OK, let's take a step back for a second

Listen, I'm frustrated, you're frustrated, coaches are frustrated, players are frustrated, the whole city is frustrated.. The players get blame, the FO gets blame, Andy gets blame, his staff gets blame, and the list goes on.. It's a long one...


But one thing I'm starting to get tired of seeing is "Omg, we had the chance to resign Dawkins, and we freaking BLEW IT!"

Let's make a few things clear here

1. Dawk is HIGHLY over paid at the moment.

2. He's AWFUL in coverage, and was pretty bad in 2008 until J.J. masked him as a hybrid LB

3. Sure, he's a leader. But remember how 85% of the Eagles fan base put the blame on the 08 CG loss on the defense? Do you remember who was abused that game? Our fearless leader -- Dawkins...

Listen it hurts to talk about Dawk like that, and I really could go on (his SB game was sub par too). The fact is, the front office shares blame, and maybe you can say they did a poor job replacing him with the draft. But in no way shape or form would Brian Dawkins magically make this team, or defense any better.


Let's stop killing Howie Roseman too. I think he did a fantastic job wheeling and dealing. Not only building the team for the present, but for the future too. It's exciting knowing we're going to have high #1 and two high #2 draft picks next year (which hopefully are not spent on undersized, FAST, high motor LB/DEs ie Bryan Smith, Matt McCoy, Casey Matthews, Victor Abirimiri, DTO, Joe Mays, Chris Gocong, Keenan Clayton, YIKES).

He brought in Nnamdi, who when used right, shuts down pretty much every WR he's lined up against. Of course, the operative phrase is, when used right.

Cullen Jenkins and Jason Babin massively improved our pass rush too which was a little stagnant last year. He got them cheap, and their contracts were extremely reasonable as well.

The Kolb trade brought is likely going to bring in a high second rounder, and a potential pro bowl CB...who when used right, is pretty good... Operate phrase, when used right.

And please stop killing the Eagles for letting go aging veterans. I don't care if they were leaders. Troy Vincent was so done when we let him go, so was Bobby Taylor, Hugh Douglas robbed Jacksonville, Westbrook was done a year prior to his release, and it's arguable McNabb was done a year prior to his release also. It's also objectionable that some of these guys were actually leaders

I also find it amusing that a lot of these post are coming from fans with the name in the form of "Djackson" or "Djack10" or "actionjackson10".. Why? Because everyone of these posters are the ages 17-19, they don't even remember Dawkins when he was in his prime. Nor do they remember much about Troy Vincent or Bobby Taylor. They don't even remember when Dawkins could line up on the near side of the field and then make the tackle (or huge hit I should say) to stop the call carrier for a 2 yard gain on the other end of the field.


Talent is not an issue on this team. Even EvilBanner apologized to the front offing in the pre season. Blame everything you want, but please if I have to hear "we need Dawkins" one more time it will be to soon.

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