scramble into FG range FT(T/W)!)

This is when we all look back to all those losses and say "wow, if only if only..."

Division Standings

9-6 (3-2) NYG

8-7 (2-3) Dallas

8-7 (4-1) Philadelphia



Giants vs. Cowboys

At this point, the game talked about for years is replaced by this game, which will be talked about for decades.

45-42 Cowboys

Eagles vs. Redskins

With a Cowboys win, they need the Redskins to beat us. Once again, I ask the Philly natives, will you let that happen?

31-13 Eagles



9-7 (5-1) Philadelphia

9-7 (3-3) Dallas

9-7 (3-3) Giants


I guess I just want to inspire. To bring the fans back. We can make it if we win out, we have a chance if we lose 1. We can't lose in the division, never. Because if Dallas or NYG sweep we need the 5-1. We can still do this guys. It all starts this Sunday. I live in DC and will be screaming every play and I hope that all those who will be there Sunday can do that too. 

There is still hope...I hope

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