Vince Young or Michael Vick

With Michael Vick's status up in the air and the reports that Vince Young has been studying hard, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at both Young and Vick and discuss who is our better option Sunday night and beyond this season.


Michael Vick is our franchise quarterback just like Kevin Kolb was going into last year and McNabb the year before. Vick is an absolute playmaker, He does things that no one else can do and forces defenses to prepare differently for Vick then any other quarterback. He can throw the ball 70 yards down the field with little effort.

Vick is also fragile. This has been disputed but now is proven true. He wears down during the season and now has given us two absolute dud games the past two seasons where we lost to two teams that we had no friggin business losing to at home(Vikings on Tuesday Night Football, Cards). Both of those losses can be attributed to Vick not being healthy enough to throw the ball accuratley. Now going into Week 11 Vick doesn't appear to be anywhere near 100% healthy. I respect his toughness, there probably isn't a tougher quarterback in the NFL.

Vince Young has had a very underrated career. He has a 30-17 career record and has a few memorable comeback victories including a "miracle" like comeback against the Giants. Trailing 21-0 heading into the fourth quarter Young lead his Titans to four scoring drives where he threw for two touchdowns, ran for another and set up the game winning field goal as the Titans won 24-21. Young did all this in just 10 minutes and he didn't even need a walk off punt return. Young has the speed and arm strength that Vick has. Young has much better size at 6'5, 230 pounds.

In 56 career games Young has thrown 42 touchdowns and 43 interceptions. He has a completion percentage under 58% and his attitude and maturity have come into question. He has thrown one pass this season, an interception deep in the Eagles territory against the Redskins.

Michael Vick seems like the logical choice right now but he has 14 turnovers in 9 games and has a 3-6 record. It's hard to imagine that Vick is going to immediatley turn things around and lead the Eagles to at least six more wins this season.

At least with Vince Young there is some hope. Young has the size to take the hits, he his the speed to make plays on the feet and he has the arm to make all the throws in this offense. The only question is does Vince know the offense and feel comfortable enough in the offense to lead the Eagles to some much needed wins?

At this point I beleive you have to go with Young the rest of the season. He's fresh, he's capable and he wants some redemption. We've seen veteran backup quarterbacks turn around seasons for teams time and time again. Jeff Garcia, Randall Cunningham, Doug Flutie, Tim Tebow(maybe), Trent Dilfer, Tony Romo(minus a botched hold against Seattle in the playoffs), Tom Brady, etc etc etc.

So you see it can be done. Why not see what Vinsanity can do. I've seen what Vick can do. He can run like an elite running back and make all the throws. He also breaks down and throws into double coverage.

Sunday night is VY's time to shine. If he can't succeed with our talent on offense, he can't succeed anywhere. IN VINCE WE TRUST.

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